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Big Muddy .   That's pretty cool.   A diesel cj ,  jeep should have been doing that a long time ago.   Musicman here's your jeep.    I agree the samurai's if you keep the maintenance  up are pretty nice,  a friend of mine who passed away about 3 months ago had one and our mechanic friend kept it in good shape for him.     I'll have to check out the Kabota. 

We were on the north side near Muddy Gap,   a good friend told me to put in for that area for antelope,  if I had of known there are big  muley bucks in there I should have been putting in for it.  seen a few elk in there also.   I could totally see long shots in there. 

Nice !    Roger, his buddy Mark , my wife, son and I hunted antelope at the base and flats of the Ferris Mtns.  Seen some very nice deer ,  big bodied , and nice racks.    My son kicked out 3 or 4 nice muleys right at the base of the mtn bedded down.   That's going to be a good hunt. 

Roger  anything that would climb up and over downed tree's  and big rocks would sure be nice.  Brandon has a set of 40 " swampers on his 1975  Ford  elk mobile that he also uses for mud bogging races.   All one ton or bigger axles with 538 gears with a top loader 4 speed with granny.  Currently he has a built 351 which I don't think has enough power to pull thru the trench with red clay clogged tires.   He needs a bigger motor in it something that just grinds and slings mud without digging a deeper hole.   he has a bored 460 sitting on the engine stand ,  just has to put it together.  There is something about being light weight with power that seems to go well going thru mud.  Got a little Toyota straight axle with huge tires  sitting in the yard that he is planning on dumping a built small block in it with the idea of going so fast to just skim over the mud.  We are not talking purpose built Nitro boggers these are street legal hunting vehicles  that the local guy's put together and have fun.   Years back we had reservation cow tags  and shot one not terribly far from the road a buddy of mine with a nice TJ Jeep with 33's tried driving in  and  high centered on a log to get to the elk.  Now we have a downed elk and a stuck jeep.   I went back to camp and got his  old 75 Ford and he dragged the elk to the road,  the problem was he doesn't have a tail gate on the truck and on an incline getting back on the dirt road he popped the clutch and the elk came sliding out and knocking me out of the way with a dead elk hoof giving me quite a bruise.  Funny at the time but sure hurt the next day.   

Greenhead I kind of agree I've had problems with my Polaris Quad  in all honestly it's a 1999 so I would expect some issues being as old as it is,  mostly carburetor problems, this is no sh-t I just bought on e-bay a brand new 42 dollar replacement carb and the thing actually works at least so far I can't see how anyone could build this type of carburetor for 42 bucks.   We also have  2003 Honda Quad that just keeps on going,   knock on wood , we don't abuse them by launching them like some people.

Big Muddy they do have  a 4x4 on the electric versions.  I don't know why they don't on the regular versions,  they have 15 " of ground clearance and the little I've read they very tuff.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Side by sides vs Tomcar
« on: June 21, 2018, 04:50:32 PM »
Looking at possibly buying  a Side by Side  Utv or Tomcar .   I need something for hunting not terribly fast 40 to 60 mph ,   4 seater,  with a small bed for spare tire, chainsaw , deer & elk.   I looked and test drove the Honda Pioneers, Polaris Ranger and Yamaha Viking and so far we like the Yamaha the best,  Haven't driven the Kawasaki or Tomcar yet.   www.tomcar.com   the Tomcar looks awfully nice.  Any input will be much appreciated.  I might even buy a good used one if the price was right. 

I have to pinch myself sometimes we live in such a great hunting area especially elk, although my wife is  not a happy camper with them eating her trees and shrubs.  It seems I always forget to bring the camera in fact I'm going to go get it and leave it on the garage desk so I won't forget.  I'm going to start a new topic various  side by sides  vs Tomcar, and get some opinions. 

Roger,  yea I know and expensive also.  Norma wants the 6 seater and I could very easily get by with the 3 seat version.   Basicially it's a 4 seater with  center seats and seat belts,   got a lot of room as big as a darn jeep almost.   The only advantage with these types is they ride so good , and have good ground clearance,  otherwise an old jeep would do just fine.  Our quads will go more places  but the comfort is just not there.  I guess I'm getting older and tired of getting beat up and jarred around on some of these vehicles.   One of Brandon's friends bought a turbo RZR,  really good ride  but way way to fast for us.   The other one that's kind of cool is a tomcar  they're built it AZ, most models not 4 wheel drive, but they say they will go just about anywhere.  www.tomcar.com

That doesn't surprise me ,  the reservation has shed hunting dates for tribal members ,  we non tribal members are not allowed to shed hunt on the res.  New Mexico as far as I know doe's not allow shed hunting and they consider them state property,  that may have changed I don't really keep to up on what New Mexico does.   I can see it happening with shed hunting dates.   Then of course the next thing you would need a shed hunting license,  no joke I can see that happening if it hasn't already in some states.

