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I have a Weatherby belt buckle made of solid brass with a Mark V and an Elephant head on the front. On the backside it's marked with the 9 Weatherby Mag. calibers available at the time( this was before the 416 Mag was introduced) It has the original red velvet display box. Any ideas on it's value. Thanks.

I own a Weatherby 10 cartridge Lucite display block. I bought it new in the early 90's. It is forest green in color and was produced after the intro of the 416 Weatherby Mag but before the 30/378 and 338/378 Mags. It is also marked Weatherby "Symbol of Superiority" Any body have any idea what it may be worth. Thanks.

Ok fellas lets hear it. What's your favorite Weatherby cartridge? I know it's a difficult question, they are ALL good. After giving it ALOT of thought I picked the 7MM Weatherby Mag. What's yours?

Rifles / 240 Wby. Mag. dropped from production?
« on: September 05, 2011, 08:05:51 PM »
Did Weatherby Inc. stop chambering the 240 Weatherby Mag? I see they don't even list it as available in the Deluxe. I have the older Mark V Lightweight/Stainless version. Great rifle and cartridge.

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