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whenever I find an item that helps my old fingers I like to share. This is a link to a product that helps considerably. https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Smooth-Bolt-On-Quick-Load-Knob-Tactical-knob-for-the-Weatherby-Vanguard/322849186448?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649. The photos are of my wife's Camilla and this knob works so well I ordered enough for the rest of my Vanguard's

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Purchased a 6.5 Creedmoor
« on: November 08, 2018, 02:25:30 PM »
My wife's Camilla loves the Remington 140's and my Savage prefers the Hornady 143 ELDX.

I’ve had five Shaw barrels put onto receivers. Each barrel has been very accurate from the get-go. I’ll give credit to the gunsmith for an outstanding fitting and Shaw for making very affordable and high-quality barrels. I had to send a barrel back because of a mistake on my part with the receiver and Shaw let me trade it for the same barrel / chambering.
As for Shaw’s closest match in all matters, I think it is McGowen Barrels.
  +1. Last year both makers had a black Friday sale.I had my old Mauser rebarreled into a 280 Ackley (SAAMI).

I have a 338 Federal in a Tikka T3 I bought in 2010 when they were fairly popular. Federal used to sell brass and I bought some, but the majority of my brass is 308 win. One pass through a full length 338 Federal die with enough lube and it's done. I do take a black Sharpie and make a circle around the rim to make sure I don't accidentally try to chamber it in my 308 win. For me it makes the perfect bear and pig gun. Using 215 grain sierra boat tail at 2500 fps and sighted in 1 3/4 high at 100 yards it's good to 225 yards. Never had to shoot anything twice. Federal makes ammo for it, never tried any though. Guides are impressed with how quick animals go down.

When ordering from Shaw you need to call them to place an order and they will ask you exactly what you want done including what action you have and they will thread it for the action. I suggest you go to the website and look at their pricing list and write down what you want down before calling. It usually takes a gunsmith to remove the old barrel, install and head space the new barrel. My local gunsmith charges $150.00 for any of the Savage, Ruger, Remlin, etc and $200.00 for Mauser etc., and a little more if the stock needs to be worked on. I have a few of their barrels and they have all been excellent shooters.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Gun Identification
« on: November 03, 2018, 04:27:43 PM »
so without a doubt you guys believe it's a sporter? worth 400$ with a Nixon prostaff 3x9x40? scopes 200$ and the guns clean with no rust nor marks
If you read carefully I gave a 2017 Blue Book value for the RIFLE ONLY. For value of the scope I would see what a used Nikon Prostaff goes for on Ebay.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Gun Identification
« on: November 02, 2018, 09:03:35 PM »
Looks like a Vanguard Sporter. From the best look I can get at the safety lever, appears to be the original, rather than the current S2 variant. Production probably in the late 1990s or the 2000s, but that's just a guess. Value is subjective, but figure something like $400-650, depending on how badly someone wants it.
  +1 The satin finish and the S/N starting with VS designates sporter and the value of that model is listed between $450.00 and $595.00 for the rifle only in the 2017 blue book of gun values.

With modern bullets, it's hard to disagree with his theory, for most of North America, except for grizzly, brown, or polar bears.


In my honest opinion, they are just filling up pages in a magazine. I'm pretty sure that most of us know that the 270 (.277) in either a long action or short action rifle is a dang good all around hunting cartridge. However, I have never gone on a hunt that I didn't have my Model 70 Super Grade in 30-06 with me or my 94 30-30. I suspect now that I will soon have a 300 WM I might opt for it instead. Nah.. I'll take them all and make the call when I get there.

I have read so many of these articles/reports, that the first thing I do is look at the bottom line. Almost all of them have the same tag line. The best caliber for anything in North America really isn't just one. Sure one caliber can be used, but for everything in North America what ever caliber you choose will be better for one sized game better than the other sizes. Regardless of what you hunt, the best caliber is what you can shoot the most accurately, using a caliber and bullet for the size animal you hunt, within your comfortable maximum shooting range. But the articles/reports have been a great help because for each report stating what is best I have a good excuse for a new rifle, so keep em coming.

She probably thought it meant the car is a piece of sh$t, or it just took a crap.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 300 or 257wby
« on: October 26, 2018, 04:47:01 PM »
I used to have an occasional flyer at the range with my 300 Wby. My brother watched me and would call the flyer from behind me without looking at the target. I asked how and he said that from behind me he could see me move just before the shot. I rigged up an old bird vest inserting a thin shooters gel pack where the foam was. Flyer was gone. I don't need the vest when hunting, just from the bench. 

The Barnes website has load data.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 6.5 wby
« on: October 01, 2018, 06:58:43 PM »
Olchet sir, do you remember if you had to ship he shotgun to them, or if Wby send you a prepaid box to ship in? 

I want to say that I've read here in which Weatherby will send you a prepaid label and box to ship them.  If anyone know, please let me know.  My son thinks he has to ship it to them.
They actually asked me to take it to the shop where I bought it because with a swap it involves the wait period and an FFL plus the Calif. paper work. I paid nothing.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 6.5 wby
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:36:15 PM »
I believe that we hear of these issues with the 6.5, because it is the new toy on the block.  Very seldom do we hear other issues with other calibers, and I'm sure they are happening, but go without the shooters bringing them to our attention. 

My son is dealing with his 6.5, and he will ship it to Weatherby, and I'm sure they will make it right one way or another.  It sucks to have a new toy, and not be able to use it because something is jacked up.  I did tell him to be extra patient with Weatherby because of the move.
  +1. I bought my wife a PA 20 shotgun a few years ago. Took it out once and the safety was non functional after 3 shots. I had my choice of repair (8-12 weeks) or replacement. Replacement arrived in 2 days.

I have had impressive results with barrels from ER Shaw and McGowen. The mythical “break in” period did not exist with these barrels in 22-250 Rem, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 280 Rem, 7mm Weatherby or 9.3x62 Mauser.
+1 I have these barrels over the past 2 years: 6mmx45, 250 savage 1:9 for lead free on older Savage, 280 AI 1:8, 243 Win 1:8 for heavier longer bullets, 264 Win mag 26"stainless #5 contour 1:8 twist. All accurate right off, with multiple loads.

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