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I sent your link to a friend of mine that studies all those kind of vehicles and he figure the Tomcar will out last a Ranger by quite a bit the way they are built.
Wonder why they don't have a 4x4 or did I miss that?

Those Tomcars are quite the rigs. :)

Sounds like a great day :)

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Just a wolf
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:53:47 PM »
Now musicman... You know if the government tells you something or you read it on the internet it's true.....

Abraham Lincoln said "Don't believe everything you read on the internet"

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: draw results
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:51:35 PM »
Big Muddy, why's it so hard to draw in the area where you live?

Moose and elk are only 10 tags each for this Zone so we know that is a hard draw,
Mule deer are quite abundant but I guess so many are applying, They had a "Legacy" draw for those in the Super A pool for 10 years, I've only been Super a for 5 now.
We don't acquire points for every year we once you move up the C,B,A to Super A you sit there until you are drawn. You can still buy a archery tag if you so desire(at least for another year) and buy a over the counter White tail tag. We aren't really a White Tail area but have been seeing some more latley so that might be our only hunt, It can get cold by that time. ;D

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: draw results
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:44:42 PM »
Heard my Daughter in law got a moose tag for the Zone we live in, Hope she gets out an hunts hard and not waste it.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / draw results
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:14:50 PM »
My daughter and I are hunting Skunks this fall, no Mule deer, Moose or Elk.
One friends son got a tag for either sex moose and another friends son got a either sex Mule deer tag so at least a couple of young hunter got something.
We used to have a regular clientele for our hunting cabins but it is so long between getting drawn we don't know some of the hunter showing up anymore.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Happy Fathers Day
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:39:24 PM »
Branded some calves with my daughter then my soon to be 96 yr old father rode with me when I hauled a load to pasture, then my 2 grandkids Face timed with me so it was a pretty good day.

Thanks for sharing the memories, lots of dog lovers here that will enjoy .

Thanks for the video, $85,000 :o  I told my cousin if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford it. Think I was right ;D

Hey, the more the merrier over here no doubt, but we got Jamison.... no way them Facebook guys can compete with that level of cool!

Ya and Badsection as well ;) 8)

Never easy but we owe them so much it is our responsibility to take care of them.

My son lost a 2 yr old dog little over a month ago. It was a shock as she had a great day helping with the cattle then took a spell and died in Daughter in laws arms. They were devastated but I put them in touch with a lady with pups for sale. Got a great pup so different from the other pup but just the right dog for them now.  :)

The Lionīs Dream

DBR cal. .30/06 - .30/06

The lightweight hunting companion
This DBR model consists almost entirely of Grade V titanium - a titanium alloy with small proportions of aluminum and a higher proportion of vanadium. The barrel is made from high quality steel. As a result of the high titanium proportion, this large caliber rifle only weighs 4.4 kg, thus making it suitable for hunting small game. The dioptic sight on the breech plug cap enables simple, accurate targeting without an additional lens. The rifle has a conventional big game stock with a straight stock back and a German cheekpiece.

That's 9,7 pounds, not bad if you have somebody to carry it got you. ;D


I saw some with scopes,which barrel do you sight in?

What happens if your cross eyed? :o ???

"The rifle comes in both side by side and over/under configurations and in calibers ranging from .470 Capstick down through the .416 Remington Magnum and .375 Holland & Holland Magnum for African and Asian safaris. Calibers then drop to include the European 9.3 x 62mm, 8 x 68S, and the old standby American .30/06 all the way down to the diminutive .17 HMR rimfire."

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