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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Embarrassing hunting stories
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:02:54 PM »
The duck decoy stalk was premium.  That reminded me of a wounded goose story, maybe it was a duck though.  I'll call it a goose.  One of my friends was involved with this event.  He and his group had a good all-purpose year round hunting lease, complete with a cabin of sorts, that had electricity.  They had a chest freezer in it for ice and maybe freezing some of the game before taking it home.  They were also allowed to shoot some geese if in season, over one of the large ponds.  One evening, one of the hunters wounded a goose, and it sort of got stuck in some brush.  Perhaps they had all had a few drinks.  He didn't want to shoot it again, perhaps ruining a lot of meat, so he caught it.  Grabbed it, contained the wings under his arm, got the feet pinned in one hand, the neck behind the head in the other, a buddy took his shotgun, and they took the live goose back to camp.  They could not see where he was really wounded; no blood to speak of.  Perhaps a pellet had hit it enough to obviously bring it down.  Well, they named the goose Charlie, and Charlie would look each one of them in the eye, a pitiful captive look, and nobody wanted to be the one to kill him.  As I said, they had a few drinks, so one of them came up with the idea, "let's freeze him to death in the freezer."  I guess they tied it's wings a bit, I guess, and put Charlie in the freezer for the night.  The next morning they all get up, somewhat more sober, and peak in the freezer, and there Charlie was, looking up at them, with those pitiful sad eyes.  Duh, "he's got a goose down jacket on him, he isn't going to freeze," one of them said.  I am surprised he did not suffocate.  So anyway, they took him out, and outside, and again, no one had the heart to kill him.  They untied his wings, and legs, and he walked around some, and then finally made a good attempt to fly off, getting some air under him for a ways.  He landed, and then took flight again, and flew off.  They cheered, and were all happy for Charlie.  MM

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Embarrassing hunting stories
« on: September 20, 2018, 11:11:30 PM »
Share an embarrassing hunting story.  Surely we all have at least one.  Fortunately, my story did not directly involve me doing the embarrassment.  But it involved kinfolk, so it is embarrassing.  It almost leans towards pitiful though.  I'll change the names to protect the involved.
This incident happened on the evening of the last day of the deer hunting season many, many years ago on our family land.  There were no such things as "doe permits" at that time.  Only bucks were allowed.  I was probably in my early twenties and had gone out with my FAVORITE hunting buddy, my crusty old Dad.  We were each hunting out of our individual blinds, way deep in the wooded area of the property, and I was going to walk by Dad's blind on my way out of the woods after sunset.  He would wait for me, and we'd walk back to the truck together.  Dad would always fuss at me that I hunted longer than he could clearly see.  I had "better glass."  Anyway, I had seen nothing, and went to meet Dad at his blind.  He had also seen nothing.  "Call it a season." It was really getting dark.  We are walking back to our vehicle, parked on the edge of an open field, and we suddenly heard a shot in the neighboring pasture, where some of our kinfolk, or, their son in law, we'll call him "Rufus," hunted.  Rufus had a problem with the bottle, but he only drank when he was awake.  I can't talk, I got a DWI four years ago.  But anyway, Dad said, "That must have been Rufus, Bernard wouldn't be shooting this late.  I hope that Rufus didn't get drunk and shoot himself getting out of his blind."  We got to our vehicle, we were turning it around, and caught the reflectors off of a vehicle way at the end of the large open field, so we drove over to it.  It was cousin in law Rufus's pickup.  So we waited for him.  He soon came walking up, somewhat toasted, and Dad said, "Let's load 'em up."  The drunk Rufus said, "what do you mean."  Dad said, "We HEARD you shoot, what did you get."  Rufus said, "I didn't shoot nothing," and then he busted out crying, just like a little kid.  It was so pitiful.  "Uncle Tiny, I SWEAR it had horns, I SWEAR it did."  Dad said, "You shot a doe, well let's go get it."  "I ain't taking it, please don't tell Bernard."  Dad said, "Well we aren't gonna just leave it."  "Y'all can take it, I don't want it, please don't tell Bernard."  So Dad and I drove out to where Rufus had told us it was in the open field.  We couldn't believe how far the doe was from his blind.  Dad had me step it off, and it was right at 300 good sized steps on open ground.  His shot was remarkable for a drunk.  Right at three hundred yards with a .243, perfect shoulder shot, and it was so dark when he shot.  Perhaps in the open field, he could see a bit longer than we could in the woods.  I think he had a Lyman scope on his rifle.  As I said, it was the last day of the season, early January.  In our area, the deer rut in early to mid November.  We field dressed it, and it had two small fawns in it.  Rufus had followed us and was watching us dress it.  When he saw the fetuses, he started balling some more.  Then he said, "I must have over shot the buck and hit the doe."  Maybe he did, who knows.  But the doe was perfectly hit.  Dad had a little Ford Courier, and we tucked it behind the seat, took it home, and down to the shop for "concealed processing" since we live right on a busy highway, and does WERE illegal. At least Rufus didn't shoot himself, or someone else.    MM


Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 7mm
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:45:18 PM »
Dad always told me to "make your shot count."  There are too many variables with targets past 400 yards that come into play, and I would really grieve if I shot off the hind leg of a deer at beyond that distance, because I did not make my shot count.  I would limit targets at over 400 yards to, varmints, feral pigs, paper, tree stumps, big white rocks, and gongs.  If you make a bad shot on any of those, it is not a big deal.  If you are out shooting with a buddy or two, and see a big white rock at seven hundred yards, see who can hit it first, and have a good time.  Whomever hits it first, pat him on the back for being a great shot.  If you miss, no harm, no foul.  I myself would not "experiment" on game animals for long range target practice.  Hearing a gong "clang" at eight hundred yards gives you a satisfying feeling; watching a deer crawl off with a shot off leg, I would think, does not.  MM 

This one saddened me.  I cannot believe the stupidity of some of these companies like Yeti, Dick(Heads) and some others; climbing on anti-sportsman band wagons, when sportsmen are one of their main buyers.  It would be like Budweiser requesting a Federal Law, that men should not be allowed to buy or consume beer.  Or Charmin demanding that a "waiting period" be enforced for buying toilet paper.  Yeti is going to learn, that you can buy decent coolers from other companies, Dick(heads) is going to learn, sportsmen can shop elsewhere.  Nike is going to learn, that there are other companies that make tennis shoes.   And Levi Strauss, is going to learn that Wrangler and other jeans will work just as well.  What is next, Chevrolet announcing that they will only sell pickups to Asian Americans. Idiots.  MM

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Nike BS
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:05:46 PM »
I CANNOT BELIEVE that Nike would do something this stupid.  They are already on the fenceline with the sweatshop made products.  I pity the people that have stock in this company, and I do not mean to sound ugly, but I hope this truly sinks them.  MM

Someone sent me this link, so I thought I'd pass it along.  Some of these are only for current military, but some are for those that are now out, or so it says.  Please share with any friends or family members that have earned this.  MM

The "Boat Lift" of a half a million civilians to safety.  I had heard of this going on, but never the extent of it.  That horrible day brought out the real character in so many people.  I was somewhat "balled up" inside after watching this.  The video is a couple of years old, maybe some of you have seen it already.  MM

Every couple of years, we will have a squirrel take out that big fuse that is up above the transformer.
What amazes me, is how the electric co-op guy will replace it with that long yellow pole; about as easy as I zip up my pants.  If you google "Images of man electrocuted while stealing electrical wire" you will see some absolutely ghastly photos.  Hint to the unwise:  DO NOT try to steal electrical wire while it is still juiced.  MM

I always wondered how the fires crossed the highways and fire-breaks so often.  Burning animals; that makes total sense.  When we had the huge Bastrop fire a number of years ago, many of the volunteers had PTS syndrome afterward, from seeing all of burning animals.  They did send people out ahead of the blaze to cut barb wire fences to let cattle and horses run, thinking that at some point, people would get them all sorted out.  I bet it is horrible out in California.  MM

