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Rifles / Looking for a Mark V Deluxe 257 WBY
« on: March 20, 2018, 06:15:26 AM »
Not sure this is allowed and if not my apologies and the admin can delete and slap my wrist but I am looking for a Mark V Deluxe in 257, 24" or 26" inch barrel makes no matter to me.   If anyone has one they would like to get rid of hit me up.  I have a local FFL dealer here in my hometown and they have no problem recieving a package from an individual.  I recently bought a 7mm from a member here and the transaction went smooth as silk.  YOu can message me here or email or text me at my personal number.  Thanks in advance.  Have a great week!!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am new here to the Nation but not new to Weatherby. I just wanted to say Hello and look forward to reading and learning all I can about the greatest rifle and calibers ever invented!! Bought my first .257 over 25 years ago (a Japan model with a 24" barrel) and been carrying some kind of Weatherby ever since.  I won't lie I have a prefrence for the .300.  I bought my first .300 not long after getting my .257, A German Southgate with a 24 inch barrel.  Didn't shoot that great but never let me down and started a love relationship that still burns bright today. I have owned and shot several different calibers through the years. 240, 257, 270, 300 , 340, 378 and a 460.  Always seem to come back to the .300 for everything.  Just bought my first 7mm from a Nation member here and looking forward to playing with it.  Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. 

Elvis300 (Gary)

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