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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Merry Christmas
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:26:13 AM »
I would like to wish all a very merry Christmas. The Weatherby Nation is like a family except we can argue with each other and then move on.
I have some decent hunting stories I’ll be relating after the holidays. God bless you all.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 6.5 wby
« on: September 27, 2018, 08:46:53 AM »
Weatherby promises 1” or less with factory ammo. Contact Weatherby and send the rifle so they can solve the problem. I had the same problem and they put another barrel on it. Free. It now shoots 1/2” @ 100 yds.

I have used them for many, (50) years. Maybe 15 scopes. I’ve encountered a couple problems with customer service personnel. Resolved with a few phone calls to employees who wanted to be aware of an issue. Kind of called up the corporate ladder to correct issue. I was happy with the end result.
I have purchased all because I wanted a superior, American made scope. Yes, some other Asian scopes really beat up the Leupold in regard to glass for the same and even lower price glass.
I abuse my equipment need a rugged scope. Leupold is the best for my needs.
I have Zeiss and Swarovski on a couple Rifles and they are perfect for their intended use.

I shoot 3 shot groups and let it cool for about ten minutes for my 1.5-#2 contour Rifles with a new load. Once I have that rifle shooting well I check it a few times a year prior to a hunt. If I am going to hunt more than 100 miles from home I check it again usually the day before the hunt somewhere near my camp. I usually shoot just a couple rounds to verify.  The heavy contour barrels #3 and bigger I used to shoot 5 shot groups. Now only 3.
I do 95% of my practice shooting with a .22 or my H&R single shot.223. I go through probably 1,000 rounds a year with the .22 and varmits and predators I use the .223. Maybe 500 rounds a year. I have the opportunity to shoot within 100 yards of my house and 100 feet is a barn. I shoot almost every day. My targets vary from a twig on tree or a pine cone. I also shoot at dry dirt clogs in a plowed field or even the tops of oat or wheat. On my brothers farm I shoot the the glass conductors on the posts of his electric fence. If I am around when he complains about replacing them, I tell him it’s probably his grandkids that do it. I let him know if I ever see them doing that I’ll tell them that’s wrong.
I never even feel a little remorse lying to him. If he ever read a post about doing that I would lie about that too!
You guys should be thankful I’m not your brother.......

Rifles / Re: .340 Weathermark
« on: May 26, 2018, 06:55:47 PM »
OregonmarkV knows what he’s talking about. I don’t “know” him personally. I do know everything he writes about and suggestions he offers, should be taken as solid, honest and with factual information based on knowledge without hyperbole. I pay attention when info is given from him.

Ammo / Re: 6.5-300 wby selcect 140 grain SP ammo
« on: May 23, 2018, 05:05:15 PM »
I have the mark v ULW and the accuracy results were less than desirable. 2”-3” @ 100 yds. I’ve tried all the factory loads, I don’t handload, and only the 127 gr Barnes LRX are accurate for my rifle. They are 1/2” or less @ 100 yds. I consistently put 3 shot groups at 500 yds in 3-5”. I believe it was member OregonmarkV who told me a year ago to stop trying other loads when I have such great accuracy with the LRX. He was and is right! I really love the accuracy and terminal results of Berger VLD’s for whitetails, mule deer and antelope in my 257 Wby, 270 Winchester, 300 Wby and 300 win mag. It just seems my 6.5-300 Wby only likes the one factory load. Every animal I’ve shot with it dropped where it was hit. Dead is dead so I really shouldn’t fret that it doesn’t like my favorite bullet.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Thoughts?
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:26:54 PM »
There is a 1600 acre high fence game reserve not too far from me. They started it about 25 years ago. They wanted it mainly for whitetails but in the beginning they needed to make money while they were waiting for the deer to be harvested. The quickest crop would be pheasants, Hungarian partridge and Russian boars. The pigs reproduced and were viable to hunt in two years. In five years they had so many pigs that it affected the whitetails. The pigs would not let the deer feed. They decided to completely eradicate the pigs. They allowed 5 pigs to be taken by each whitetail hunter at no cost. It didn’t help. They people that worked there shot every pig they saw. I was invited to hunt pigs and shot about 50 pigs in about six months. To this day the pigs are still present in spite of all the efforts to rid them on the reserve.
I have also trapped for about 55 years. Muskrats, beaver, otter, mink, raccoons, opossum, Fox, Coyotes etc... I take a certain amount of each specie and pull my traps from the area when I reach a certain number. This has been going on in the same area for all those years. The only animal that reproduces and never goes down is the coyotes. I trap them year round because they eat many of the furbearers I trap. Coyotes and pigs seem to adapt better than any animal, besides rats, that I have experience with. Fortunately, where I live there are not any wild pigs running around.