Roger the place comes alive in the evening around 4pm onward.   We took a similar although shorter scouting trip the weekend before,  it's still drier than a pop corn fart over here,  stage 3  fire restrictions in place with some areas of the National forest totally blocked off with no entry.   Moonsoons are starting a little but not enough to relax restrictions.  We kicked out a few muley and a few bull elk right at mid day  that are starting to grow cauliflower on their heads,  they were going to water.  We did drive into the area where the current world record typical bull elk was taken in the 60's ,    more deer in there than I was expecting even one little Coues deer.  The road dead ends so it would be a place for Brandon to go hike,  so far he's got 20 some elk sheds this year in a different area. Honestly if he was serious about it he would have a lot more ,   14 to 16 bucks a pound for browns, but he doesn't sell them.    The kid is so busy in his construction business it's hard for him to take time off.   Thinking about getting a side by side maybe this next year, Norma and I took a test drive on the new Yamaha 6 seat Viking sure like it.  Not fast like the  various sport models.  I don't need to go fast ,  smooth is good.

Very Nice !   How was the trip ?  Double meaning there  ;D

The family and I took a 13 hour back country drive within 2 hours of normal hwy distance from our house on Sunday just for fun.   We saw a couple dozen  Rocky Mtn Big Horn Sheep with babies climbing and playing on sometimes sheer vertical rock formations.  Saw a lone Skunk and Bobcat, quite a few Mule deer,  a few Coues deer,  probably the biggest book Prong Horn Antelope we've ever seen and of course it's in a no Antelope hunt unit.  We saw a few Javelina,  two flocks of Merriams Turkey, we were dodging elk for 2 hours on our night time trip back home, brake lights were being used on a regular interval.   Found a couple of places we couldn't get into and are definitely going back  later for Elk, Muley and Coues scouting.  We are going to have to take quads in I won't take the pick-up in too rough, and I'm not about to walk that far.  Anyway it was a very enjoyable day my wife and son bought me a little 12 v plug in reefer/warmer 11 qt to sit on the center seat thing works pretty darn good and will get a lot of use out of it on road and scouting trips.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Reloading observation
« on: June 18, 2018, 08:21:48 AM »
www.cci-ammunition.com/products/primers  click on # 34 and # 41 military primers .  Punch out the military primers and crimps with regular  reloading decapping die then use a decrimping tool cutter such as lyman they are inexpensive,  then camfer the primer pocket with a standard reloading de-burring tool,  very easy to do just don't camfer the primer pockets too deep a very light camfer is usually enough.   New primers can hang up if not centered in the case just go slow and you will get the hang of it.  You may have to play with amount of camfer until primers enter pocket without too much hanging up.  They do make  primer pocket swaging dies I have the CH brand,  but I prefer to do it a Lyman  hand  crimp cutter method.  It's really not that hard to do just time consuming and that's ok for me. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Reloading observation
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:38:13 PM »
www.zediker.com/downloads/14_loading.pdf   read it completely and carefully.  M14's and M1a's are a breed to themselves to reload.  7.62 x 51 and commercial 308's are loaded to different pressures along with different primers and commercial vs military brass cases which are built differently.  Factory commercial 308 ammo is built to higher pressures, and anyone that tells you differently are wrong.   My personal load is Varget which is probably too slow of a powder , but  I'm not loading very hot actually a pretty mild load,  velocity is 2550 fps.  win lg rifle primer,  oal 2.800, Hornady 168 gr bthp match,  Lake City Military brass,  accuracy @ 100 yds using  Nikon 4x12 scope is one ragged hole as long as I'm holding steady  which is hard for me to do anymore.   I love shooting my M1a  It's a rifle I grew up with in the Navy.    Be very careful of primer height and possible slam fires,  your military brass the primer is set deeper eliminating most of the problems along with the military using a less sensitive primers designed for a more powerful hammer/firing pin  drop,  you will notice the indention in the primer  the first time you let the bolt go foreward into battery and then open the bolt and look at the primer a very small dent.   This is one reason you probably should use  military cases,  generally I get 4 firings out of military brass cases,  carefully inspect the case rim !  M14's are very hard on brass and it's safer to just toss the brass when in doubt.   Loading the M1 Garand is about the same.   As far as the original question  The guy's are correct the 308's in general is a very efficient case design plus newer powders vs older powders make differences,  but there is more to it e.g. case capacities vs bore diameters,  bearing surface of the bullets,   etc.  You can take a look at 5 different loading books and they all are going to give you  difference and the only way to tell for your gun and your self is to run it on a chronograph and see what the actual differences are.  Reloading manuals are for lack of a better way to put it are good information for safe handloading so long as you follow the recipe to a T including backing off powder charges by their recommended percent and using the same brass, primers,  same bullet,  oal,  and under the same test conditions.    A side note :  I have shot factory  308 loads 150 gr PP velocity was 2820 fps and I  can tell the cycle rate on the op rod and bolt are different,  accuracy wasn't too bad.  If I wasn't getting such good accuracy and mild recoil with my lite load of varget I'd most likely use one of the 4895's  or even 3031 .   Really It would depend upon what the guns likes and your load combo.

 I like it.

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