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[/trouble finding a turkey choke that will fit a Element
Vortex Venom] will it mount solid on my element shotgun.

Rifles / Old VS Vanguard 270 WBY Magnum Help Needed
« on: April 05, 2019, 01:37:34 PM »
Hey guy's and Gal's old guy needs some help. My First Post I own 25 plus of these amazing Weatherby's and I just purchased a new one at a estate sale today. Just my luck Weatherby not opened today. Its a serial number of VS 20### Vanguard pretty but no forearm cap or diamond cap below. looks like old version of a sportsman. I am told Vanguard did not come in a
270 WBY M. Vanguard in the VS but not only that the barrel has brakes cut into it like shark fins. I am confused what I have here mounted under a old leupold scope. Thank you for any response I may get.
Go to for big Game Mark V Synthetic 300 WBY M.   Favorite Vanguard 30:06 Japan My First. 
Most accurate Vanguard 270 WBY M. 80's Japan Model Tack Driver    Favorite Caliber 257 WBY M.
Pride nd Joy 257 WBY M. Vanguard Birthday present just to pretty to shoot its only out of safe to clean not even a scope on it yet.
Want One Vanguard 22 Tube fed Japan I sold mine in early 80' s to buy our wedding ring. Would do it again, Thanks

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