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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Finally Punched a Tag
« on: November 16, 2017, 02:08:30 PM »
Its been about 4 years since I got a deer.  This nice doe walked in about 7:20 behind my stand.  A 30 yard shot with a .240 bee, the thing fell dead in its tracks.  I'm excited since it'd my first deer with my newest rifle.  It's also nice to get some meat back in the freezer.  I'm only allowed one deer in this zone which is a shame... 3 of her friends sat and watched me taking pictures before they ran off.

My hero pics with the deer, my rifle and me didn't come out so good after dragging her back through the woods a ways in the pouring rain, so I'll just leave this one.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Abi's First Hunt
« on: October 28, 2017, 09:30:35 AM »
The girls have gone out with me before, but today was Abi's first hunt as a shooter.  She turned 12 this year and got her license last week.  It was a beautiful fall morning.  My buddy is breaking in a new dog who did really well and my daughter was able to pick up her first pheasant.

It was pretty darned funny.  The dog flushed the bird, Abi took a shot and then the bird smacked a hickory tree and fell stone dead.  I'm not sure if she even hit it, but she's claiming it!

Next Saturday is opening day of rifle season for Junior Hunters.  She told me where she wanted her blind and we are all set set up and ready to go.

(I came home with 2, so I did alright also. But who cares about that  ;D)

My girls, 11 and 12, finally went through their firearms hunters safety course so they can get their licenses to hunt.  My 12 year old can hunt this year and we have been practicing with a little Parker 410 break action that an old timer loaned to her for pheasant season.  I can't wait!  She is exited for her first pheasant hunt in 2 weeks (well the first where she is shooting.  And I guarantee she gets the first shot at every bird because the guys I go with will be just as excited as I am.)

This past weekend, I realized I changed scopes on my .243 and I needed to sight it in for deer season for her.  We popped up to the range for a bit and I gotta everything sighted in and then let her at it.  She's a little thing, but loves shooting my Vanguard Sporter.  She was dead on at 50 yds (I sight in 2in high at 100yds).  Then she said, "but I'm using a shooting stick and sitting in a blind, so I need to practice that way."  No problem at all! 

We are both excited because she gets a crack at rifle season before everyone else. Junior hunting days run Nov 4 to 11 and I can't hunt til the 15th. I've always seen the most deer that first week in Nov and always on Veterans day.   She is ready! 

The only rub, I may have overstepped my proud papa bit and offered that she can 'have' the rifle if it works well for her if she sticks with hunting.  Yup, I'm pretty sure that one is no longer mine.

I picked up a Triple K Three-Piece Shoulder Holster for my Beretta 92FS last year.   It fit nice, but the leather was so stiff I couldn't get the magazines into the magazine holder which made wearing it feel a bit lopsided.  I stuck magazines in ziplock bags and jammed them in the mag holders and stuck it back in the closet. (per the suggestion in their paperwork)
I pulled it out again this week and started wearing it.  The mags are really hard to get in or out of the holder, but I guess I just need to get them worn in.

I noticed that every time I took my pistol out of the holster the safety was off.  When I looked closer, it was because the strap that goes over the hammer has a snap that sits right on the safety/decocking lever.  By snapping the pistol in the holder, I inadvertently am knocking off the safety.  Even when I try very carefully to snap with the safety on, just wearing the  holster for a little while knocks the safety off.    I know a lot of guys prefer pistols without safeties, but I like to be able to make my own decision.

So I went on to their website and got their contact info.  I expressed my concern that the snap sits right on the safety.  I was kind of annoyed by the response I got.  I was very polite in my email and even said how much I like the quality of the holster.  I sent a picture of the problem to illustrate. The response from the Vice President of Sales & Marketing was "If you are not feeling comfortable with your holster, I would suggest returning to retailer for an option beyond a traditional shoulder holster.  Most holster options (shoulder and waist carry) will allow leather or body contact with the de-cock on 92FS and similar models.    You may be more comfortable with an open top waist carry, however your body and holster will still have contact with the de-cock. " 

Am I wrong for being annoyed at this response?  Basically most holsters will turn off your safety?  Fact is, none of the holster I've ever owned had this issue.  I have a cheap Uncle Mikes shoulder holster for my Beretta that has never caused me problems but it is just not comfortable or good quality.  I have holsters for my other pistols and have never had this issue.  I responded back and said pretty much the same thing, but I guess they don't want to hear from me. 