I was talking to my brother today and asked if he applied for another sheep tag. He said he shot 4 throughout the years and that was enough. He figured someone else should have a chance.I knew he had shot two so I asked him about the others. He was sure he told me about them but I just forgot. One year he drew a tag so he and his wife went out a few days after the season opened. They stopped at a motel and then headed out in the afternoon just to check out the area to see if there were many trucks parked. There was was a couple guys by their trucks talking so he grabbed his rifle and binoculars  and just went a few hundred yards up a ridge to look and figure out where to go in the morning. He saw a ram and shot it. He was in a white t shirt and jeans so he went back to truck, changed clothes and along with his wife packed that ram back. The guys at the trucks couldn’t believed what happened.
The next hunt he went to the same place and shot another ram. There was a hunter near him and the guy offered to help him pack it out. It was only about a mile. The guy started telling Joel about this guy and his wife who shot a ram a few years before. The guy was wearing just a white t shirt and jeans.... joel said he never mentioned it was him. I thought that was quite a cool story.

Reloading / Re: 300 WBY Mag and Berger's 180gr Elite Hunter loads
« on: March 27, 2018, 05:59:52 PM »
I’ll get you reloading information from him.

Reloading / Re: 300 WBY Mag and Berger's 180gr Elite Hunter loads
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:38:37 PM »
A friend has loaded them for target shooting. If you want, I can ask him for the most accurate recipe. You have the RC, range certified, accumark. What was the load they used and sent with the rifle? That would have been the most accurate load for your rifle. Do you prefer the Berger Elite bullet?

This type of business practice has caused many companies to fail. They fail to follow what the original owners wanted to provide their customers.
I’m glad Weatherby has remained a family company. The Weatherby I buy today is the same as when Roy started, only better. The family makes a profit and employs quality people who are able to support their families. This is a simple concept that has worked for years in America.

I have muzzle brakes on all my Rifles with the exception of a .22. I think quite highly of Wby brakes due to “real life” perceived recoil and not “X” amount of foot pounds energy registered at the butt end of a scale.
Will a .416 with a brake feel like a .378 lacking one? Short answer is yes.
However, the shape of a Weatherby stock and contour of the butt, the Monte Carlo or, also called, in some ancient petroglyph cave drawings in which my grandfather inhabited, “The California Stock”.
I have found these stocks, with the accubrake, kick far less than expected. My .300 Wby weighs 1-1/2 lb less than my ..300 Savage with an “Answer” brake yet the recoil felt with the Savage is noticeably sharper.
Whatever big bore you settle on I suggest a Weatherby with the brake on during practice and off if people are next to you. I leave my brake on 95% of the time because I usually am shooting when my partner is not next to me. I also find the the advantage of watching when the bullet connects and seeing how the animal reacts due to reduced muzzle jump.
Go with a Wby rifle in the caliber that is one size larger and after some rounds fired you will see what I mean. And when you take your animal, please post a picture for the rest of us to share in your success. Most hunters and all men seem to like pictures of all sorts of game we score on.😃

Ammo / Re: Multiple Weatherby 7mm Dud
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:54:01 PM »
Curious if you heard anything from Weatherby customer service or  experienced and technically expert personnel.

Ammo / Re: 6.5-300
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:45:07 PM »
You should look at any 6.5-300 posts from member Oregonmarkv
He is one of the members that knows what he is talking about. Compared to me, he is more knowledgeable about ammo and bullet construction, weight, performance on game, etc.... He is a logical and pragmatic thinker. I pay attention to his opinions because he comes to logical conclusions based on real life experience and suggests fact based solutions. Not speculations based on emotion, hearsay or the many wise and all knowing “experts” found somewhere on the Internet.

Ammo / Re: 6.5-300
« on: March 21, 2018, 08:04:31 PM »
Weatherby also has the Select Plus with the 140 Berger VLD’s. I have been using these explosive bullets in some of my Rifles specifically when hunting whitetails and Antelope. I love how they drop these animals in their tracks. No searching for a deer that might end up on a neighbors property. Getting permission is never an issue. I just don’t want to be walking on their property pushing other deer out of areas like bedding/ sanctuary spots that we always stay out of to give the deer places they are unmolested and never disturbed. My neighbor farmers whose land is next to mine have an unwritten agreement to not hunt or set up a shack within 100 yards of the fence line. This has been going on for at least 50 years.
So, I use the VLD’s to drop the deer and prevent crossing fence lines.
Even though I am sold on the 127 gr Barnes for my 6.5-300 Wby I am going to buy a box of 140 VLD’s just to see if they shoot moa in my rifle. When I hunt Michigan whitetails at my place, I am in a shack and my shooting areas and lanes allow me,99% of the time, to wait for a broadside shot. The VLD’s placed behind the shoulder assures me it will just drop.
When I hunt Antelope I am also able to wait for a perfect shot opportunity. I use the 115 gr VLD in my .257 Wby & 25-06. On whitetails the 210 gr VLD in a .300 Wby .300 win mag and 168 gr VLD for my .30-06.
Last year, the first year I owned the 6.5-300 ULW, I used the 127 gr Barnes to shoot my buck and doe. It was a new rifle caliber so I wanted to shoot it as much as possible. They also dropped in their tracks. The doe was a head shot and buck a neck quartering towards me shot.
On mule deer out west where I might jump a buck I will only use the 127 gr Barnes and also on elk because I want as much penetration as possible.
So, I will buy a box of these factory 140 gr VLD’s and see how they shoot. I will let you know how they group.

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