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Optics / Re: Zeiss CONQUEST V6 3-18x50
« on: Today at 09:20:42 AM »
The only thing I didn't like about mine was how big the crosshairs are where they meet.

I was wondering about that. The #6 reticle does seem to be a little heavy. I prefer a duplex reticle that is thin and then broadens towards the edges.

Optics / Zeiss CONQUEST V6 3-18x50
« on: Yesterday at 07:44:44 PM »
I don't have a Zeiss in my collection but I do have some of the best, (Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, Leupold, etc.) I'm just wondering if anyone has a Zeiss and maybe even the one in the subject and how they like it. I can get it at Optics Planet for 1849.99. I want to put it on my Tikka T3x 22-250 for varmint hunting.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: The 22LR
« on: Yesterday at 05:34:03 PM »

I had a Marlin 22LR that I bought at Kmart. It came with a scope and I had it dialed in. I used to impress my friends by asking them to pick a twig on the branch of a tree after which I would take just that twig off with one shot. Mine was tube fed and I don't remember the model or even how much it held in the tube but I do remember that it was not very expensive.

My current 22LR/22 Mag is my Ruger single six. It's deadly accurate also and just a lot of fun to shoot. Best of all, anybody can shoot it and it's a favorite when a group of the guys and gal's go out to the range.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: More Good Humor
« on: Yesterday at 02:20:14 PM »
That's great!!!! Thanks Danno.


Took the Tikka out and shot 20 rounds through it. It's a tack driver but the ATN scope, well there's no other way to say this, it sucked in daylight. I guess you could use it in early morning or late afternoon but with the sun is up and to my back I could barely see the reticle. I switched it through all the different options and none of them were to my liking. The one shot zero didn't work very well but I'll put that one on me since I didn't really have a stable platform to zero from.

Once I stopped messing with the scope and just accepted where it was hitting the target, the gun shot extremely well. I'm very happy with it.

I'm going to put another scope on it with quick release mounts so I can swap them around.

Rifles / Barrett M82A1 50 BMG - Range Report
« on: Yesterday at 02:07:51 PM »

Took the 50 out to the range today and ran 10 rounds through it. Barrett has really improved this rifle since the last time I shot one over in the sand box. Recoil is dramatically reduced with the big arrow style muzzle brake. I was shooting some Federal 650g rounds and it took 3 rounds to break the rifle in. During first three rounds the rifle jumped around quite a bit but after that it settled right down and was relatively pleasant to shoot.

I shot prone on my mat and it blew a lot of dust up at first but once I was down to bed rock it wasn't too bad.. LOL.. I was shooting at Home Depot buckets 50 yards out and drilled them without moving them so yeah, it's big and fast.

My hats off to Barrett for continuing to improve their products rather than sucking on government contracts and doing little for the guys that depend on these rifles. Had Beretta done the same they wouldn't have lost their contract to Sig.

My neighbor had his drone and took video that I'll post later.

Rifles / Re: New model Big Bore Lever Gun
« on: Yesterday at 01:49:45 PM »
That's pretty sweet. I have the Marlin Big Bore 1895 SBL 45-70. This is an all new Marlin built on the new tooling and mine is a blast (no pun intended) to shoot. I would love to send it in and have them make a take down out of it. I may give them a call and get some pricing.

African / Re: My African video.
« on: March 17, 2019, 09:21:15 PM »
Hey guys,

Well as I have said in a few other threads I have now got a link to the final edited video of my last to Africa. It sure ain't no Craig Boddington quilty video. But it just shows what I have already told you all about that trip.

So here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bSxHJGaC_kaYnXDpALgeEQMiWRSiNjFk

Hopefully it works...

Absolutely wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

Handguns / Re: S&W 686
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:34:09 PM »

Took Governor, the 686/.357 and the 460 XVR out to the range this afternoon. The 686 is a dream to shoot and dead nuts on. Its easy and fun to shoot. I can't say anything bad about it at all.

