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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Song
« on: Yesterday at 09:18:39 PM »
Highwaymen  by The Highwaymen

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Texas Safari
« on: Yesterday at 08:57:00 PM »
Very nice animals looks like everyone had a great time

My son in law and daughter have a 68 Camero,  totally been re-done and highly modified,  nothing in the drive train and suspension is stock original.  beautiful car and way too fast.  One my school buddies had a 62 chevy II with a corvette 327 and 4 speed,  the tires back then were bias belted and just burned rubber thru 3 gears ,   carried a set of wrinkle wall slicks in the trunk for the drag strip,  back then it was kind of anything goes.  Another friend took an Austin Healey 3000 and had a 427 side oiler with a B&M  & 2 speed power glide  couldn't  fit the dual quad in the engine bay with out cutting the hood.  We use to race some of our lady friends  horses from telephone pole to telephone pole we learned real quick you are not going to beat a good qtr horse at that distance, but we tried. You are right those were good times. 

Good deal ,  looks like the Hi Tec poly coating may be the ticket.   

It might be an idea to look up the chemical properties of various suitable small arms guns powders. Generally  there are  two types  (single based) Nitrocellulose and, (double Based) a combination of Nitroglycerin and Nitrocellulose.  There are others no longer made,   Nitrocellulose can be wood based or cotton based.  I don't keep up with this stuff too much anymore there most likely are other such as the newer IMR enduron and Hodgdons Copper fouling eraser type powders that might be made differently I don't know.  Then mix in any of the Deterrent coatings either mixed in (built into the powder) or coated on,   these powders along with shape , size, holes in them , how they are cut, or round, and the chemical make-up of each powder.  Makes you wonder how they all come together.   I kind of have a weird feeling about powder coating bullets to begin with,  I know they are hard on bullet sizing dies if they re-strike.  It's not that thick of a coating as per copper plated bullets which are left in solution and timed to get the correct thickness of plating and the better plated  bullets are re-striked to correct size and roundness.  Just food for thought let's say .003 thousanths rifling and .001 thousanths of powder coat,  that rifling has to cut into or mush into the base metal somewhere . To what extent  that's dependent on size of the bullet in relation to bore ,  type of rifling, condition of the bore, etc.     Your old 100 year old military rifles have deep rifling sometimes .010 thousands ,  one of the reasons old corrosive  primed military ammo works as well as it does and given the depth of these old Military rifling still shoot pretty darn well with old and  new ammo even though the bore is pitted, rusted and looks like it's all shot out.  New barrels aren't built this way and maybe that's a good thing,  we sometimes make improvements as we progress.   Let's face it pistol bullets are not that big of a deal or should I say mot as accurate as high end rifle bullets.  I know IPSC shooters that wlll shoot 30,000 rounds  sometimes before they wash out the rifling in their 38 supers or other caliber pistols, so if the shoots fine and easier to clean and is accurate enough that's a good thing.   

I know prices are unbelievable  now,   we didn't think anything about getting rid of them especially in the gas crunch in the early 70's .  I bought a used 67 Mustang GTA Couple for $800 bucks during that time in great shape and sold it for $ 800 bucks no one wanted them.  That one I wish I had back.    My wife's and my first car was a used 70 Torino GT with 351 Clevelend  I think I paid $ 500 bucks and now I know why,  it was fast but when it rained it would leave us stranded ,  same thing happened to a buddy of mine in his Torino GT.    Every time I think of the cars we had and got rid of,  hindsight is 20/20.    The one I really cry about  and didn't buy a neighbor  down the street had a 70 Challenger in mint condition asking price was $2000 bucks ,  I popped he hood and walked away 426 Hemi ,  the Torino was killing in fuel costs, we were newly weds and  really didn't make a lot of money back then so I passed on the Challenger,  I sill regret that one.  Still have the wife but could have had the Challenger also. 

