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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Caliber upgrade
« on: November 26, 2022, 05:10:49 PM »
If she likes the rifle and can shoot, carry it comfortably. What's wrong with loading Barnes 85 gr or Nosler 85 or 95 grain bullets. Yea, I could name many other calibers that on paper look a lot better to hunt elk with but a better bullet with the same rifle might work best for her. Work on the recoil issue and maybe someday a better caliber might be fine with her.     

Just my thought's I am not picking on anyone with my comments. When I want to sell something quickly and make the most money. The item really needs to be special or be willing to just wait to find that right buyer. Every business I take a item to sell will only buy it wholesale to sell it at retail to make money. That goes with vehicles, guns etc, etc.
With firearms I look through GB or other nation wide sales and learn what others are selling the same thing for. Problem is most of the time we don't know what the gun actually sold at.
If as an example; My gun with same type scope/condition is for sale from 1200 to 1500. I am willing to want 1200 and maybe take 1,000.
Every firearm brand will have most guns at normal used prices, the few collectable/ hard to get will only be higher.

With this rifle you don't mention condition, scope, extras or what your attempting to sell it for. Put it on this site and ask for comments. If you have a top end high cost scope on it. Sell that alone. 
Last summer I decided to sell my AR-10, I bought at a reasonable price in 2011, I fixed it up they way I wanted it. Retail costs (which I don't pay) Had me invested in that rifle at 2500. I tried to sell it at 1500 and no one made a offer after 2 months. I took it to 3 gun shops and was offered 675, 700 and 1250. I sold it for 1250, that shop put 1595 on it and sold it in 2 weeks.       

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Politics
« on: November 07, 2022, 03:59:10 PM »
I think they are like the Magician. In that they want you to look or focus HERE by their acts or statements when we should be looking THERE. Because THERE is really where the truth is at. And they don't want us to know the truth.     

This is from the late 70s I was a master class rifle smallbore shooter and started highpower NM competitions. That was shooting M-1 in 3006 and 2, M-14s in 308. Range was 200, 300 and 600yds Some matches had a 800yd course.  In that I was only an expert, but I had lots of coaching and some training. The talk about boat tail vs flat base was that IF or WHEN that rifle bullet's speed lowered down to around or below subsonic speeds the bullet could become unstable or wobbly. A boatail design would help keep it stable. During years of many matches, on occasion when standing in the pits (at the target) Looking up at the paper at 600 and 800 yds some bullets keyhole the paper. That means they entered the target sideways. The old duds said those bullets had dropped below supersonic speed and destabilized. Where they boat tail or flat base. Who knows. There were always new shooters who shot matches on a budget and likely used flatbase bullets. Of course those destabilized bullets never hit the X ring. Many including me handloaded their match ammo. Some just did not get a effective load for long range. That was all before the VLD bullets ever where made.
 I have read some of that similar stuff over time. For normal big game distances I doubt either will made a difference.  My opinion is I think it's more about the overall bullet design and what speed that bullet is designed to work in vs just flat base or boat tail. I mean the bearing surface, taper and tip design play a bigger part.  My limited experience with barnes in 338RUM, 358NM, 375 HH they work as as good as others at 100 to 300yds. as far as grouping.       

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 7 mm weatherby
« on: September 08, 2022, 01:20:58 PM »
 I am hunting with both of those cartridges. I cannot add any better advice than what has been given.
 My disclaimer I have only shot deer with the Remington and none yet with the Weatherby.
Going by handload data, they are so close, but slightly different in case size. Factory ammo could favor the Weatherby. End results is if one will work so will the other.   

Chicago had a CCW shooting. Fairly good video shows the incident. Found on the truthabout guns and vidmax.com I watched those on a Ruger forum post.
Victim is standing in line when a guy sucker punches him from behind, Victim is knocked down. Others step in to stop the suspect continuing the assault. Victim gets back to his feet and exits. When he was standing in the open doorway he pulls his gun and shoots the suspect from about 10-15 feet away. Great shot placement, and suspect died shortly. 
That's going to be a possible big problem if the shooter is found. Although we cannot hear if the suspect was yelling threats at victim or not when the gun was used. The attack had stopped and suspect was not making any movements toward victim. The standard US court has defined when deadly force  is allowed in SD. That moment had passed, if he shot when on the ground as suspect was standing nearly with his fist and arm ready to do more harm. It would be an easy SD case to defend in court. Guess we will see if shooter is found and charges filed. Could go either way.       

This and any SD case will have a thousand what if ABC or XYZ happened. We can guess and have opinions but facts will end up showing what, where, when, how and why the whole incident happened. Those are the bases all police reports attempt to answer.
Best advice given is use your right to not need to talk without your lawyer present. Many or most good guys want to tell the police what happened. Make sure they get your ID to prove your the home owner etc. Everything else can wait until you get that lawyer lined up. It will cost you money, but that may save you time in jail or worse. Remember the FL case FL vs Zimmerman.  Almost from the start just the reporting on TV showed he was defending himself. It still cost about 1.5 million bucks for him to defend himself in court. Really a case that never should have gone to trial but it did.
  I can only speak for myself, that would ruin my life, I don't have any money available like that to defend myself.     

