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I just became aware of this story tonight,... but, this is an already old version of it. ( It getís better)  I recommend anyone search this kid out and I will definitely post the latest version of it as soon as I can find it...


Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Novelty Stuff
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:15:36 PM »
A while back I posted my ďtoothpick crossbow.Ē Ran across this today and decided I needed to put it in my collection of random hunting/shooting  collectibles stuff.

Whatís some of yíalls favorite novelty hunting/shooting/outdoor stuff?

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Exercising Outdoors
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:39:11 PM »
Recently I decided make an effort to move as much of my workout time outside as I reasonably could. It just seems so much more enjoyable that way. It didnít hurt of course, that I also recently discovered there is about 3 miles of round trip hiking trials not too far behind my house now, thanks to a gas company doing some clearing and also opening up some land for public pass through that used to be closed off.

I also decided to try and do some hunting specific workouts. I bought a little 10 pound club that Iím using to simulate carrying a rifle and also stopping a few times along the way to do a few lifting sets with it. I also bought 50lbs worth of those ďankle weightĒ things people use and stuffed those in a backpack to carry on days days I donít carry the club.

I find myself looking forward to the workouts way more these days instead of thinking I have one more chore to do after work before my day is done. Anyone else do anything similar?

Anyone heard anything about this? Is Yeti really picking a fight with the NRA??? Maybe Iím wrong but that would seem almost like corporate suicide for them?



I was the successful bidder on a Savage MSR10 Hunter in 6.5 Creedmoor this morning on Gunbroker. This is my first ever semi-auto rifle. Iím glad I won the auction, it allowed me to scratch 2 itches at once, the ďARĒ and 6.5creed.

 This will be used as a hog gun primarily in the field but I wouldnít rule out other hunts as well. Hoping it has decent accuracy, it ought to be a fun gun to have at the range too. Iíve never used them but Iím thinking about utilizing some sort of quick detach rings to switch between a nighttime hunting scope and a daytime/range scope.

Until I want to make the plunge and invest the serious bucks into a thermal, I think I will go with another Sightmark on here for the nighttime scope. Havenít decided on regular glass yet. Something (reasonably) affordable with big magnification and a BDC. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Thoughts?
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:29:28 AM »
This idea is from an article that Danno posted over in the ďother big gameĒ section. If you havenít read it I encourage you to click over there and give it a look. Thanks for doing the work to post that btw Danno!

 Itís a topic Iíve been fascinated with for a while now, but never heard the theory posited concerning hogs. Iíve always heard it about coyotes. The basic idea being you canít really hunt them out. That the ďherdĒ as a whole realize the population is dropping and the fertile females will have more pups/piglets to make up for this.

Dan Flores lays out the case for this better than I could hope to explain in his book Coyote America. As an aside, heís a great writer and Iíd recommend this book along with American Serengeti. He also lays out his coyote case very well on a few podcasts Iím sure you could find by google searching ďdan flores coyote podcast.Ē

Iím no biologist, and the people doing this research are way smarter than me, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea, especially after growing up repeatedly hearing how human predation and market hunting hammered turkeys, deer and elk, and buffalo probably most of all. Thatís not to say I turn my nose up at the science, just that itís a very foreign concept to me, the idea that unmitigated human hunting actually INCREASES the population.

I recently read a study (canít remember exactly where) that said in the South at least, coyote shooting may decrease the population on a given tract of land but still caused the birth boom over a much greater land area than the particular shooters are paying attention too.

Just wondering if anyone had run across this concept before and if anyone had any thoughts? Again, thanks to Danno for the post and I encourage anyone to go read his post.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Any Ideas?
« on: April 12, 2018, 05:18:04 PM »
(Sorry for the long post) I posted the video of the boar I missed last weekend (hopefully I get another shot tomorrow night) and relayed how how bad my scope was ďoff.Ē On the first pig I shot I hit him way to the left of where I was aiming. Since he bang flopped I did not know that however. On the video of the pig I missed (facing the opposite direction) you can actually see the bullet hit to his left and behind him. Okay, my scope is off Iím thinking.

Get back home and head to the range earlier this week. The gun had maybe 15-20 rounds max down the barrel since last cleaning but I cleaned before heading to the range. Below is a pic of my results with zero adjustments made to the scope. Huh? I get to thinking that I was not using the IR  illuminator on the scope since the Equinoxís was so bright and working just fine to illuminate my scope as well. It was sitting about 1-2 feet away from me on a tripod. I also canít remember if I had to flip the daytime/night time cap open on the scope since the Equinox was lighting it up so well with itís illuminator.

Thinking this must be my problem I call Sightmark to ask them if this is a common problem. The tech I spoke with said while he canít rule it out he wouldnít think either one of those things should be an issue. Said heíd never heard of something like that being a problem. Only thing he could think to contribute it too was the cold front that blew in. I donít ďbuck feverĒ on pigs and would admit if I thought I was just pulling my shot. Iíve shot a lot of game out of that particular stand and am very confident in my brace/shot, especially right at the feeder location.

Anyone ever had a sudden change in temps, say 20-25 degrees in about 2 hours effect a shot like this?

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Some Game Cam Pics
« on: April 09, 2018, 02:33:11 PM »
I changed out some SD cards when I was down at my hill country place last weekend. Figured I'd post a few pics. I still have 3 or 4 more cards to go through, I'll post some more pics here if I find anything worth posting. Deer season will be here before we know it!

Connected with one large boar last night and missed another. The miss confused me. Shot felt real  solid, like Iíd have put a thousand bucks on it solid. Once I inspected the pig I connected on I saw my problem. Somehow my scope has been knocked off pretty bad. These shots are at right around 100 yards and the one I hit was shot about a foot back from where I was aiming. Had the one I missed been facing the opposite way Iíd have hit him too, though as bad as the scope is off Iím glad he wasnít.

As you can see from the video, the one that was shot goes right down but that was lucky. As bad as I missed where I was aiming Iím surprised he didnít run. Looks like Iíll be making a trip to the range in the next couple of days.

The boar I got was a tank. Way bigger than I thought he was when I shot him. If the measuring method I am currently using is accurate with him, he is somewhere in the 285-305lbs range.

The hit:

The miss:

Was able to take one yesterday morning, and again in the evening. The morning bird was called in to 160 yards and then hung up there. He started to leave and was dispatched with the Savage 22-250. The evening bird came out in a grain field by an empty hog trap. I was halfway more expecting to to see a pig than a turkey at that particular spot. Both brids were instant kills.

Spring turkey season starts this Saturday for us. Just got a call from the land owner where we hunt in N. Texas and he said there are more turkeys this spring than he has ever seen since heís had the place (this is gonna be your best season ever was how he put it). Sure hope heís right!

Who else is getting after a long beard this spring? Also, where are you hunting and how would you say the turkey population is there as compared to 10-20 years ago.  Reason I ask is I have read how well turkey recovery and reintroduction has gone nationally lately. I know the area we personally hunt has always had them but not like the numbers are currently.

I know this has probably been discussed multiple times but... new members, new websites, new finds, etc...

Wondering where all everyone likes to go and check out guns for sale? Main places I can think of that I check are Gunbroker, Guns International, Guns America, Reeds (Northern Firearms) and Buds....

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Another Way to Hunt Hogs
« on: March 25, 2018, 07:50:39 PM »
Iíve watched this twice and the only thing that know for certain is I have no idea what exactly is happening here. I do know it involves throwing monkeys at pigs though...  ???

Just wondering what load all the turkey hunters out there were currently using? Thinking about switching it up this year since my shotgun will now shoot 3 1/2Ē shells, but might just stick with what I have...

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