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200 pieces of 2x fired Lapua brass. Brass is fully prepped and ready to load. All brass is from the same lot. No boxes included (will be shipped in a small USPS flat rate box). Light loads of 44.0g Varget on most all brass.

Polished, full body sized, primer pockets cleaned, trimmed, chamfered and deburred.

$100 shipped

.308 carbide dies by Dillon. Comes already set up on a 550 toolhead with powder funnel and conversion kit, toolhead stand and powder system.

Powder system is $99 alone. No pics, but the same setup as the .44 magnum kit I have advertised as well.

$150 shipped

.44 Magnum carbide dies by Dillon. Comes already set up on a 550 toolhead with powder funnel and conversion kit, toolhead stand and powder system.

Powder system is $99 alone.

$150 shipped.

Accessories / .257 Weatherby Redding dies
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:57:43 AM »
No longer loading for .257 wby, so these are up for sale.

FBS die, seating/crimping die in original case. Redding p/n 80226.

Like new with shell holder.

Die set is $55 + shipping on Midway. I'll do $50 shipped.

Rifles / FS- 6.5mm Broughton 5C, 1.250", 1:8, 31" barrel
« on: November 18, 2013, 06:14:43 PM »
Brand new off the latest run from Broughton and shipped last week to Carl Bernosky. I ordered 2 of the exact same barrel and do not really need both of them as I am also going to build a straight .284 and need some cash. All 3 barrels are sitting at Carl's now just waiting for PTG to finish the .284 reamer.

Broughton 6.5mm, 1.250" straight tube, 1:8 twist, 5C, 416SS barrel. 31" blank that will finish at 30". I have 890 rounds on my first 6.5x284 barrel from Broughton and it shot a 597-32x last time out.

The barrel is at Carl Bernosky's and if you so desire, I will send Carl my PTG reamer to chamber this barrel as I am sending it anyways for the other barrel. PTG specs... 0.296" neck with a 0.188" freebore. This is a John Hoover spec reamer from PTG and allows for a skim cut on Lapua brass with a finished round diameter of 0.293".

$410 shipped (same as invoice from Broughton)- using my reamer is at no charge as long as Carl does the work.

I will ONLY trade for 1000- 7mm Berger 180g Hybrids.

Rifles / Barrel Break in.... again....
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:30:23 PM »
This topic comes up so often that I thought it was important enough to post a video I thought to be useful. There are many methods, but this short video will give some new insight into breaking in a rifle.

[yt=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRRahHX9Zkg [/yt]

Ammo / Annealing brass??
« on: October 08, 2013, 08:40:05 AM »
I have 3-4x fired 6.5x284 Lapua brass that I am about ready to anneal.

How many of you just use a propane torch and some sort of tool (cordless driver) to rotate the brass?

I don't really want to purchase an annealing machine as it seems really simple- just time consuming. A guy at our club has an annealing machine and wants $50 to do all 500 pieces of brass I have.

Rifles / FS- .308 SUB-MOA TR, Bald Eagle rest, 6.5mm barrel
« on: September 16, 2013, 06:09:18 PM »
Selling my Vanguard .308 SUB-MOA TR. Easily SUB 1/2 MOA at 100yds and well under MOA at 325yds with factory Federal 168g SMK's. Has Warne Maxima bases and 1" Maxima rings that I will toss in. Less than 500 rounds cause I still have over 100 loaded rounds of new Winchester brass I bought with it.

Less scope for $650 + shipping.

Bald Eagle slingshot rest. Very popular rest. I had this modded for F-Class feet, but will include the stock feet. Over 9" of travel with the F-Class feet on it.

$425 + shipping.

6.5mm Broughton Stainless used barrel. Exactly 840 rounds through it and last match out it shot a 597-32x for the win. Pulled it to break in my second barrel and I just decided to order 2 new ones from Broughton today. Got lucky.... they were mid run and are just adding my 2 on the order. 1.250" straight tube, 30" finished length. Re-chamber this for your action and you will be shooting pea hole groups.

$150 + shipping.


Ammo / Brass Prep 101...
« on: May 02, 2013, 08:05:22 PM »
I have received a handful of PM's here and on another forum, so I thought I would make a quick video on brass prep that has worked great for me. Hopefully some will pick up a few tips, and maybe someone will see something I am overlooking. Excuse the crappy camera and tripod. Sorry I didn't have another set of hands to get some close ups.

Bras Prep 101

This assumes your brass is already clean and ready to start the loading process.

I use Lapua brass and there is really no need to weight sort Lapua as the specs are so tight I have not noticed more than 1.5g from high to low in a lot of 500pcs of brass.

Here I will detail the step I use to prep my match ammo before it goes downrange. This is fired brass, so you will see that I use a few additional steps to turn the donut off the neck after it is pushed to the outside of the case with an expanding mandrel. I never change my neck turner setting from its original diameter I used when turning new brass. I do not want to re-turn the neck to a different diameter- I just want to turn the donut off the neck for a nice smooth neck- inside and outside.