Basic rules of self defense.
You must think and than prove your thought was correct that your life or another's was in serious physical injury or death. You must stop using self defense when the threat has stopped.
Legal terms need to be present are used 1 Means: The threat must have the means to harm you. 2 Intent: The threat must have/show the intent to harm you. 3 Opportunity: The threat must be actually able to harm you.
Those are basic things that the DA will look at and answer. There not in order and some are easy to understand/see in a case and others not so much.
To make a case of self defense or not based on those seconds of the video is not really possible.  Questions would be has the ex BF harmed the girl or threated to do so in the past, or even say he would. That shows intent and him breaking in shows some more intent. But he is not yelling as an example "I coming in to kill you" That would be lots of intent.
Means, he surely had the means to harm by breaking in if armed or not. The question would be could the victims have stopped the attack without shooting?  Opportunity that's a yes. If he made a phone call saying he would harm the girl and dad went to his home. That would be 100% different.
Shooting through a door is not the best idea, shooting a retreating bad guy is another thing not to do. But that can change if facts changed. Like if you knew he was coming to kill the girl and he had a gun. If you seen that in the ring view, you maybe not need to wait and see what happens next.
Legal self defense is always a fluid act. It can be present one second and not the next. It may not be present one second but is the next. The DA will consider that. 
In the case shown the best case for self defense would have been to wait until the bad guy entered the home and not shot him again as he already turned to leave. It's best to fully understand what your DA is doing about self defense cases some understand citizens make mistakes and do not fully understand the law. Others hate citizens using a firearm and hold the citizen to higher standards.
1 Know your states self defense laws. Not only the words, but 2 what they mean and 3 how the courts apply the law. Those last three points go together are are really important.         


About 5 years ago a friend tipped me off that IMR 4451 was a great choice to replace H4350 when H4350 was unavailable  for loading in the 6.5 CM. It is or was a great choice..
After some rounds to test the powders accuracy. I loaded the same bullets/primers/cases and even the same powder charge in some test rounds with IMR4451 and H4350. Shooting at 100 yds 3 rounds with H4350 followed by 3 rounds with IMR 4451. All made it into a single enlarged hole. Thinking it was about .8th of an inch. Oh well I have several lbs of it to shoot up and back to H4350.   

Rifles / Re: Action Blue Printing
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:01:56 PM »
I really don't like to tell others how they spend their money. But, if your a expert shot and shoot the rifle for maybe 50 to 100 rounds and cannot get it to group to your need. Maybe spend the money.  But, if you can't shoot the rifle in the group sizes like what Weatherby says that rifle will do. Would making it better make you a better shooter. Doubt it. You need the skills 1st equipment after. Spending money to make a great gun better without knowing what you or the rifle is capable of is kind of silly to me.     

Oregon has being doing that for years. You can think its big brother going to get you . But its a much better way to know a number of kills in a unit vs old school and guessing. Oregon law is you need to report by phone or on line before the 1st of the year. Idaho says 10 days after a kill or season ends. They just ask for the unit number. I have hunted where you mark on a map the kill site before leaving the unit. If your hunting legally, I don't think its a big deal. I don't know about other states, but in Oregon most game is surveyed by flights over the land and counted, then the numbers are estimated. That data is used to determine the number of tags to be sold the next year. That's a far cry from hard data on the real number of hunters and kills. Anyone think the number of bear or cougar sighted by air is anyway a real or even close number of what's on the ground.
 BTW, in Oregon for bear counts in western Oregon they also use a bear bait method. That involves placing peanut butter bait balls about the size of baseballs with dye in it. There placed in the same place year after year. Bears harvested are checked for dye stains on their gums against unit and year color. Bear and cougar kills have been required to be brought into a stations and checked for decades. In the end the wildlife people are taking the word of the hunter where it was taken from. All in all it will produce better data for future hunts.           

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Trump
« on: August 12, 2022, 06:45:04 PM »
I guess I need to start watching and listening to news better, I have not heard those lines. Unless your meaning now they can plant real or fake evidence they need to put him behind bars. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Glock
« on: July 22, 2022, 07:18:11 PM »
When you think of a police sidearm/duty gun as a tool not needed to be pretty, but must work when needed. Glock makes sense. I was a dept. firearms instructor in 1991 when we transitioned from revolvers to semi autos. There were 40 of us, so Glock sent a armourer. Some of the guys were completely against the gun a Glock model 17. One early on raised his hand and asked why does Glock think they should sell these plastic guns for 269.00 (as I recall). The Glock guy corrected everyone who called it plastic. "It's not plastic its polymer". He explained the differences in detail which I do not remember. The funny part was his candid answer about the price. "We could sell Glocks for 59.99 and make a nice profit but beleive it's worth 269.99 in the gun market".  They have many good points and a few bad, but are fairly easy to train people how to use them and they mostly work 100% of the time. When your dealing with hundreds of shooters 3 times each year. Some guns revolver or semi auto will have problems.             

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cops
« on: July 20, 2022, 12:54:27 PM »
Grouchy, I tend to agree with you. But 2 points, investigations to be complete take time. In this case months is likely. The other point is gained from my time as a government employee. Keeping a person employed during an investigation helps getting the investigation done. Depending on state laws and dept. rules an employee being asked questions about their work can be required to be answered. If not fired. If lied about facts can get fired. If they get fired before the investigation is done, they have full rights not to say a word. If they resign and flee the state or country which I have seen both not much can happen to the employee. It becomes a double edged sword. Putting a person on paid leave is another choice. Although they get paid. There are restrictions like must be available mon though fri 8a to 4p to be interviewed, basically your on house arrest, cannot seek other work are a few.           

No shotguns get reloaded at my house.
Handgun powders HS-6, unique.
Rifle powders W 748, IMR or H. 4831. 4350, 3031, 4198, 7828.
I have many more on hand but their not used nearly as much. 

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