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After giving its local customers and employees two,  three or more different stories about its future here in Bowling Green, KY,  the boys at Gander Mountain finally got around to the final story (at least it seems final).. They are closing, or say they say again, and not to reopen. 

I find it sad how they kept their employees in a lurch of indecision. 

Does anyone have any recent experience with Parsons Scope Services....I tried to contact them by phone (513-867-0820) and their answering service was loaded and was not accepting any calls.  I also checked them out a bit on the internet and the blog site "Gunboards" had numerous negative posts concerning the company and essentially making me question my thoughts of entrusting them with my Weatherby Imperial (circa 1957) 2.75-10 scope.  This scope is really important to me as it came on my 1957 FN Supreme Southgate 270WM and I want the 60 yrs. old gun and scope to remain as one family heirloom to pass on to my family.

Your thoughts and experiences will be appreciated.

I received two email liquidation sale notices by email this past weekend from our store here in Bowling Green, KY.. I decided to go check out the offerings again.. I noticed some new people working there and the inventory had increased considerably, especially with sale items of hunting clothes in Camo or Blaze Orange finishes all now marked down by 50%..  Being a nosy sort, I struck up a conversation with one of the new guys stocking items.

Quite surprisingly, he, without hesitation, told me that our store was not closing.. According to him, it will remain open and operate as usual but under the new name of "Gander Outdoors" and will stay in place next door and attached to its corporate brother, "Camping World".

Gander Outdoors and Camping World are visible on the from the northbound lane of I-65 as you approach Exit 22 (Scottsville Rd). Regrettably, getting there once you have exited the interstate is a bit of maize if this will be your first attempt.

I wish them well and have a bit of optimism for their success given the fact they will be run by Camping World.. I suspect their prices will become competitive and their quality and customer service will always be "top-shelf".

Rifles / Very Nice US 30 M1 Carbine for Sale or Trade
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:45:37 PM »
This M1 Carbine is no longer available.

If you are in the market for a very nice, NON Blue Sky,  "Saginaw SG" real GI issue M1 Carbine, I have one for sale or trade maybe... It does have a few minor scratches and dings but not as many as you would expect on weapon 74 years old.  I have owned it for at least 25 years. This is a Saginaw Gear Division Carbine of first year, 1943,  production bearing Serial Number 3,XXX,XXX. It has a "Saginaw SG" marked receiver, high wood stock with cartouches marked "SG" on the right side and "RSG" in the sling cut out of the left side. It has some normal arsenal upgrades although there are no arsenal rework cartouches. The barrel is correct for the year of "Saginaw SG" production and is marked "Underwood 12-43" with correct front sight, It has a Type 3 Inland Div. Barrel Band, Inland M2 Trigger Housing, Round Bolt, Type 2 Milled Rear Sight, Type 7 (M2) Slide. Although it bears no markings as is normal for "Saginaw SG", I believe the Butt Plate is also Saginaw SG. 

There are not many of these oldies but real GI goodies that are not Re-Imports running around out there any more..

I am asking a firm $900 Cash but will consider trades as partial payments.. Please understand,  no pistols, revolvers or Plastic, Aluminum or Sheet Metal rifles will be considered for trade.. I already have more of those than I care to admit.

If you are very seriously interested please email me at medlin2440@twc.com, on this site as Bigorange44, or by cellphone at 270/792-6851.  Pictures will be made available to serious buyers.

Reloading / 257 WM Reloading Data from my first 257 Weatherby
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:04:05 PM »
Check out the attachment.. It is loading data from Weatherby about 50 years ago when I bought my first Weatherby, a Mark V 257 Magnum... I can't recall whether this loading data came with rifle or with the Weatherby dies I bought.. In either case, the numbers are interesting and I wish Weatherby still made those Universal Loading Dies.

Weatherby's data from back then (highest velocity loads 26" bbl) (All bullets were Hornady and primers were Federal 215)

87 grain         70grs. 4350           3831 fps                56,120 psi
 "     "            75grs.  4831          3876 fps                 57,910 psi

100 grain        67grs  4350          3588 fps                 57,130 psi

117 grain        67grs  4831          3326 fps                 53,930 psi

After reviewing that old Weatherby Data, I checked my bookcase and found my old Phillip B. Sharpe's " Complete Guide To Handloading, Supplement" published in 1953. The data reported by Sharpe for the 257WM was astounding..  His associates, albeit unnamed, "found it an ideal all around cartridge..."  He also noted that the 257WM had "been tested at 4200 fps with and 87 grain bullet..." He went on to point out that Roy Weatherby himself stated "No existing .25 caliber bullet on the market in 1948 will consistently give good accuracy at that speed"..

Sharpe reported the Handloads supplied to him by "Roy E. Weatherby".  Highest Velocity loads reported by me.

87gr. bullet     72 grs.      4350               4060 fps.
100gr. bullet   69 grs.      4350               3750 fps.
117gr  bullet  64 grs.       4350               3470 fps.

Please understand, I am not recommending or guaranteeing any of the loads listed above. Clearly, the ones from Sharpe are "HOT" and please consider that as an understatement. I am just the messenger who enjoys studying ballistics and who chose to share some of my finding from history with other Weatherby enthusiast..

Just to make you go "wow", that 87grs.  bullet reported by Sharpe at 4060 fps.. would be packing 3,185 foot pounds of energy.. I don't know of a single Ground Hog, not even a Texas variety, who could withstand that impact.

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