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Title: SA-08 bolt broke
Post by: markph on November 24, 2021, 03:09:07 PM
I have an SA-08 12 gauge that was having problems cycling once in awhile, especially when cold.  Took it to a gunsmith and he noticed that there was a chunk missing from the back of the bolt!  He suggested I call Weatherby.  They want $160 for the bolt with shipping, almost half what I paid for the gun 5 years ago.  Sounds like this is a somewhat common by videos I've seen on youtube and that I havent been able to find the bolt online anywhere else and is probably why they quit making this gun.  Should be a recall on it or cover it as a warranty defect.  Owned all kinds of guns over 40 years and never seen a bolt break.
Love the gun but hardly worth fixing if the bolt can break again and not even sure if that is what is causing the occasional cycling issue.  Anyone else have this issue or know where else I might find a bolt?