I use Lapua brass and there is really no need to weight sort Lapua as the specs are so tight I have not noticed more than 1.5g from high to low in a lot of 500pcs of brass.

Some of you with some high powered cartridges may have noticed your bullet seats great right until it gets to the shoulder area and then there is some resistance on the press handle as you complete seating the bullet. That is the donut on the inside of the case you are feeling. It is very easy to feel the donut if you grasp your press handle in the middle vs. all the way at the end of the handle. Seating should only require very slight force and be consistent till the bullet is fully seated. If you feel any resistance you are getting a donut formed on the inside of your case and your neck tension will not be consistent.

I feel neck tension is just as important as ANY other factor in loading and probably more important than most- IMHO.

1). Full Length size. I also always check here after FLS that an empty case chambers and extracts fine before proceeding with the lot of brass I'm working on.
2). De-prime and initial neck sizing with S-bushing neck only die.
3). Clean primer pockets.
4). Trim, chamfer and de-bur on my Giraud trimmer.
5) Expand neck for turning.
6). Turn neck to remove donut.
7). Final neck sizing. Dwell time is imperative here to prevent rebound. I give our new member, and multi National record holder, Bob Pastor credit for turning me onto the importance of dwell time. This is also where I usually prime on the down stroke, but I skipped that step in the video for time compression.

Your round is now ready to charge with powder and seat the bullet to your determined OAL.

I weigh every charge individually and measure every loaded round from head to ogive. The RCBS competition micrometer seating dies will give you the most consistent seating numbers I think you will ever see.



Ammo / No reloading shortage in TN this weekend....
« on: April 20, 2013, 02:07:53 PM »
Made a visit to TN this weekend and stopped at "The Outpost Armory".

Went right to the reloading section and was very surprised. Plenty of bullets from .22 thrugh .338 Lapua mag. Almost got some 185g Bergers for my friend as he needs a few hundred.

Nearly every variety of VihtaVuori powders, All ReLoader series powders one could imagine and some Alliant powders.... Blue Dot, Red Dot, 2400, Unique, etc. They had a good handful of 8# jugs of IMR and Hodgdon powders.... just no H4350 that I was looking for.

Hundreds of 3 die RCBS set's, presses (even had a dillon 550 and 650 on the floor). RCBS Chargemaster.... I would have bought one if my kids were not with me.

Plenty of new brass and primers as well. Their "reloading" guru was quite amusing as I overheard him talking to someone looking at the Dillon 550. Supposedly this guru is loading 168g Hybrids for 1000yds at Tullahoma :o Sorry chief..... waste of good powder and primers. My 14yo was even messing with me about what he was saying because we have tested 168's out to 1000yds and they are dead past 600yds.

They had a lot of cleaning supplies- more nylon brushes (never seen blue nylon before), jags and mops than bronze brushes by far.

Anyways- stuff is out there if you look hard enough, or fall upon it as I did.

Handguns / .45ACP.... 5" vs 3" barrel testing
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:08:15 PM »
Got a channce to chrony some loads from my SA 1911 and my new SA XD-s .45 ACP. I expected ~ 50fps less with the 3.3" XD-s. Five loads tested side by side.

I think the little XD-s can hold it's own on the target. First pull is OK, but the short reset makes follow up's realy sweet!!

Load #1- 230g Zero, 4.6g BE
SA 1911- 795fps
XD-s- 730fps

Load #2- 230g XTP, 5.6g W-231
SA 1911- 811fps
XD-s- 742fps

Load #3- 230g XTP, 5.8g Unique
SA 1911- 877fps
XD-s- 771fps

I think this one needs another run as Unique has been much more consistent for me in the past than this. May have been a flier on one of the loads that skewed the data.

Load #4- 200g XTP, 6.2g Unique
SA 1911- 861fps
XD-s- 801fps

This load is remarkably accurate and is shown below in my headshots.... 15 rounds quick fire (3 mags) at 25ft.

Load #5- 200g XTP, 6.4g Unique
SA 1911- 900fps
XD-s- 815fps

A bit more of a spread than I expected, but good accuracy all around. The complete chrony session of 50 rounds is on one target below.

50 round chrony session at 25ft:

15 rounds of 200g XTP's with 6.2g Unique at 801fps in the little XD-s at 25ft:

Optics / FS- Nightforce NXS 12-42x56mm NP-R2
« on: February 28, 2013, 06:19:22 AM »
Here is your best chance to save on a quality piece of optics. Match proven at 600yds on my 6.5x284, this NXS is mounted on my R700 in .308. She has not gotten much use lately and I could use the funds for another project in the works ;)

Nightforce NXS 12-42x56mm, 1/8MOA, NP-R2 reticle, no ZS. Purchased 6 months ago from Sport Optics for $1822. Comes with original box, lens shade and bikini cover. Mounted once on the pictured rifle with Trijicon rings. I have never had ring marks on any of my scopes and don't anticipate any on this one either.

$1650 shipped for the scope- add $75 for the rings.

USPS MO ONLY for payment.