I didn't have any 460 ammo but I had 454 Casull and 45 Colt. The 45 Colt was like shooting .38 Specials in the 686. The 454 Casull has a pretty good muzzle rise but the kick was less than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be on the order of my old and sold .500 but my hand did not hurt at all. With the .500 the fun wore off pretty quick and I had to take a break between shooting. The 460 with the 454 Casull I could shoot all day if my arms didn't get sore from holding up 73 ounces of pistol. I'll get some .460 Federal Fusions when I go into town next week. I've heard that they are about the same as the Casull in this gun. The gun shoots low and left but I left the sight alone since I'm replacing it with a scope.

The Governor. What a sweet little gun. The .410 handgun defense rounds destroyed a Lowes bucket. Actually the first shot split it into 2 pieces and the other 4 just drove those down field for a touchdown. The 45 Colt rounds were very accurate and the .45ACP was O.K. but not great. It will do the job it's designed to do which is to replace my bedroom shotgun and Glock 45. Now I have one gun in the nightstand safe and I don't have to think about anything other than taking care of the problem if it ever comes to that.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Shooting journey
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:22:53 PM »
Very well done Juan. Your hard work has paid off.. Congratulations.

Very Nice! Thank you for the advanced info!

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Vgx stock re finishing
« on: March 16, 2019, 05:21:28 PM »
Thanks for the replies, will try and seek out some industrial grade stripper.
Just wondering how the butt pad is fitted, it would be best to get it off to do this is it glued on?

Leave the recoil pad on, just tape it up with a couple of layers of blue painters tape, Rub your finger along the edge of it until it gets hot but don't burn through it. That will melt the glue and create a good seal. I would not mess with strippers, just tape off your checkering and sand it with 80 grit until you get to wood then work your way up to 320 grit.

For your finish, start with bar top polymer thinned 50% and apply it with a lint free cloth. Once it dries wet sand it with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and water. You just want to break the surface. Continue to apply coats and sand until you no longer see grain pores when sanding. My last stock took 10 coats so patience is a must.

For your final finish, nothing beats boiled linseed oil. It can take 72 hours to dry and I scuff it lightly with 0000 steel wool to flatten it out. You just keep repeating the process until you get the depth you want.

That's how it should be done but most people opt out for the easier method. Which is to use Helmsman Spar Urethane in the spray can that you can get at either Home Depot or Lowes. You apply 10 light coats allowing a 1 hour dry time until the last coat then let it dry 24 hours and wet sand with 800 grit. You keep doing that until all he pores are filled to your satisfaction and then apply 3 normal coats and you're done. Leave the tape on the checkering until the last coat so you don't fill it in with finish.

The pictures below are of one that was done with the Helmsman Spar Urethane. It was final sanded to 1500 w/d and then polished with rotten stone and oil.

As a side note: The white spacers and grip cap should be finished with the Urethane also. Spar Urethane has a slight yellow tone and the white spacers should be toned yellow not bright white like they will be when you remove the finish.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Truckvault
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:08:57 AM »
We have a few of them at work and they are pretty well made.  They're heavier than hell and the one thing I don't like about them is condensation can form on your guns in them when the temperature fluctuates quite a bit.

In a dry climate they don't have that problem but when the humidity is up, they do sweat a lot. They are nice but not perfect for every environment. I have the built in bed boxes on my Ram truck and they are fine out here in the desert but when I get anywhere near the coast they sweat bad. I suspect that's why they have the drains in bottom.

Have you ever met a bartender that didn't try to get you to buy another drink even though you know that Alcohol will kill you faster than Opiate's. She's well practiced in the art of conning people. It's not until you quit drinking that you realize all that great advice you got from your bartender was pretty much BS.

Rifles / Re: Doubt
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:31:52 AM »
Please any help i just al most buy a weatherby mark V on 300 but im In a doubt what calibre is the barrel say on top weatherby and just below 300 magnum my doubt is a 300:weatherby magnum or just a 300 win mag in any case i buy the rifle but im in a doubt what calibre is sincerly First weatherby owner

If you can post a picture of the barrel markings we may be able to tell you more.

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