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A lot of considerations, how much are they asking for the MKV super predator master ?   that would be my first question ,  my second question  is what are you planning on doing with the rifle i.e target shoot for fun, use it for hunting ? combination of both ?  and do you re-load ?  Nothing wrong with shooting the lighter weight bullets made for 1:12 or 1:14  twists 40 to 55 gr a little heavier in some rifles,  VS  Vanguards 1:9 twist and heavier bullets,  we have guns that shoot 50 gr to 68 gr in 1:9 twists pretty darn well.  heavier bullets generally higher b/c's at slower velocities which basically means past a certain distance the higher b/c bullets will take over with less bullet drops ,  there are always exceptions.  Just food for thought if using it for anything larger than small game  coyotes on down in size, especially at greater distances  400yds or a lot  more,   I would go with the Vanguard and it's heavier bullets.  Some people use 223's for deer I think it's a little too lite personally but people still use then and that's OK for them.  If you don't re-load at this time and place you are kind of at the mercy of ammo availability and what either rifle likes or dis-likes.   If you re-load done deal you can fine tune your loads on either gun.  You can always buy both at different times if needed. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Antelope hunt
« on: September 29, 2022, 04:08:50 PM »
Very pretty antelope !! good job

Today there are people lathe turning bullets sometimes for one specific barrel and task,  such as  ultra long range shooting for instance where distances are measured in miles not yards.  Lest we forget re-bated boat tail's  not often talked about or used have been around for years and years.   I won't even try to explain IMO why some bullets are more accurate than others there are so many variables to make it pretty much an unsolved mystery as to why 2 rifles coming off the assembly line one right after the other both bedded in space age plastic or metal stocks , free floated, accurized, same everything,  etc, and one will not shoot the same bullets quite as well as the other.  You guys know the answer.  There are hidden variations unseen  the best we can do is take each rifle load and test until we get the best accuracy for that one rifle at least for the game we may be playing.  There is so much more and better information out there today as long as the shooter takes the time to study ballistics and put what they learned to task.  I'm kind of 50/50 on my bullet selections   1st and 2 nd  I will lump into equal importance "Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy"  and bullet construction,    bullet has to perform on the game animal I'm hunting and the longest range I will shoot and that could be pretty far.    I have a couple rifles that just flat shoot flat base bullets better than equal weight boat tails, so nothing is set in stone.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Sierra Bullets
« on: September 09, 2022, 04:27:13 PM »
7 by 8  Bull with good mass this morning archery by one of my son's friends. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Had an accident
« on: September 08, 2022, 12:39:42 PM »
That ain't good !   you guys remember my wife broke her ankle on the 2nd day packing out a bull elk 4 years go, slipped and fell between 2 downed aspen trees with her leg in the middle,    after surgery it's still not the same nerve damage, etc, she gave up hunting,  she will go with us but no hiking around.  got to be careful climbing around out there, and that goes for younger guys also.  257 hope you get better , sooner the better actually.   