Right before the flood, I did a bunch of research on this, and almost pulled the trigger on the Mavic Pro that 224 mentioned.  I am sure though that the Gopro Karma mentioned, is probably comparable.  At that price point, the various models have to be competitive, with a little give and take on certain features.  MM

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Hitting the fan
« on: August 23, 2018, 11:38:27 AM »
Badsection, you bring up a point I totally forgot to mention; the professional con-men.  In the weeks following the flood, the con-men were circling like buzzards.  I heard a few heart wrenching tales of them scamming a few elderly locals that had received their FEMA checks.  I had my FEMA check deposited directly into my account.  The con-men would approach the victims, and offer to do the rebuild.  They were VERY official and professional in appearance.  They would do a walk-through of the house, writing everything down that needed to be done.  Tabulated for a while, and then came up with an amount, right about at the figure of the FEMA check.  Most people got the same amount from FEMA, which was a set in stone maximum figure, no matter how bad your damage was, that was usually WAY less than what it would cost for the rebuild.  But at least it was somewhat substantial.  The con-man would ask which lumber yard the victim would prefer them to use, and then ask for the signed FEMA check, or the equivalent amount in cash up front, to start the purchasing of materials right away, so they could start work the very next day.  The victim would give them whichever, and then would never see them again.  THOSE people needed to be hung on a fence too.  I heard these stories from one of the disaster relief coordinators.  The victims were usually elderly, honest, trusting people, that did not know that such scum existed.  And trust me, having gone through this myself; when this happens to you, you are not thinking really clearly, seeing your entire life mostly wiped out.  It is easy to be duped, you are so desperate to have someone to help you out.  MM

I have not verified this, but one of my email friends just sent me a message that he was clicking on Charlie Daniels on Facebook, and it said something like, "Removed for violating terms of service."  I guess Charlie's pro-America, pro-outdoors, pro-God, and pro-working American stuff, is just too "hateful and vile" for the cry-babycratzis.  MM

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Hitting the fan
« on: August 23, 2018, 10:33:19 AM »
In the days following Hurricane Harvey which is almost exactly a year ago this week, I camped in a tent outside the remains of my house with a Mossberg pistol grip .410 that my Son loaned me.  After a week, I moved into my garage, and stayed there for months, with the garage door open, and I had retrieved a pistol grip Mossberg 20 gauge with steel shot duck loads that survived the flood.  I then found a Glock 19 that miraculously "floated out the flood" in it's tupperware case.  That now resides by my bed.  Since my vision is impaired, the shotguns are preferable, BUT, I bet I could still outshoot half of the local PD people with the Glock at a range.  I have some vision in my left eye, and I am left eye dominant, and ALWAYS shot pistols with my left eye doing the aiming.  Of note concerning looters.  After the flood, I talked with an LEO, and he said that the looting was minimal, and that none of the looters were locals, not even the illegal immigrants in the area.  He said that the few looters, were "professional looters," that travel the country to ravaged areas, say like California is now.  It is what they do for a living.  I told him that if I was the Sheriff, I would shoot some of them, and hang them on the fences by the highways at the county lines, with a sign them that said, "I tried looting in Fayette County."  He said, "Believe me, we would do that if we could."  MM

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: sako
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:18:59 PM »
That sounds like something you should jump on tomorrow morning before he changes his mind.  I seem to remember that Sako offered some Weatherby calibers at one time, but I could be wrong.  I had the FULL collection of Gun Digests, where I could have looked that up for you.  But they all got lost in the flood.  Sako's almost ALWAYS, are great rifles.  MM

I do not know exactly but I think I have at least 20 Leopold scopes; nothing really new.  And I think that every one of them survived the flood.  I have sent several back in the past, to have the hashmark reticules put in, and two were sent back that they were "too old" and they were not able to put those newer reticules in them, BUT they cleaned, both of them, for free.  So, I have had good service from them.  I think that some of their newer stuff is getting kind of pricey.  If I can get a
Zeiss Conquest on sale that is cheaper than a comparable Leopold, I would have to go with the Zeiss.  MM     

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