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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / What Model Vanguard is this?
« on: August 11, 2018, 02:06:17 PM »
Found this Vanguard on GB. And ideas on what Model it is?

A friend was needing funds for a new rifle and offered me this one at a price I couldn't pass up. My other one is scoped but I will probably leave this one without.

I put this rifle together several years ago.I have made some changes to it recently and switched to a 350 grain SMK bullet.
Howa SS 24 inch barreled action,Knox Axiom stock,DNZ one piece base and rings,and Nikon Omega 3-9 scope.I have now added a Vias brake,Timney trigger set st 1.5 lbs(sweet),and switched over to 350 grain SMK bullets.I couldn't find any reloading data for these bullets so it was start from scratch.Shot some some last weekend and some different loads this morning early. I am getting 1.5 inch groups at slightly over 2300 fps. Some more playing and I think I can get it down to moa.

Wylie thought he would have a bite of pork for breakfast today but instead he got bitten by the 257 Wby. My neighbor traded for a 257 Wby and I developed a load for him last weekend with Barnes 100 tsx and H1000. Half inch groups going at 3570 fps.We killed a few hogs last nite with the ARs and dumped them in the pasture.We were watching the pile this morning when Wylie came in and Don dropped it where you see it laying at 360 yds. I asked if he liked the 257 and I got a "Hell Yeah".

Got the shoulder scabbard for the Shockwave.Put on a piccateny rail and a Crimson Trace Laser. The green laser is sweet. Shows up so much better than the red ones.

Cranked up the AR's Saturday nite. Hunting off electric golf cart and easing around on 1100 acres.

Just saw this.It will let President Trump appoint another Justice.

I was looking at going back to Argentina for another dove hunt and came upon some somewhat reasonable Red Stag and Buff hunts. Thinking maybe a combo hunt with the dove. Anyone done any of the Stag or Buff hunts there?

Brett: I think you mentioned one time that you were going or thinking about it. If so from your research or hunts can you suggest an Outfitter?
Thanks All

Searching for a Weatherby on Guns America I found this.https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/freedom-munitions-bankruptcy/

Happy Birthday

The following post was made on Facebook Weatherby Rifles.Maybe some of the Weatherby guys will participate here also.

Prairie Dog and then Prairie on 204 Ruger  :o

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