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Rifles / Re: Rifle comes home to the fold
« on: February 25, 2019, 08:15:52 AM »
Well took the old girl out this weekend and gave her whirl.  She shot good and I so happy to have her back.  As one of you said I was really shocked to get the call and get her back.  Normally I tell someone give me first shot and run into them later down the road and ask about the gun and it is " Oh I sold that a long time ago."  So super happy and my hats off to the man who got her back to me.

Rifles / Re: Cracking in Weatherby High Gloss Finish
« on: February 23, 2019, 07:39:46 AM »
My 7mm Roy’s buttstock’s finish is cracked something terrible.  It was part of the sellers reasoning for a very low price for a Mark V Deluxe.  I have never got around to sanding it and refinishing it but it is still one of my favorites.

Rifles / Re: Rifle comes home to the fold
« on: February 23, 2019, 07:33:39 AM »
She looks great .  I dont believe the gentleman carried her much. 

Rifles / Rifle comes home to the fold
« on: February 23, 2019, 06:49:17 AM »
My first .300 WBY was a German Mark V Deluxe that was made in 1964. I went through some tough times and had to sell it.  I told the gentleman if he ever wanted to get rid of it I wanted first shot at it and if I was in the position to buy it back I would.  Well yesterday he called.  To be honest I wasnt really in the position to buy it back but the man said he only wanted to sell it for something else. So I managed to work a trade with him and my first .300 Wby I ever owned is back home. I am ecstatic to have it back.   It still wearing the same 3x9 Leupold it had when I sold it. 

Rifles / Re: Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:52:26 AM »
Thanks again gents for the added comments.  I just found out that I was steered a little wrong in the caliber restrictions department.  In NM 24 is the smallest caliber legally allowed for elk so her 243 would be legal.  That being said I will continue with our quest for a new rifle and a larger caliber .  She will always have her 243 but I will go ahead and get her a Weatherby .  As stated I do own 240 through 340 in the WBY calibers so I will let her try them out and see what she thinks of the recoil.  I don't suspect her to be recoil sensitive but you never know. Maybe we can get out this weekend and give it a go.  I also own several other calibers in everything from 220 swift thru 300 Win mag but No left handed models in the bunch.  Being a WBY fanatic I will exclude all of those calibers and only take out my WBY's to try. Once she decides on a WBY caliber if she wants something else down the road she can get that one herself😂!  I lost my son to the dark side sometime ago 😔! He opted for a custom 30-06 I had . He always like the stock and the way it fit him. He also liked the fact he could walk into any Town and country feed store, mom and pop shop or Walmart and pick up a box of shells for 20 bucks. ( He always was smarter than me).  I hope to keep his sister on track. Thanks again gents I will keep you posted and see where we land !

Rifles / Re: Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:07:58 PM »
Thank you to each and everyone of you for your advice and recommendations. We will be looking hard in the next few weeks to see what we can find . I will keep you all posted on which direction we go. I own one of each caliber recommended so I think, even though it will be the wrong side, wrong length of pull , I will have her shoot each one of them and let her decide on what she thinks of the recoil. Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions.

Rifles / Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:23:07 AM »
Well folks my daughter , who is 22 years old and about 5' tall and weighs a buck 0 5 on a good day soaking wet has drawn her first elk tag .  She has hunted deer and hogs for a long time always using a 243 win but here in New Mexico due to caliber restrictions she is going to be needing a bigger caliber for her first elk hunt. Also she is pewter dee left handed!! So shooting one of mine is an option but not the best option , and I want to buy her a new rifle anyway so I am trying to decide what to get her ?  The rifle will be used for deer mostly,  but like this year, with an occasional elk hunt thrown in. I have been leaning towards a 257 or a 7mm ?  Never having taken an elk with a 257 so I have no experience on it, but know of many who have and of course all the stories of Mr. Roy himself killing everything with it .  I have always like it and taken several deer and hogs with one myself .  The 7mm WBY I have just got myself this year from a member on here and have to say so far I love it .  One of my co-workers here in NM has hunted with the 7mm all his life and him and his wife have taken elk , Orxy and Barbary with it nearly every year since I have been here so I know it is a proven killer as well.  What say you ?  The general Weatherby Nation.  I value all of your comments and opinions.  I know either is a good choice but would like to hear some pros and cons on both from you lovely people. This may seem trivial or a little funny but one reason for these two caliber selections is also Left hand availability!  I have been able to find several lefties in 257 and 7mm but have not seen much of anything else in left hand versions, an occasional 300 but really that is about it.  Thank you ! Thank you very much!!

