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Rifles / Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:23:07 AM »
Well folks my daughter , who is 22 years old and about 5' tall and weighs a buck 0 5 on a good day soaking wet has drawn her first elk tag .  She has hunted deer and hogs for a long time always using a 243 win but here in New Mexico due to caliber restrictions she is going to be needing a bigger caliber for her first elk hunt. Also she is pewter dee left handed!! So shooting one of mine is an option but not the best option , and I want to buy her a new rifle anyway so I am trying to decide what to get her ?  The rifle will be used for deer mostly,  but like this year, with an occasional elk hunt thrown in. I have been leaning towards a 257 or a 7mm ?  Never having taken an elk with a 257 so I have no experience on it, but know of many who have and of course all the stories of Mr. Roy himself killing everything with it .  I have always like it and taken several deer and hogs with one myself .  The 7mm WBY I have just got myself this year from a member on here and have to say so far I love it .  One of my co-workers here in NM has hunted with the 7mm all his life and him and his wife have taken elk , Orxy and Barbary with it nearly every year since I have been here so I know it is a proven killer as well.  What say you ?  The general Weatherby Nation.  I value all of your comments and opinions.  I know either is a good choice but would like to hear some pros and cons on both from you lovely people. This may seem trivial or a little funny but one reason for these two caliber selections is also Left hand availability!  I have been able to find several lefties in 257 and 7mm but have not seen much of anything else in left hand versions, an occasional 300 but really that is about it.  Thank you ! Thank you very much!!

Rifles / A couple of .340 WBY's
« on: May 07, 2018, 05:37:42 AM »
I have always been a 300 WBY fanatic.  I love the cartridge more than a person really should .  I have four of them. 2 Germans, 1 Japan and 1 American.  After being on here for a few months and reading how much the .340 is revered I decided I needed to try me one. I got a good deal on a mint condition German Deluxe with 26" barrel and a custom built 340 built on a Mark V action with a McMillian stock 28" barrel with a break making it a 31" # 3 contour.  It is a long sucker . I am super excited to give them a try .  Got my dies , brass and several different bullets . Got 225 Sierra Spitzer boat tail , 225gr Nosler Partion , 250 gr Barnes TSX. Already had several powders from shooting WBY 's . Have H1000 , RE-22, RE-25, IMR-7828, 4350 to name a few.  Have been reading BB340's loads , and several others . If anyone has any suggestions or tips I need to do to make these babies shoot please chime in . 

Optics / Weatherby Scope repairs
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:12:24 AM »
Hello Nation,
Just wondering if there is anyone here at the nation who works on the older Weatherby scopes? And if not does anyone have a contact for someone who does ? Seems like a lot of the variable Imperial's have issues getting stuck and not being able to turn the magnification up or down. 

Side note if anyone has any trick or tips on how to free these scopes up sing out because I'm all ears . I picked up a mint German 300 with a 2x7 Imperial on it . The whole rig looks brand new but the little 2x7 is stuck like a bug in a rug on 2 power .

Thank you,

Rifles / Twist rate on .257 barrels
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:37:36 AM »
Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,
Does anyone have a definite date of when Weatherby changed the twist in the .257 Barrels?  I have been looking but seemed to keep coming up with descrepancies around when this took place.  I have seen dates as early as 62 then more definitive around 64 but some sources saying as late as 72, when the move to Japan happened ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you .


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am new here to the Nation but not new to Weatherby. I just wanted to say Hello and look forward to reading and learning all I can about the greatest rifle and calibers ever invented!! Bought my first .257 over 25 years ago (a Japan model with a 24" barrel) and been carrying some kind of Weatherby ever since.  I won't lie I have a prefrence for the .300.  I bought my first .300 not long after getting my .257, A German Southgate with a 24 inch barrel.  Didn't shoot that great but never let me down and started a love relationship that still burns bright today. I have owned and shot several different calibers through the years. 240, 257, 270, 300 , 340, 378 and a 460.  Always seem to come back to the .300 for everything.  Just bought my first 7mm from a Nation member here and looking forward to playing with it.  Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. 

Elvis300 (Gary)

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