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Accessories / For sale: Mark V stock, Vanguard mag kit, stock, trigger
« on: December 26, 2017, 09:11:56 AM »
Weatherby Mark V
Bell & Carlson
Fiberguard stock
Brand new
Grey with black webbing
Pillar bedded
Fits 6 lug standard action Mark V
#1 contour barrels
i.e. 240 25-06 270 308 7-08 30-06 etc.

Vanguard Series 2
Griptonite stock
Grey with black griptonite inserts
Long action
Brand new

Vanguard / Howa 1500
Detachable mag box kit
Brand new
5 round & 10 round mag
Fits short actions 243 308 7-08

Will throw in a vanguard 2 stage trigger for an additional $50 to sweeten the deal on the Vanguard stock or mag kit.

Accessories / Sold
« on: October 08, 2015, 03:02:55 PM »

These will fit Vanguard S1 and S2 models

Short action 243, 7-08, and 308
Detachable magazine conversion kit
5 round magazine
10 round magazine
Lighty used
$125 for kit and 2 mags

Long action 240 wby?,  270, 25-06, and 30-06
Detachable magazine conversion kit
3 round magazine
Brand new
$75 for kit and mag

Shipping is $6 via priority mail
Paypal gift, paypal + fees, or usps money order

Both scopes are in very good used condition with little to no wear, lightly used and always cleaned and cared for.
They will each come with the original box and paper work.

Nikon Coyote Special BDC 4.5-14x40

Buckmaster BDC 4.5-14x40

Also have talley one piece mounts available

Buyers pays shipping
Payal gift, paypal + fees, usps money order

Very good used condition, lightly used, always cleaned and cared for
These are the ACCUGUARD stocks you would get from Weatherby
They have the full length aluminum bedding block
Both stocks have the recoil lug bedded
The wait time from Weatherby or Bell and Carlson is 6-8 weeks

Bell and Carlson Medalist Stock
Long action / #2 contour barrel
Black with grey spider webbing
Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard

Bell and Carlson Medalist Stock
Short action / Heavy barrel #3 contour
OD green with black spider webbing
Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard

Also have a lightly used 24" 1:12 twist  #3 heavy or bull barrel off a howa 1500 in .243 available should fit any vanguard receiver 

Paypal gift, pay pal + fees, usps money order
Buyer pays shipping
I can email pics

I was at the range yesterday and am sickn tired of using the wood rests and bags they have there. I know I can get better and more consistant groups. I saw a few guys with their own bags and one with a lead slead. I am ready to invest in a decent set, either a front rest or bag and rear bag. I would like to know what you guys use. I like the idea of the adjustable front rest with a bag and a rear bag. Some of the front bags seem too short. I will most often be shooting my vanguard S2 with BC medalist stock and my Howa 1500 heavy barrel with BC medalist varmint stock (this one has a bi pod on it I can remove easily but usually dont. Any opinions, recommendations, tips, warnings, etc. knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

So I went to boresight my new weatherby vanguard S2 and the elevation adjustment on the new nikon buckmaster scope ran out quickly. I have talley one piece rings which I lapped and leveled everything. Just by searching this in google I found this may be a problem with Nikons at least if you call them they will replace the scope. Has anyone encountered this problem? I plan on checking the rings once more today. I also mounted a Nikon coyote special on a howa 1500 with talley mounts and the adjustments were fine.


I am just wondering if I was the only one that nearly took a hack saw to my brand new rifle barrel to remove the barrel stickers?

I drew blood trying to pull those darn things off striking my knuckles on the swivel stud.

I would really like to know the thinking behind that, I dont think anyone would want to keep those on the barrel. So why make them so hard to remove or put them on at all?

I was happy to find a nice weatherby sticker with the manual and lock that went on my safe.

Brand new Series 2 Vanguard Long Action stock
This is a take off which was never used fired etc.
I would like $100 + shipping vs the $139 retail

I am new to the forum thing so bare with me on replying
I figured I would post here before I put it up on ebay

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