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Reloading / Looking for Reloder 26 Load Data for 300 Wby Magnum.
« on: September 24, 2018, 01:07:08 PM »
Hey folks,

Anyone have load data for Hornady ELDX (178 or 200 gr) and/ or Nosler 180 AB bullets and Reloder 26 powder?  I found some on the Alliant site for the Barnes bullets but not the ones listed above. 



Rifles / Weatherby Vanguard True North in 300 Wby
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:32:31 PM »
Hey folks! Just finished coming back from the range after firing my new True North in 300 Wby Mag. Had awesome results. I had whipped up several hand loads with three different types of 180 gr bullets - Nolsler AB, Hornady ELDX and Barnes TTSX.  I used middle of the road powder loads and took them to the range.  Also brought a box of Weatherby factory Select 180 gr and a box of HORNADY Precision Hunter 200 gr ELDX. 

The Nosler and Barnes in the 180 grain shot the best. Sub-MOA with a 5 shot group from the AB and 4 shot with the Barnes. I pulled a shot with the Barnes high and to the right. One of the Barnes bullets went virtually through the same hole. I actually thought I missed until I measured the hole and saw it was wider that it should be. These were using Reloder 22 powder. 

I also did a second Barnes load using RL26.  This load did very well and other than my called shot it produced sub-MOA as well.

The 178 ELDX did not group at all with this powder load (80.5 grains RL22) and my rifle. The "group" was about 3.5 MOA at 100 yards. 

The factory Weatherby did not group as well as I thought it might either. About 2.25" group. The Hornady Precision Hunter 200 ELDX however was 1/2 MOA!  That is pretty good factory ammo! 

All in all, I am very satisfied with this rifle. Brand new out of the box it is a shooter with several types of bullets. With a little finessing of the loads I think I see great things for this one. 

Anyhow, thought I would share and certainly if anyone has thoughts love to here them. 


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