Oh well, I tried a new company and I'm not happy with the results and they don't seem to care.   I no longer have the packaging so I can't return it. Such is life.

The idiot gov here in CT just announced a 429% increase in pistol permit fees proposed as a means to help balance the budget's $1.9Billion deficit.  The fee would go from $70 for a 5 year permit to $300.  Now, this is a carry permit, but most people don't understand that you need a permit to buy ammo, a permit to buy a long gun, a permit to buy a pistol..... but if you go for the carry permit, you can use it for any of the above purchases.  So essentially, to buy and own firearms, the price is going up drastically.  Apparently the fee is an increase along with other 'sin taxes' like cigarettes.   

How much do permits for your second amendment rights cost in your neck of the woods?

Ammo / Stores not carrying Weatherby Ammo??
« on: July 17, 2016, 07:07:12 PM »
So I noticed recently that some of the bigger stores are not carrying much Weatherby ammo.

My local Cabelas only seems to stock .257wby and has some 'leftovers' of the heavier Weatherby Calibers.  Yes I can order online, but I can't just go pick up a box of any other Weatherby caliber.  I bought a .240Wby recently and was looking to stock up. 

So I went on my yearly trip to Maine.  On my trip I hit Kittery Trading Post and LL Bean.  Neither store stocked any Weatherby calibers other than .257Wby.  I mean there isn't even a place on the shelf where they are missing or marked 'out of stock.'  I even asked and was told they just don't carry it. The guy at LL Bean even said they don't carry .240Wby because it was such a 'rare' caliber. 

Anybody else notice a shortage of Weatherby ammo or retailers not stocking it?  I have enough trouble getting it shipped to this state.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Scope Mounting Woes
« on: May 24, 2016, 10:16:22 AM »
Man I'm struggling here lately!  Got talley rings in the mail from Weatherby yesterday and put them on my Accuguard today.  They look good.  Then I went to put on my scope. The scope will not fit.  On the first Vanguard I got years ago I put a Cabelas Outfitter scope on it.  It works great!  I happened to get a good deal on another one last week so I went with that.  The taper on the front of the scope does not clear the scope rings.   
One pic shows that the scope is as far forward as it can go. The other shows from the top where the scope starts to taper vs. my rings. 

I popped over to Cabelas this morning to pick up a new scope and to grab some .240 Weatherby ammo as long as they had 10% off for veterans and first responders.  They were out of it when I picked up my rifle a couple weeks ago.  They were out of it again today.  I asked the guy at the ammo counter when they were going to get some in. Apparently they don't carry it in the store anymore.  :-\ There was no empty place on the shelf for it.  I asked if he could order some for me, and he said they can't order it special for me and I'd have to order it myself online.

Guess what?  CT laws don't allow me to order ammo online.  >:( Cabelas won't ship it to my home and they won't even do a ship to store like I did with my scope.  >:( So I can't use my cabelas points to buy weatherby ammo anymore.  I'm all stocked up with .257Wby, so that's not a problem.  Seems all cabelas carries in my store is .300Wby.  My other LGS was out of .240ammo but it guess I'll have to ask them to order it for me even though they are a bit more pricey.

My summer quest will now be to come back from vacation in other states with a stock of ammo.  A couple years ago it was .380 handgun ammo, last year it was .22lr, this year the quest is for .240 WBY.  Yeah, moving out of CT in on the list, but we are stuck for 10 more years til the wife is eligible to collect her pension.

Rifles / Couldn't resist the Accuguard. Picked one up today.
« on: April 18, 2016, 11:16:54 AM »
I know, I know, it's not a Mark V and I swore I'd upgrade on my next Weatherby.  But I had to.  I was walking through Cabelas on Saturday and looked at the gun rack as usual... I get a good laugh on the used gun rack.. they had an old beat up Vanguard synthetic with a $599 price tag on it!

On the new rack, there happened to be a Accuguard.  They NEVER have more than a few synthetics at my Cabelas... its sad.  But I was surprised... and it was a .240 WBY too...    I nodded and said, that's a pretty good price.  A full 8 hours later, I realized what a dummy I was.  I was saving for a .240 WBY Accumark.  When I thought about the price again, I knew I has to go back and get it.  It was on Cabelas clearance for $680 before coupons and points.  I just got it home and it is pretty sweet!  It has the lightest trigger out of all of my rifles. (don't have a scale, but i may pick one up cuz I'm curious.) 

