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Shotguns / SA 08 Didnt lock up
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:49:20 AM »
So I purchased a SA 08 12 gauge for myself and a SA 08 deluxe grade 20 Ga for my wife last fall. About 65 rounds in it appears that the bolt on my 12 ga didn't lock up and Kaboom! Even with plugs in my right ear was ringing and I had powder residue all over. The shell was all scrunched up in the chamber with the base being separated from the hull. At first the consensus was that maybe the factory ammo had a double charge in it, so after cycling the action and checking that function seemed normal a new shell from a new box, Kaboom number two. These were just number 7.5 trap loads as well. I then began to google what happened and found a fellow on these forums that had the same issue. Scary stuff. So after zero returns on my phone calls and emails to weatherby I called Elwood Epps and they said to send the shotgun to them as it is well with in the warranty time. I then told the fella that I had bought the wife a SA 08 20 ga. and that I was worried for her to shoot it. He said I could ship it as well and pay them to have a look but that is all. So first question is, have any of you had issues with the 20 ga. model as I don't want my wife to shoot her gun. And is it standard practice for Weatherby to ignore contact with the purchaser's of their products when their products have a come apart? Either way I have 9 other people that witnessed the event and are curious how this will all play out. Not a great commercial so far.

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