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I keep wondering why it seems no major rifle company offers a,  you choose it how you want it, and we build it option?

you pick the standard rifle package they already offer, ie, the ULW, the accumark, and so on...

and you could pick the barrel length and contour...

also the cartridge,

I see it all the time... love the rifle, but I want 24" barrel instead of 26", or I want the 243win with a 24" barrel, not a 22"

also I'd rather have say a #3 contour 24" barrel than a 26" #2 contour of the same weight...

Just seems to me, would be easy for a company to accomplish... without charging a full custom rifle price.

essentially mostly what I personally am asking for a is a choose the exact barrel you want... contour, length, cartridge, twist rate.

Would be awesome!

wink wink Weatherby...

unless I missed any new options, I'm quite surprised this isn't an option yet!?

not only would the .340wby do great from the 24" barrel,

I think offering the 340 ammo in a 180gr@3400fps would be a great option,
as well as offering a 265 high BC option,
and maybe even a 275 swift A-frame option.

while the 340 may not be the most popular weatherby, it can be easily argued as one of the best in the line up, if not the BEST!

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / 26" just too long!?
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:00:53 AM »
Has anyone out there cut back their barrel? I have a 26" .340wby fibermark I want to cut back an inch or two I'm thinking.

I'm not worried about the minimal loss of Velocity.

I guess perhaps I'd start at 25" and then see if I wanted to goto 24.5" or 24" ?

Curious if anyone out there has a shorter than 26" barrel preference.

I did read an article a while back about shorter stiffer barrels, another 338 guy cut his 26 back to 24 I think and barely loss any velocity and accuracy did improve.

I like the idea of a handier .340wby.

Thanks in advance for any input.

I'm curious how you got into hunting Big Game.

I grew up a bird hunter, as my dad, and his dad always hunted birds.
I'd say around the age of 10 or so I began telling my dad "he should. or we should" hunt deer...

Eventually we started hunting deer, we even went on a guided antelope/mule deer hunt early on, before either of us knew anything about big game hunting.

Eventually we tried bowhunting whitetails, and that pretty  much took over and gun hunting deer faded away, although still an option, bowhunting whitetails is what we do the most of.

So my question, is just one of curiosity, did your dad/family always hunt big game? or perhaps never hunted at all.

These days I think I'm more of the big game hunter than my dad is, although he still loves to chase big game with a bow, I think he gets much more excited about the idea of chasing an elk or moose etc... with a bow than if you simply suggest let's shoot a mtn goat etc... throw in the word "bow" and he'll probably say how awesome that would be, or geez how tough would that be...

For me I think the method is less of a focus than the location/species being hunted. gun or bow, I just want to elk hunt!

or perhaps you hunt and your children have zero interest..., include some stories/memories, etc...

1st time I've seen this weatherby cartridge on the store shelf, getting more popular since it's vanguard release?

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Muzzle Brake?
« on: September 01, 2012, 11:04:48 AM »
If I sent my rifle to weatherby to have an accubrake installed, would it be no problem to have 1" taken off the barrel while I'm at it?

I really want to take my 26" 340wby down to 25" maybe even 24" but I think 25" is what I'd choose for now at least, figure if 25 wasn't enough I could always go down to 24 down the road.

I figure since they have to thread the end either way, taking an inch off while they're at it shouldn't be a problem?

I mostly want just the inch taken off, but I like the option that I could have a brake on it if I ever wanted to. vs if I took an inch off, and then later decided to brake it... too, ie 2 steps vs 1...

any thoughts?

Let's assume you won any factory weatherby rifle you wanted in any caliber, has to be a production model of course, Sorry no custom shop rifles...

http://www.weatherby.com/product/rifles/markv      view all...these are your options...

Which rifle? Which caliber?  Certainly a tough decision...

Currently the S2 is only chambered in these Weatherby cartridges

I say it should expand to the 340wby, it's already chambered in the 338win.mag, so it wouldn't take much to make it happen. Also perhaps chamber the 270wby?

The stainless S2 version needs...
and the other aforementioned Weatherby cartridges too.

What do you think?

Do you feel "lying to an fbi agent" is as bad as "(censored), murder, armed robber" and justifies that she can never own a firearm?

Btw police lying to a suspect/anyone is perfectly legal.

It would not bother me if martha stewart was legally allowed to purchase a firearm.

I have an uncle who was convicted of tax evasion, a felony, who cannot own a firearm, it would not bother me if non-violent, non-weapon related felons could own firearms.  Btw he claims his innocence at says he was lumped together with people he did work for.

Even if you made non-violent, non-weapon related felons wait 10 years before they could own a firearm again that would make more sense.

7mm-08 vs. .270 WSM

Which one and why?
This would be in a very light mountain / sheep rifle set up.
Although probably used for everything from antelope, mulies, sheep, maybe caribou? maybe sitka blacktail?

Have to pick your favorite of the 3, so what's your favorite and why?

.257 Wby.
.270 Wby.
7mm Wby.

I actually think I'm going to pick the .270weatherby!
I recently noticed it was slightly flatter than the .257wby!?!?  at least when comparing 130 vs 100.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Weatherby should start....
« on: January 01, 2012, 01:03:39 PM »
Weatherby should have a section where you can view animals killed by particular Weatherby cartridges,

It would be pretty simple, just click on a particular cartridge, and up would come a bunch of pictures, then click on a picture and up would come more pictures and all the info, and personal hunt stories. maybe under each picture in the main section it could say the animal, bullet weight, state, but even more details once you clicked on the picture.

So you'd click on "240wby" and then you see a picture of a mule deer say, and under that picture it would say something like "85gr TSX, CO Mule Deer, 1 shot" and if you clicked on the picture more pictures could pop up along with all the stats of the gun/hunt/cartridge, as well as the hunters personal story about the hunt.

Make it mandatory to include...
Weatherby cartridge used: .240wby
bullet brand and weight: Barnes TSX 85gr
animal killed: Mule Deer
general location: CO
yards shot / # of shots; 300yds/ 1 shot
factory / handload: factory
which model rifle, ie accumark/ vanguard etc...

ie separate the pics/stories by cartridge.

What do you think? good idea?

My list would look like this...


your thoughts? what would your list look like?

The other day I had the thought, every now and then this topic comes up, there are too many grizzlies in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho etc...

So when will there be a grizzly hunt?

And I thought, why not just issue 1 tag, maybe 1 to a resident, 1 to a non-resident? or just 1 total to everyone who applies.

Imagine if it cost $20 or $100 non-refundable to apply, how much money $$ that would generate for the state, and I'm quite certain 1 grizzly killed isn't going to decimate the population. Especially 1 boar killed...

And to add even more fun to this topic, pick 1 grizzly,  and 1 brown bear cartridge. Or you can cheat and list even more.

I think my top 2 would be the .375H&H, and .340 Wby, (honorable mention to the .416's)

Lots of options, and just pondering it...

but if I could take my .300win.mag. and change it to...

7mm Rem.Mag.
7mm STW

that's the short list, I doubt I would want to go bigger from the 300, since I have the .340wby.

I like the idea of a handier rifle 24" barrel, if I went with something like the 7mm STW I'd probably make it a long range rig, 26" heavy barrel etc...

what are your thoughts on the 257 vs 270wby?

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