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« on: September 05, 2022, 11:00:33 AM »
This is about using a shoulder shot on elk.  Knowing the animals Anatomy is a must IMO.   Some people say elk have a dead zone above the lungs and I have to agree with them.  For instance if the bullet misses the ribs on both sides and just pokes a clean hole thru high and behind the shoulders,    it's off to the races,  he may go down then get back up again,  seen it happen and without another shot or 2 that animal could have easily been lost.  A good friends son lost a 385 bull hit high and that bull took off they tracked it all day in patchy snow and then he called me later , so my wife and I took off up the Mtn the next morning to try and track him.  We knew the exact location he shot from by his good directions and we found where the bull was shot by blood and we couldn't find that elk after a whole day of tracking.  Patchy snow ,  hundreds of elk tracks and we lost the blood as the snow was melting.  Doctor friend of my dad's shot a really nice bull 30-06 180 gr silver tips,   older friends of their's were with him and told the story to the rest of us,  the Doc walked up on his downed bull and grabbed an antler and the bull got up and took off, he shot again and finally the bull dropped.  After a fiascio I had in the early 80's where a 150 gr Gameking  game apart on an elk shoulder and did not penetrate,  it dropped and it got up and I shot it again in the same spot dropped and got up again and went straight down the canyon.  My dad's hunting buddy brought 5-1000 ft rolls of 3/16" stainless  cable on 5 telephone cable reels,   we cable clamped 2000 ft of 3/16" stainless cable out  and went down the canyon.   drop according to topo maps was 800 ft  thankfully we were in the snow and had brought a heavy duty canvas sewing kit with circle needles for Navy sail cloth to sew up the elk belly after field dressing.  we also brought down an extra large metal funnel to go over the elks nose to use as a guide and keep the elks mouth closed while dragging  and  with about a 6 ft section of  roughly 3/8" chain to run thru the funnel and around the elks neck and shackle to the  stainless cable and then attacked to my uncles 70's Ford 4x4 truck's ball hitch with a 5000 lb cable gripper and pulled the elk up the side of the mtn   keeping the funnel and elks head with the direction of the pull and guiding it around obstacles,   all day long with 7 guys we finally got it to the truck.  I wouldn't do this if we were going to mount the head  only to get it out.  Today I have a military sked sled for this purpose where you could drag the elk in parts up without doing damage, another way we have done something similar my wife shot a nice cow and we used heavy plastic solid bottom snow sleds tied together and dragged out  over the snow with a old solid axle Toyota truck which I wish my son still had ,  done it with horses also but it's hard on them.   I've told this story before and it still holds true ,  young or unexperienced people might do this once and they learn real quick get that elk down don't fool around especially if you are near a canyon or heavy vegetation where you may possibly lose the animal ,  shoot for the center of the shoulder in line with the front leg this is especially true for really long range shots where you may mis judge bullet drops and still get the elk.  You may lose a few pounds of hamburger grind but you won't lose the elk if you hit it right with a good bullet.   The only time I would shoot one in an inaccessable canyon anymore is if he was a real monster and then I would still cry about why I did later ,  like I will never do that again.  If it's that frekin bad and we have talked about it before among friends just rent a helicopter or get a wrangler with mules if they can get them in, and pay the bill.  I kid you not between my son and I we probably have a dozen various  packs or pack frames.  I generally take 3 old army alice frames with radio shelves for other people to use,   and lash down elk qtrs  or blood proof  bags of  meat  these old frames are cheap and they work,    my son keeps the rutt sacks on his  pack frames,  I still have a saw buck sitting in the overhead I'd have to look for the Paniers.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Sierra Bullets
« on: September 03, 2022, 10:10:18 PM »
I'm going to expand a little more.  I have used my wifes 243 win on antelope and mule deer and my favorite bullets is a Speer 85 grain boat tail, shoots bug holes,   cup and core bullet not known to hold together and of these animal we have taken with this combo that were shot center mass the bullet drove thru , exited and dropped right there.  on the other hand I use this same rifle and my reloaded ammo on varmits and it just tears them to pieces bob cats, coyotes, prairie dogs if you hit them  on heavier bones it's a mess.    I have shot elk with sierra game kings  150 grain on heavy bone 270 win shot at  short ranges 50 /60 yards and had the bullets completely come apart,  I've done that with Nosler partitions where I hit mud/pea gravel encrusted hide on bulls coming out of wallows and the Partitions failed to penetrate on more than one occasion, we had to track that bull to the next morning and he wasn't dead when we found him layed up under a cedar tree, and finished him off.   so was it a bad bullet,  not really we still use them in several rifles,  but sometimes things go wrong.  The only300 wby MK V 180 grain  Barnes tsx or ttsx bullet we have found was a couple years ago on my sons bull at 832 yds where the bullet went thru both shoulders the front part of the lungs breaking the ribs and that bullet DID NOT EXPAND at all it only smeared the tip and we could reload it if we wanted,  BUT it  still killed a good 6 by and did not travel more than 20 ft and fell over. there were 6 of us watching him shoot.   When in doubt shoot for the shoulder and break them down especially on elk, or shoot them again,   I hate chasing them get the job done and don't mess around with them.  We have 3 elk hunts coming up this year  that we are going on muzzle loader, archery and rifle.  2 years ago my sons friends had archery bull tags these hunters have guided before and shot 400 class bulls in the past and they were passing on 360 + bulls and both my son and his other friends that were with them at the time were saying to themselves boy we would have shot any one of the 360 bulls these guy passed on and they went home without tagging out,   but still have a smile on their faces and a good time.   Last year 2 of the guys that were hunting or helping out  tagged out on archery bulls in a  different area with smaller bulls, same thing they had a good time.  This year both my son and I are going for meat, mine is a cow hunt near the house so I'm not looking for antlers,  but the others are bull hunts one in the rut and the other late season and this is the same area that holds the world record typical bull and there was one bigger taken but we still don't know if it will be scored typical or non-typical ,  in any case it's not an easy hunt and it's canyons.  The good part is we have had a lot of rain and antler growth is really good this year according to G&F people we talk with.  My point is ACCURACY is KING especially at these longer ranges.  you want that animal down no messing around and have a couple sets of eyes with good optics to watch the animal and mark it's position in some of this heavy vegetation especially where we normally hunt,  and it's a good Idea to leave someone with stable optics to stay where they shot from.  and using radio's to walk us into the downed animal at longer ranges this has helped us so many times,   if it's really open not so much you can pretty much walk up  and find  them on your own,  got a little side tracked there.   Dino you will be fine with this set up  and even on larger muley's.  I have a bad habit of over thinking things keep things simple is not a bad thing. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Sierra Bullets
« on: September 03, 2022, 09:16:05 PM »
Time will tell if these bullets ring out as far as bullet failure when used in ultra velocity cartridges, unless you are shooting really short ranges at larger more heavy duty animals where you need more penetration I think accuracy is more important on your longer shots.  Therein lies the problem most of us are shooting pretty hot rod cartridges that tend to lend themselves better for longer ranges with horse power to spare.  These look like very accurate bullets in your rifle and load development so why not use them and see how they preform just place your shot accordingly.  If someone was trying to drive this type and caliber bullet into an elk with a quartering shot there are better choices, BUT for deer and other animals in this class I'd use it in a heartbeat once you get use to it.  Accuracy is king IMO, and that goes for what we would consider short range cartridges something along the lines of an open sighted 30-30 that a person shoots 4 " groups with it, if you can't be sure of your shot why shoot at it.   I may be a little jaded in my opinions for the most part  I base my knowledge on experience and looking for and at recovered bullets along with  hunting scenario of myself, family and hunting friends.  I actually get a lot of fun just out of load testing and  setting up our weapons so when we do use them for hunting we know what the guns are capable of before we even go, and that's a good thing, a lot of people don't do that for whatever reasons, to be honest anymore I use what I'm  comfortable with and have confidence in and that takes practice. 