Handguns / Springfield XDs 45ACP Field tested
« on: February 26, 2013, 06:31:42 PM »
Finally had a day off to cycle some rounds through the new XDs. I ran a total of 150 rounds through it after a good teardown/cleaning/inspection. I ran 100 PMC 230g factory loads at ~905fps and 50 handloaded 230g Zero's at 740fps. No issues with either load at all.

25ft targets.... All shots freehand- no rest. American Rifleman had sub 1" groups off a rest at 7yds which is likely real world results, but not what this gun is built for. Small outer circles on bottom were slow fire. Center circle on bottom was rapid fire. Upper right and left were slow fire. Slow fire groups were 1.600"- 2.750". The rest of this target was drawn off the bench (public county range does not allow drawing from holster).... 2 to the body, 1 to the head, 2 to the body with each mag- all rapid fire.

The pistol has a nice safe first pull with a short reset and reduced trigger pull that will double tap if you are not careful (happened to me twice today). Sights are nice, and with a 3.3" barrel and just shy of a dollar bill between the sights I was impressed with the results.

This is now deemed my new CCW piece ;)



Handguns / Finally... a new piece in the safe..
« on: February 21, 2013, 02:25:54 PM »
Waited 3 long months for one of these to come in stock... two guys at the shop carry them and love them.

XD-S, 3.3", .45ACP.

Nice CCW piece for even the hot summer months here in FL. Placed it in the safe for good keeping till I get a inside the pants holster. Come and get it if you want ;)

Rifles / .308 Tactical/FTR set-up
« on: January 04, 2013, 12:29:24 PM »
Selling due to lack of use..... and maybe a custom 7mm project in my future.

Stock Remington 700 SPS with a 26", 1:12 factory barrel- was $525 + tax new.

* Comes fitted in a B&C Medalist stock P/N 2094- was $410 + shipping from Stocky's and their prices have gone up to $440 + shipping now if they're in stock. It's fully floated with an intergral aluminum bedding plate and pillar bedding. It's a very solid set-up. Original stock and trigger NOT included.

* Jewell JT-02 trigger set to 6 ounces- $189 from Mr. Larry Scott here

* Nightforce steel one-piece 40 MOA OR steel one piece 20MOA base included- $109 each from Sport Optics. For anything less than 185g the 20MOA base will be fine, but I use 185g Berger's out to 1000yds and needed a 40MOA for just 1000yds. Seems to like Berger 30418 Jauggernauts over anything else with 155 Scenars a close second.

* That's $1225 + shipping or tax new.

$1000 + shipping to your FFL less scope, rings and bipod

To make a complete package I will offer the scope and bi-pod only if taken with the rifle, or after the rifle has sold:

* Nightforce NXS 12-42x56mm, 1/8MOA, NP-R2 reticle. No visible ring marks as it has only been mounted once to lapped Trijicon 30mm rings- $1822 new

* Harris Bipod 6"-9" swiveling with rear adjustment tension screw- $110 new

* Trijicon 30mm rings- lapped using a Sinclair lapping bar and handle. They were pretty good from the factory, but I lap all rings- $99 new.

* NF NXS scope and Trijicon rings- $1750 shipped

* Bipod $95 shipped

Selling for F-Class projects. This has only seen limited trigger time between my formal F-Class matches for trigger time.... probably less than 250 rounds.

Rifles / Wanted Bore Paste.... brass, bullets FT
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:02:55 AM »
Looking for JB (preferred) or Iosso bore paste. Opened container is fine.... as long as it's got enough for some good throat cleanings left. I just don't want a crinkled, dried up used tube. Can't find any locally.... don't want to pay shipping online, so I'm hoping to make a trade- yes, for bore paste!! Bore scoped my 6.5x284 and I have a slight carbon ring starting at 770 rounds.

I have lots of brass FT:

.45ACP- plenty
.357 Magnum ~500
.44 Magnum- ~200
.308- ~200 sorted and match prepped and weight matched R-P brass


100- 158g Speer .357 JHP's
200- 240g Hornady XTP's
I will even consider trading a Remington X-Mark Pro trigger with less than 200 rounds on it. A nice spare for anyone with a 700, or someone who could use a nice factory trigger.... top right safety, bottom bolt release. Stainless finish.

Rifles / Barrel Life- an interesting twist
« on: December 05, 2012, 06:33:14 AM »
I was just thinking about the barrel life I might get out of my 6.5x284 recently after talking with Broughton. They have seen 1500- 1700 rounds with a well maintained barrel. I figured I would be happy with 1200.

I started to do some math on that. Using a rough 2900fps MV and backing that speed right up to the chamber here are some interesting numbers to think about....

One round spends ~8.63 e-4 seconds in my 30"  barrel.
1200 rounds= 1.034 seconds of barrel life
1500 rounds= 1.293 seconds of barrel life
1700 rounds= 1.465 seconds of barrel life

So.... even if I only get 1200 rounds out of this barrel I am only losing 0.431 seconds of barrel life compared to Broughton Barrels estimate.

I don't feel so bad now ???

What's your barrel life?

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