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Rifles / Re: New Weatherby and Sustained fire.
« on: Yesterday at 10:28:04 AM »
The pressure points on the end of the stock are good with my Vanguards. Not every load and not every barrel reaction the same to each other and its possible your rifle would be more accurate with a floated barrel --- or not. Since I use a variety of powder loads and bullet weights with virtually all my rifles, a certain load that is not varied is not something I have.

Depending on the temperature, 25 rounds in 20 minutes could be a lot. If the barrel is hot to the touch then you've worked it too much.

You saved a lot of money doing it yourself. Plus, you get to season the sausage the way you want it vs hoping the good receipe from a year ago or so is repeated. I've been cutting my own deer and making jerky or roasts and have no plans to let someone else do it.

Sweet. Keep taking out those worthless animals.

Rifles / Re: Barrel twist rate
« on: November 08, 2018, 07:48:47 AM »
The 117gn Hornady's will stabilize in the 1:12 barrels. You will have a hard time finding the round nose version of the bullet. The 117gn spire point boat tails are all over the place for availability and work very well in my S2 257 Wby.

I don't blame you a bit for wanting to try again to make something good out of the receiver. You were one process away from having it right----aside from verification at the range.  Please let us know the results.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Politics
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:35:43 AM »
The Dem won the race in Kansas for governor. I expect her to chip away at the 2nd Amendment with bad information under a “it’s about the children” theme.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Politics
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:23:34 PM »
I don’t trust any of the candidates for governor in Kansas. Education funding has been political football for a long time. I don’t think any of them would do things much different for funding any existing program and cutting spending. When there is a limited amount of money in the pot, more for this means less for that. It’s fairly simple.
The Dem. candidate got an F rating from the NRA. She supports banning things that look like an assault rifle. Again, looks and emotionally charged events drive their agenda.....ugh.

I’ve had five Shaw barrels put onto receivers. Each barrel has been very accurate from the get-go. I’ll give credit to the gunsmith for an outstanding fitting and Shaw for making very affordable and high-quality barrels. I had to send a barrel back because of a mistake on my part with the receiver and Shaw let me trade it for the same barrel / chambering.
As for Shaw’s closest match in all matters, I think it is McGowen Barrels.

If you took a survey to pick one combo, we would most likely find that 1, 2, or possibly 3 calibers would be singled out with a greater number than the others. (but the rest of us would still be right in our choices ;) ;) ;), that I'm sure of)
I’ve had that conversation several times. As I remember, the 270 Win, 30-06 Spfd and 338 Win were the most frequently picked cartridges. No one picked a .26 caliber or smaller since the elk-sized and larger critters were in the mix. For now, forget about the 6.5x55mm Swede taking big game in Europe.

Sschefer: What are you doing with the receiver?

For where I live and what I hunt.( black bear, moose, deer, caribou) it just doesn't get much better than the 7mm Weatherby mag. When you can launch a 175 gr bullet at 3150 ft/sec from a 26" tube they just don't stand a chance. The bigger 7mm's may get 70-90 ft/sec more but use up to 20% more powder along with the recoil and throat erosion.JMO

A man who has hunted big game all over the world told me he has taken just about everything in that category in North America with his 7mm Weatherby using either Swift A-Frame or Scirocco bullets. He also said it is probably the best of the 7mm magnums. How can I dispute his claim when there are lots of trophies on the walls?

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Weatherby Mark V .338WinMag
« on: November 03, 2018, 02:05:05 PM »
$1200 or so. Those plastic injection molded stocks are tough. For a durable stock, it’s great. As a stainless steel version it has a higher resale value of at least $100 over a blue metal version.

Wish I had a dollar for every one of these articles I've read over the last 35 years.

The bonded and all-copper bullets add a twist to the whole argument made by Boddington. Since those bullets lose very little of their weight, they can hold together for the deep penetration and still make an exit hole. For the smaller calibers, a 130-140 grain bullet works perfectly for me. With the larger cartridges I like the 160-180 grain variety. Again, results may vary and there is no guarantee you will find the animals you seek. Keep hunting, my friends.

The gunsmith only spent a small amount of time discussing what caused the rifles to break. Of course it was overloaded ammo with the first rifle. The second rifle likely had a squib load or a bullet too large to make it down the barrel.

A local guy had a rifle blow up as he fired the second cartridge from it. The first shot left him with bolt that was hard to open. The second shot was the end of the rifle. The factory ammo was almost certainly the cause.

The 30-30 Win has a great hunting legacy in North America and has a place in the modern hunting cartridges. Everything it did well when it appeared is still done well. Its reach was improved due to the ballistics of the Leverevolution ammo by Hornady, which also helped the 45-70 Govt, so now a hunter who has shorter shots and longer ones can still turn to a lever action 30-30 Win.
Again, limits of iron sights are the problem since a rifle without a scope can be left at home when the long range is needed.
I wouldn’t take a 30-30 on a hunt where the deer are 350 yards away on the other side of a flat field of green winter wheat.......enter the scoped rifle with a 300 yard zero.

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