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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Euro Mount Boar
« on: Yesterday at 07:40:15 PM »
That came up tops. You done a great job. Congrats.

650 yards on anything is good shooting from my point of view  ;D

Congrats. Hopefully you will get to blood your new 6.5-300 in on a nice buck.

Sounds like a good hunt despite the weather. Pity you didn't get your badger.
What distances were you hitting the Pdogs at Roger?

Other Big Game / Re: West QLD AUS Hunt report
« on: June 20, 2018, 10:45:21 PM »
Agreed you have a great taxidermist. You don't just talk about guns and hunting like some but get out there and do it

Thanks Roger. I do try and get out as much as possible. I love everything there is about hunting and shooting. I do try and make the most of each and every hunt I go on. Sometimes putting said hunts into writing for some Australian hunting magazines.
I wish I had of started taking animals I shot to the taxidermist 20 years ago though. I won't be doing as much as I would like for the next few years though unfortunately. I have 2 weeks in South Africa to look forward to in September and then I won't travel overseas for a while. My financial adviser has told me to cut my spending in half and start saving. The stock market is in a downfall so I won't be doing the overseas trips I had wanted to. Plus I am actually in the market for a new house or land to build one.
I will continue to hunt the critters here in Australia as there are still seven deer species I am yet to hunt. So they will keep me busy for a while....

Other Big Game / Re: West QLD AUS Hunt report
« on: June 19, 2018, 11:49:31 PM »
Great group of mounts Brett, a good taxidermist is invaluable. How long before you get your Longhorn bull back from the taxidermist?

It is going to take a while Danno. My taxidermist is a bit behind and so I told him not to worry about my longhorn and get to it when he can. I have nowhere to put it, or any other mounts, at the moment so no point having it done yet.
I am on the search for a new house to buy or some land to build a trophy room with a house attached. 

Other Big Game / Re: West QLD AUS Hunt report
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:21:31 PM »
Thought I would continue this post as I just got back all my critters from my taxidermist. Unfortunately it won't let me post some of them due to the format. But here are some.

What I thought you were fluent in most languages Roger??? Anyway didn't a thing pop up to say "translate now" or something like that? Gee if I didn't just have to pay a big tax bill, as in Taxidermy bill lol and have a BIG African hunt on in a few months I would of tried to join up with you.

Going on what MM said about the price of a Cape Buffalo hunt these days if one was wanting a very worthy substitute then they should look into hunting Water Buffalo down here in Australia! They are bigger than a cape buff and can soak up some serious punishment. They may not have the extremely bad temperment of a cape buff but piss one off and your in a world of trouble haha. Plus with the Aussie dollar being so low at the moment it would be very affordable. 

Custom Shop / Re: Looking for information on these rings
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:42:26 PM »
Well I don't have any knowledge about things like that. But to me they too look like someone's aftermarket attempt at engraving. It just doesn't look good enough to come out of a Weatherby factory. Hopefully someone will know.

I was looking at going back to Argentina for another dove hunt and came upon some somewhat reasonable Red Stag and Buff hunts. Thinking maybe a combo hunt with the dove. Anyone done any of the Stag or Buff hunts there?

Brett: I think you mentioned one time that you were going or thinking about it. If so from your research or hunts can you suggest an Outfitter?
Thanks All

Yep I do have plans to go to Argentina for buffalo and an assortment of other critters. When, I do not know... Won't be for some time yet. A few years probably  :'(
But these are two of the outfitters I was looking at. Only because my hunting agent here uses them and will do all the paperwork regarding taking my rifles there and bringing back trophies.
Hope that can help you out Roger



Also I don't think I have ever seen a Adam Weatherby or even a Weatherby worker/Rep answer peoples questions or problems on facebook personally. But they are regular contributors on here. Especially if someone has a problem with their rifle.
I just seen on another thread about a new Weatherby owner and new to the Nation that Adam took the time out to welcome him! Doubt one would get that on facebook...

Rifles / Re: Just got my 1st Weatherby
« on: June 15, 2018, 03:00:15 PM »
Yes welcome to the nation. And welcome to the world of Weatherby rifle owners. We are a funny bunch of all sorts but you will soon fall in with us lol. But as I have said to other new Weatherby owners, be warned as one Weatherby rifle just isn't enough! Soon you will searching high and low for that next deal or saving your hard earned folding stuff to buy a brand new one. It'll be a crazy ride but you will love it.  ;D

Yes I got seduced to the dark side and started using facebook about 12 months ago. I only use it to follow hunting and shooting related stuff. There is actually several Weatherby facebook pages. One just for us Aussies too.
Unfortunately it is the way things are going. There is a much wider range of followers on there. Especially with the younger generation.
But I find all you guys and gals on here to be a touch more personal and much more enjoyable to use. So you won't see me leaving here anytime.

That'll teach those doped up dogs  ;D

I am so sorry for your lose Oscar. It is indeed a terrible time when we lose our best friends.

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