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Whitetail Deer / First Hunt with my new rifle.
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:26:45 PM »
After 6 months of waiting I was finally able to take my rifle out to hunt something other than paper.
Back in May I bought an Accuguard in .257 Wby Mag. with 26" bbl and a Leupold VX-3i to top it off.
We hunted the weekend after Thanksgiving on a ranch we lease about 20 miles south of Llano, TX.
It was warm for the season the first couple of days but I was able to shoot a few hogs trying to eat up the deers' corn. The biggest of them is in the included pics, a sow we estimated at 150-175lbs.
On the last hunting day of the trip the weather had cooled and the deer were moving again.  I was able to take this 10pt not long before the feeder went off in the afternoon.  He seemed to be a fighter... Broken tines (could have been a 12pt it seems) and a few cuts on his back legs. We don't weigh em but I'd guess he was about 120lbs. Certainly no monster but decent size for a Hill Country buck.
The shot was about 80 yards broadside.  I was shooting factory loaded 110gr Nosler Accubonds. My entry point was just above the elbow, in line with the front leg. Exit was in nearly the same location on the opposite side.  The hide showed very little damage, a dime sized entrance and pencil-hole exit. The carcass, however, told a different story.
The entrance wound post-skinning showed a half dollar sized hole thru to the lungs with the back portion of the upper leg obliterated. The exit wound was the size of a quarter with very little meat loss.
Internally, the lungs were non-existent. Literally soup. The heart was free floating with no vessels attached. Everything south of the diaphragm was completely untouched. Based on my point of aim I couldn't have asked for better results.  Thanks to all the posters out there who unknowingly built up my knowledge base and helped make this hunt a success. I'll be shooting Weatherby for a very long time.

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