Love the old Cuda's .  Took my drivers test in a 62 Ford falcon little 144 straight 6,  guys in my area were dropping little V-8's in  Falcons and Chevy II's ,  Lightweight and quick.  My son was over the other night he found a 69 Roadrunner -  440 with drag pak, he's  thinking about buying it ,  suppose to run, dead battery gas that sort of stuff he said , body is straight,   will know more on Sunday needs work of course. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: My World
« on: May 11, 2022, 06:45:11 PM »
You want to get their  attention don't pay them any.   ;D 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Hot, dry, and windy
« on: May 11, 2022, 06:28:17 PM »
Stage 1 fire restrictions with red flag warnings in  NE Arizona,  eventually they will shut the forest down ,  pretty typical  the last few years.   They normally re-open when the Monsoons hit.   It's been windy for day's,  I had to call the power company  2 days ago because the  bracket holding the top bolt on the electric transformer on the pole  broke and transformer was swinging in the wind only held in place by the 2 drop wires tied into the main lines.  Guys came out quickly and replaced the transformer.  They did a good job.  Been wanting to go shooting but totally unsafe right now with the dryness and wind, and they have restrictions on shooting and other outdoor activities right now anyway.  We don't need any more fires.   

I don't use one,  I'm kind of old fashion.  Today I load for fun and when I do use a measure it's usually an old Lyman 55 powder measure or  sometimes  Dillons both with plastic reservoirs and never a problem.    Two schools of thought load powder by Volume or load by Weight.   The little reading I did just now suggests some people have had the problem you are having in the past.     In another life time we had  all metal  powder measures and never a sticking or bridging problem.   One thing that could happen is the Plastic they use in your powder measure and also if you leave it in the reservoir for long periods ,   I've left powder in some measures for years especially the Dillons and only discolored the plastic but never stuck.  We do live in a very dry area and that might help also.   I don't leave powder sitting in the measures for any length of time  anymore I'll pull the powder and back in original containers.   Normally for lite 45 Colt  lead bullet loads we use Unique,  it's dirty burning,  but very accurate. 

IMO  both Swift designs Scirocco II and A-Frame  are Tier 1 bullets and about as good as they get.    One  dis advantage in the Scirocco line is one bullet weight per caliber  from 6mm to 7mm and the 338.  A-Frames have a  better selection of bullet weights.   A lot of people don't need the A-Frames for what they hunt and with long range hunting becoming more popular I would think Swift should need to invest in several bullet weights per caliber in the Scirocco II line-up.  Just a thought.   

Food for thought,   splits in half ,  half the weight,  less penetration ?

My son has dual dove tails on his TC Contender,   no issues

I had to look  up  that statement on Leupolds website, and it's in there.   I have never noticed that before,  glad you brought this up.   I have heard  from other sources these std base issues,  and I have seen it at a gun shop where a friend was replacing screw that had broken on this std base.   Never heard anything bad about the dual dovetails.  Common sense would dictate to use the best mounts possible with heavy  recoiling rifles and heavy large scopes mounted high,   especially with choked down ring spacing,  the farther you space your rings apart the less stress on the mounts. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 1911 carry?
« on: May 01, 2022, 08:37:06 AM »
When I do carry a 1911 it's a full size stainless delta elite in 10mm auto,  Holster was made by Ian Martin,  IHL (Ian's handgun leather later named International handgun leather).  A prototype he gave me to try out  an IWB (inside the waistband)   bought it and still use it.   Made of  leather,  strong side with Nylon rails built in,  kind of like an upgraded old FBI and some Police OWB (outside the waistband) holsters except  IWB with no snag rails and forward cant,  beautiful holster.  The final version of this holster I don't think he installed the rails.    His holsters , belts and mag holders were sold by Dillon  Precision,  I think he is retired now if not mistaken, FYI his combat belts are the best  I've seen double thickness leathers , beautifully made, strong buckles and fasteners,  they don't roll over,  very wide and stiff,   made for heavier guns, these are not a dress holster and belt,   basically flawless at a price.  We have other 1911's and 1911-A1's in 45 acp and they are very good guns,  a little heavy like the Delta.   I cannot stress enough buy the very best Hosters and Belts,  make sure they are comfortable and what you want,  get opinions and reviews before laying down a few hundred bucks for really good leather.  I don't especially care for plastics especially in belts.   I do have a Kydex I sometimes use for a Sig P-365 for my every day carry  IWB carry and it's surprisingly comfortable, a little noisy,   normally with that gun I just use a good leather  no print pocket holster. 

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