Ammo / Re: Weatherby/Norma 300 Wby ammo -- field results, anyone?
« on: May 13, 2018, 06:41:45 AM »
Sorry Badgerland I am a little late to the party but yes sir I have used the cheapest 180 and 165 gr spire point Weatherby ammo on everything from jack rabbits to coyotes to whitetails to mule deer to big Russian boars, 125 pound domestic hogs, Javelinas and even elk.  I have never had a single problem.  I am not one of those guys who digs around trying to recover my bullet so unless it was right there in the meat or hide where I could pluck it I could care less.  All I know is I shot the animals and they died.  98% where one shot kills including two bull elk. The other 2% was because I didn't do my part .  When I was a young man and got my first 257 and 300 I could not afford anything but the cheap stuff and a lot of times I couldn't afford that . I never shot " high quality" bullets or any of the premium stuff until I started reloading .  A gentlemen I hunted with, who never reloaded his entire life shot everything he hunted for 40+ years with 180 gr Norma Spitzers.  Deer, Elk, caribou, black bear , Barbary sheep , Dall ram . It didn't matter to him. He hunted with a German 300 WBY with a German 2 3/4 to 10 Imperial Scope with a dot reticle loaded with 180 gr Spitzers till the day he died and had complete and utter confidence in it ever time and everywhere we went .  I today still shoot the factory 180 Spitzers when I find them on sale or for a bargain. Texas Whitetails and NM Mulies have never known the difference.  As far as anyone barking about a 300 being to much gun for deer , I never had one single animal get up and bitch at me because I shot them with too much gun! 😂  How dead is dead?? Last time I checked the 300 used the same bullet as the 308 and 30-06 so just because we choose to get that same bullet there faster, harder with more energy we get crucified? I don't think so !! Tell em to move on down the road while you load your animal .. I love it !!

Rifles / Re: A couple of .340 WBY's
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:31:33 AM »
Took both guns out today.  Both shot good. The Deluxe has a preference for the 225 Nosler while the custom had a preference for 250 grain Barnes TSX .  Shocked at how much difference the brake made between the two. The brake on my 300 doesn't make as much difference. I like both guns. The recoil was very manageable. I have a preference for the Deluxe but I like pretty guns. Will the 340 replace my beloved 300? Only time will tell, the 300 has been a many mile with me killing everything from jackrabbits to javelin to whitetails, mule deer to elk but the 340 definitely has a place in my stable and will not be going anywhere that is for sure.  I like it !!

Savage has always been around. The iconic Model 99.  The 110 . Owned several model 99's through the years and a couple 110's. Own one at this time . A 16 Weather Warrior synthetic stainless in .308.  Topped with an older Leupold Vari X11 3x9 it shoots sub moa with factory ammo and one ragged hole with reloads if I do my part .  Hate to see this but I am afraid we will see more of it from the investment companies who are only in it for the money and definitely don't give too shakes of a rats ass about the heritage of the company or this great nation that built it. They will continue to cave to the liberal left and all there misinformation and hate.  Makes me sick to my stomach.

Rifles / A couple of .340 WBY's
« on: May 07, 2018, 05:37:42 AM »
I have always been a 300 WBY fanatic.  I love the cartridge more than a person really should .  I have four of them. 2 Germans, 1 Japan and 1 American.  After being on here for a few months and reading how much the .340 is revered I decided I needed to try me one. I got a good deal on a mint condition German Deluxe with 26" barrel and a custom built 340 built on a Mark V action with a McMillian stock 28" barrel with a break making it a 31" # 3 contour.  It is a long sucker . I am super excited to give them a try .  Got my dies , brass and several different bullets . Got 225 Sierra Spitzer boat tail , 225gr Nosler Partion , 250 gr Barnes TSX. Already had several powders from shooting WBY 's . Have H1000 , RE-22, RE-25, IMR-7828, 4350 to name a few.  Have been reading BB340's loads , and several others . If anyone has any suggestions or tips I need to do to make these babies shoot please chime in . 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Thoughts?
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:03:45 PM »
I grew up in West Texas hunting hogs and "dogs" year round. My uncle was almost obsessed with coyote hunting. We killed them year round on the same ranch for 20 years and although we might put a bigger dent some years and it would seem like there were fewer we never went a single week that I can remember without killing a few coyotes. The most we killed in one week was 42. When hunting hogs,   We only ever shot the smaller sows, 125-150 pounds .  I kept my freezer , both my brothers , my uncles and my parents not to mention the ranch owner and ranch hands stocked with pork year round and we never even thinned out the heard . Seemed like every time you saw a sow cross the road she was followed by 5 to 6 footballs.  We even shot a few footballs for camp meet during the winter hunts.  They are as thick as thieves right now .. Actually overrunning the place to be honest as the rancher passed away and the new owner stopped all hunting.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: liberty gun safes
« on: April 20, 2018, 04:44:38 PM »
Sorry to hear about your break in but glad the liberty held strong. I have a fat boy and been considering buying another . You helped me make up my mind .

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: R. Lee Ermey
« on: April 16, 2018, 05:34:19 PM »
Saw him in first time in The Boys of Company C , then Purple Hearts , Full Metal Jacket , then a cheesy favorite of mine , The Seige of Firebase Gloria .  All good war movies .  He will be missed, Rest in Piece Gunny!

Optics / Re: Weatherby Scope repairs
« on: April 14, 2018, 12:22:17 PM »
Thank you danno50.  I will give it a try and go from there . Thanks again sir.

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