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Good subject. My .02 is that I start light at the range and get the rifle sighted in like I want it to be. I don't like a light trigger for hunting so I start bringing it back up until find myself pulling the shot then I back it down until I don't pull the shot. I don't think there's any exact number. I think it's also important to be able to back off and that can be hard to do with a light trigger.

Segmented bullets are probably going to be hard to defend in court. I put whatever's on sale in my edc and since it's cheap, I wouldn't mind dumping the entire mag into a bad guy, in fact I'd probably throw the second mag in and dump it too. I guess that would be about the same as a segmented bullet though wouldn't it. Some might think that's overkill but that's a really stupid word now isn't it. I mean once something is killed, how can you possibly kill it more.

Accessories / Re: Bore Tech Eliminator?
« on: March 30, 2020, 03:36:04 PM »
I have all three, BoreTech Eliminator, Carbon Remover and Copper Remover. If you take good care or your guns and clean them after each outing then all you need is the Eliminator. The other two are well suited for situations where you have multiple layers of carbon/copper such as you will often find in used rifles that were cleaned without a lot of knowledge about how to actually clean a gun. That's pretty common and a lot of guns are sold for not shooting well when in fact they are fine, they just need a really good cleaning.


I could say "Here we go again" but that won't help anything. Break - in is the process of smoothing out any reamer marks that may remain after chambering. Every gun is different. That means every gun not just every manufacturers model and that's because a reamer may start out sharp but nobody, not even a top notch gunsmith, is going to send their tooling out for re-sharpening after each use.

If you can understand the above you can see why it's impossible to define a specific break in process. Just shoot the damn thing and it will get continue to get better until it doesn't and then you replace it and start all over.

ROFLOL, bet you never thought you'd hear me say that...

Just had my FFL buddy order me a Glock43X. Ironically, he sold my 43 for me two day's ago. I thought I wouldn't miss it but man do I feel naked. I wanted a Sig P365 but you can't find one anywhere. They may be listed on sites but they aint got them. The 43X is a decent, reliable, every day carry. I carry with a round chambered so it's just a mater of retrieval and pulling the trigger. No clumsy safetys no BS, just take care of the problem. 10+1 is nice too.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Triggertech Triggers
« on: March 25, 2020, 07:36:54 PM »
Oscar the only ones that would not work are the very first german mark v,s with the slide safety the safety is not on the bolt.

They may still work it the mounting screw's are correct, you just won't have the safety. We've been giving up the safety option just to get a Timney for many years now.

I've had the same rifle for about 6 months now. I put the Ziess Z6 Conquest scope on it. I also bought the 5 round mags for it and they work perfect. It does take a while to settle in and ammo makes some difference. Mine shoots Coyote MOA very nicely. Try to keep in mind that the 22-250 is super fast and a small bullet going very fast is subject to natural anomalies like wind, humidity, etc.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Caliber
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:45:39 AM »

I have been through the gambit with carry guns. I've finally settled on the Glock 43 because it's simple and always works. I load it with standard FMJ ammo because it's the most common and what the majority of people are going to grab off the shelf. If I ever have to answer the question about why I used FMJ's the answer is simply, it was on sale. It will do what I need it to do if I do my part and practice regularly.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / What to and what not to do
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:05:14 AM »

The current pandemic situation around the world is real. Believe it and follow the professional advice that is being put out. If you can take it to the next level (self quarantine) then do it.

Be less concerned about yourself than others. Make sacrifices. You may or may not know you are infected and failing to observe recommend practices is pure and simple disregard/disrespect for the lives of others. You are better than that, we all are.

Don't spread rumors or create conspiracy theories. This helps no one and may actually cause situations more dangerous than the virus.

Crime may spur if criminal factions believe they are going to die anyway. Do as you know is best and carry responsibly if you're going to. Nothing about that changes. I'm carrying all the time now but I am constantly reminding myself that I must be in fear of my life or protecting someone's life who might not be able to do so on their own.

Above all, no matter what happens, keep your head on straight, stay calm and promote calm if possible.

Where you been HDH? Been wondering about you.

Just been hanging out. Not doing much of anything other than Ham radio stuff. I'm getting ready to start selling some of my guns since I can't hunt anymore and desert shooting is risky due to the dry winter and high fire danger. I sold the 50BMG last week, just too risky to shoot and none of our local ranges will let me shoot it which is understandable. It shreds a 12x12 plastic tarp on every outing, LOL..

The Gladiator did really well this winter. We didn't have a lot of snow but when we did I never once even thought about chaining up. It's really sure footed and feels a lot more stable than my JK ever did. I'm very happy with it and the fact that it seats 4 very comfortably makes up for me giving up the 2500 Ram Mega Cab. It doesn't get great mileage but I can live with that.

There are people on ebay selling toilet paper by the squares, 4 squares, 6 squares etc... What the crap is going on?

People that are doing that are breaking the law. The president declared a National Emergency and capitalizing on that is illegal. Besides, the TP is mostly made in China, do you really want to make a mask out anything that came out of China in the recent months.


The Dem's find themselves painted into a corner with this subject. Bernie can't beat Trump because there are still too many moderate Dem voters who will not vote for him no matter what. If they decided to not make him their candidate then Bernie supporters will be mad enough to switch parties and vote for Trump or at the very least not vote at all. Either way Trump wins.

A more likely scenario will be that Bidens is given the golden ticket and picks Pelosi as his running mate. Biden will get sick and die in office and Pelosi will be the first woman President. Let that sit in your craw for a bit.

Rifles / Re: Adding a new Weatherby to the collection. Thoughts?
« on: February 09, 2020, 11:51:36 AM »
You pretty much have those covered already, I think you need to go smaller or BIGGER with a 340 or 378!!!

The 270 is washed out by what you have now and the 7mm, although a great round is just not going to give you much that you don't already have. Up to a 338 or down to a 224 is what I did more or less. I went with a 22-250 (Tikka) and a 338 Lapua Mark V TacMark Elite. Those have become my fun to shoot rifles. The 338 for proving my range skills and the 22-250 for rolling Yotes.

Go Bernie!!! No, I'm not voting for him, I'm a Republican. However, if it looks like he's going to win the primary the Dems will push him out and give it to Biden who they own, just like Hillary. And once again, all those pissed off voters will go to Trump. Sooooooo, GO BERNIE!!!!

My local gun store has a mark v tax mark 338 lapua for 1799. Itís pre owned should I do it?

I have one and paid twice that for it. I like mine but if you think you're getting a 100 yard sub-moa rifle then you'll be disappointed. If you want a rifle that will shoot 1800 yards and hit a target then buy it. Mine shoots 1.5 moa at 100 and about 5 moa 1000 yards. That's not the rifle, it's the nature of the 338 Lapua. The first time you hit a target at 1000 yards you won't give a darn if its MOA.

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