Cabelas doesn't have them listed on their website anymore so you may want to go check their stock. 

Now to start saving for some optics!

Rifles / Unshot rifle in my safe? How did that happen for so long!!
« on: October 28, 2015, 07:24:47 AM »
I was gearing up for rifle season in 3 weeks and hit the range just make sure my rifles were all good to go.  Then it hit me, I have a old model Vanguard in .257Wby that I never fired.  The past couple years have been crazy busy and I have not been able to get much range time in.  I DID manage to give the tupperware stock a custom paint job and I hung a Burris Fullfield 2 on it.  I bought the darned thing the year the S2s came out because Cabelas were clearing out the old models.  What the heck is wrong with me!! (please don't answer that)

So after verifying that my .30-06 was still as good a shooter as ever, I put my very first Weatherby caliber through the test.  It's so hard when you have a favorite.....  I loved my .30-06 until I shot my .243... now I shot my .257.. Yeah, I think I'm hunting it this year!!  Man what a dummy I am for not doing this sooner.  I put 3 shots in an inch with almost no effort.  I'm shooting factory loaded 100gr spire points because brass is about just as expensive as buying the "cheap" weatherby loads.  I already have the dies, powder and bullets for reloads, so this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Opening Day of Pheasant Season
« on: October 19, 2015, 11:47:28 AM »
Had a great morning pheasant hunting.  My daughter came along and made a great bird dog.  The other dog treed a bunch of birds and a pair of young eyes helped us find them high up.  The old timers loved to see my daughter run in and get the downed birds and help carry them.  We couldn't ask for nicer weather.  I cant wait until next weekend when my OTHER daughter gets to go with me.

I came across this video today in a discussion on another site about ammo in house fires.  I apologize if this was previously posted and I missed it.  I thought it was some cool info on how ammo outside a firearm is not that dangerous.  This video, listed as being published Nov 2012, also seems to answer an account of the shortage of ammo!!


Rifles / Overtorqued Sporter Screw
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:55:09 PM »
I was checking out my buddy's Vanguard Sporter and noticed it had a loose stock.  It seems he really overtorqued the rear screw on his rifle.  He says now when he torques the screw correctly, the bolt won't open because the stock presses against it.  It's a long action (,30-06) and I watched him put 3 shots of my handloads under an inch. 
It got me thinking and I'm confused.  He's looking to fix it after hunting season but I'm curious how you would go about doing that.  I'm guessing the threads overtorqued and compressed the wood that holds the screw? 
What next?  How do you fix this.  It's not wobbly loose, but you can move the forend without much pressure.  Yes, it shoots, but I'd be worried.  Should I be?

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Interesting Reading
« on: September 04, 2014, 05:24:18 AM »
I came across this article on the newsfeed about Washington State's Gun Control Initiative 594.  Midway in the article it reads "Then along comes Jameson Parker!"  It's a good read about ridiculous legislation and Jameson writes a good piece on the anti-democratic process of millionaires buying legislation in states they don't reside in.  Of course this article isn't in the mainstream media, but here is a link. 


The article also references Jameson's blog which is also very good reading.  You can see that at


Thank you Jameson for your great articles.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / EQIP Program
« on: July 07, 2014, 06:42:43 AM »
Had anyone ever heard of the EQIP program from the Department of Agriculture?  It is the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.  Recently a member of my club brought up this program as a suggestion for managing our property (115 acres.)  In the past we took advantage of the Corps of Engineers program that helped us build duck ponds on our property and we got a grant for most of the expense.  My understanding is that the EQIP program will do an assessment of your property and provide you with a conservation report at little expense.  The member quoted a price of a couple hundred dollars for the report. (he said depending on the extent of the assessment the report could cost $1,000 to $2000 but you would then get a grant to cover 80%, from his experience.)
I guess after you get your report, you have the opportunity to work with the USDA to make a conservation plan that fits your needs and they will provide resources and funds to help you achieve your goals. 
It sounds good on paper and we have a guy willing to do the paperwork and jump thru the hoops, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this program or others that may benefit a game club.


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