I'm with greenheadjed on this one ,  I full length size and only bump the shoulder back .002 or so or to only let the bolt close easily without any resistance.   years ago I would neck size and outside neck turn brass on certain guns I don't even do that anymore.  Sometimes things just happen.  Sometime when you are running borderline on pressures it don't take much for one little thing to be off and you get a bolt to stick,  I load for 3 different 270 winchesters 2 of them I can run max book loads and everything is fine and the other one I have to back off powder charges a couple grains otherwise stuck bolt.   Primers make a difference , different lots of brass make a difference, bullet seating depths makes a difference,   different lots of powders make a difference , outside temperatures can really make a difference,  and this is using the same weapon.  I was loading s 30-30 the other day and one bullet in the box the bullet  diameter was off enough when I seated the bullet it dropped in the case,  what the hell and then measured the diameter and it was off quite a bit smaller,   same could be said one bullet in the box with a slightly larger  diameter and there you

I bought an older used long action back country stock from a gun shop friend of mine and fitted it to a 300 Wby Vanguard S1.   Free floated and glass bedded then painted it a light sand color with black spider type paint and then multi coats of crystal clear to enhance the strength of the finish. Lighter in weight and much stiffer  than the original tupper ware stock and looks great. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Draws
« on: August 07, 2022, 12:56:49 PM »
My son drew AZ bull elk general rifle, and I drew cow elk muzzleloader basically a meat hunt for me where our home is located , one of my wife"s co-workers she took a cow elk early muzzleloader hunt down the road about 3 miles from our place  last week.  My son and I  both drew Coues white tail tags in the same unit he drew his bull tag so we will be scouting for elk also,  we know the area well about an hour and a half from our place. 

I would think chamfering could cause the start of neck splitting ,  how much and to what extent is anyones guess.  Personally I think it depends upon the brand of brass, caliber and how hot the load is along with repeated loading and resizing (work hardening) more than anything else, take nickel plated brass pistol or rifle brass it doesn't matter  both seem to show signs of nickel cracking before the brass underneath starts showing it's cracks.  There are pros and cons to everything if you know what you are doing annealing I suppose will extent the brass life and in some instances especially rare  very hard to find brass or cartridges with known very thin neck thickness it might be a good thing.  For me I don't bother annealing and when the brass wears out it wears out.   Some cartridges I can get 15 + hot loadings with no neck splits, BUT they start case head separation,  Some Semi-autos extract so violently the rims start coming apart so annealing in this case is a moot point.  Some calibers the primer pockets open to a point of not being able to hold a primer and have to be destroyed. These last two references only had been fired / reloaded maybe 3 times  No answer set in stone it just depends on other things. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cops
« on: July 22, 2022, 04:31:44 AM »
The military is trained to obey lawful orders.  Duty to act immediately has been brought up from past mass shootings.  So why didn't they ?   I don't know I wouldn't even attempt to comment on that I have my own thoughts. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cops
« on: July 21, 2022, 11:56:38 AM »
My dad was a state and federal cop starting back in the 30's ,  he would be rolling in his grave to see how this country in general has stooped to new lows.  Can't do this, can't do that, people don't want to take responsibility and don't even try to explain some of these  new kids, to be clear not all are bad.  We see the politicians getting rich and lying about it.  This problem could be fixed real quick ,  hold people accountable,  bring back the draft for everyone including women,   get some old school DI's and Company commanders in there to correct bad habits and I mean correct them,   no restrictions on military entrance except medical exemptions. Have those who cannot serve in the military have them serve in the peace corps or conservation corps.   Unless you are absolutey mental  and instutionalized there is no reason for any not to serve in some capacity.  Think about it who did they draft during Vietman.  You want to get ahead in life,   work and don't ask for a hand out  because you are not willing and able.  I have no problems of calling someone out , if you are a dumb shit I might call you one, if your are lazy I might call you that also, sometimes I might ask them if they bumped their head, my wife cringes when I do that.   You think antifa would come to a rural Cowboy's and Indian's  area and start their crap ?                                   

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« on: July 21, 2022, 11:32:23 AM »
And Bin Laden wasn't tracked for how many years ?  Need to go back to smoke signals  :D

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