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Reloading / Cutting Edge Bullets - 340 Weatherby
« on: September 19, 2022, 07:51:18 AM »
For those who may consider CE bullets in the 340 Weatherby, I'll share some load data that I've worked up over the past couple of years. These are long solid copper projectiles that I've seen used to compete and win in the King of Two Miles competitions. they offer several hunting projectiles, and I chose to try the Maximus line for long range accuracy potential. As Mr. Whelen once said: "Only accurate guns are interesting". My rifle is a LH Weatherby Mark V Accumark, and the loads I've developed are those achieving maximum accuracy in my particular rifle.

Cutting Edge 260 gr Maximus:
OAL - 1.722"
Projection Length from Seal Tite band - .940"
G1 BC is not listed, but it's about .700
Preferred Powder: Norma MRP @83gr.
Velocity @ 2830fps

I bump the fired cases back 4 thou in a FL sizing die and cut and chamfer to 2.8165" in order to seat the bullet far enough in the case such that the Seal Tite band sits in the chamfer of the neck mouth. This is only necessary if you want to fit the cartridges in the Mark V magazine. The cartridge OAL I settled with for accuracy is 3.717. I tried up to 85gr.  IMR 7828SSC, and 85gr MRP, but the 83gr MRP proved more accurate in my gun - less than 1MOA. This bullet carries a lot of energy downrange.

Cutting Edge 225gr Maximus:
OAL - 1.494"
Projection Length from Seal Tite band - .820"
G1 BC - .640
Powder: Norma MRP @ 86.2gr.
Velocity: ~3140fps
This is a HOT, HOT load, but shoots .6MOA consistently in my particular rifle without any over-pressure signs. I DO NOT suggest this as anywhere near another's starting load! I'm going to try RL19, RL22, H4831SC, and H4350, because I'm running out of MRP!!  :o There is no case interference issue with the Seal Tite band due to the shorter projection length (than the 260gr Max), and I settled on a 3.658 COAL, which has no problem fitting in the Mark V magazine. I still bump the fired cases back 4 thou, but I trim and chamfer to 2.825". This has grown to become my overall preferred cartridge for my 340 Bee, considering ballistics, consistency, accuracy and recoil. I have yet to experience terminal performance, but the Maximus line is intended to be frangible at all velocities, and down to 1400fps, making it an ideal projectile for long range hunting. Hopefully this year will be the year I get to drop a bull elk with this round!

Has anyone else had experience with the CE bullets? Thanks. 

Edited to add a pic of the CEMax 225 gr MRP load group at 400 yds:

Reloading / Help! My numbers don't add up!
« on: September 26, 2012, 06:07:27 PM »
Hey all,
I've been loading all sorts of hot rounds for my 340 Accumark, and can't seem to get the velocities claimed or verified for those loads. I'm using a CED Millenium 2 with infrared screens at ~10 feet, 70 degrees F. at 300 feet msl elevation. For instance, I loaded up some 225 TTSXs in front of 90gr. RL19 at 3.668 COAL, with 215M primers, and only clocked 3079fps average. I'm thinking that's a hot load with that powder! The same, with RL22 at 88.5gr barely gives me 3000fps, IMR 7828 at 89gr gives me 3008 average. I have excellent groups (they tightened up as I worked them up to those loads), and no excessive pressure signs. How does Cor-Bon get 3200? How come folks on forums are clocking 100-200fps more with the same ingredients but less powder? I'm stumped.

My Accumark really likes 7828, and I'm tempted to keep cranking it up to 92gr. max, but that'll be a seriously compressed load with that loooong TTSX. I'm not adverse to stopping where I am, because mv is only a small portion of the game. But iffen it can be achieved, the extra velocity will make a significant difference in the areas where I'm going to hunt elk. Any suggestions??

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