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They need to bring back the draft and that includes women,   if you cannot pass entrance qualifications for military service then have them serve in the conservation corps,  then bring back red line brigs  and if that don't straighten their asses up well you get the point.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Rust
« on: June 23, 2022, 12:39:32 AM »
What goes around comes around,    I would imagine there aren't too many party invitations being sent out. 

These shortages and high prices have been with us long before the china virus ,  it just seems worst the last few years,  being prepared is the rule of the day and has been since the brady bill and probably longer than that.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Thermal scope
« on: June 07, 2022, 07:33:19 PM »
we aren't allowed to use them in Arizona for hunting. 

+1   Ain't that the truth,  we need term limits across the board

Listening to some of these liberal yea hoo's is like talking to a drunk why bother,  you aren't going to change their mind and you are not going to change ours.  What's the deal bolt action battle rifles in WWI are also bolt action hunting rifles,  Semi-Auto battle rifles in WWII we used to assualt beaches and during the same time frame hunters used other semi-auto rifles  to hunt with.  It's just a play on words  they know it , we know it, of course there some dumb asses out there that just can't help but stir the pot like they know something we don't.   vote them out with a smile.

Thanks good info,   You are right,  those old 383's had a lot of grunt to them and darn fast.   I have 3 old friends only 1 still alive that had 68 & 69  Roadrunners both 383's  & 440's  they were powerful cars that would set you back in the seat when you jumped on it.  I'm guessing the unibody is something along the lines of the old Camero / Firebirds.  The good part the Roadrunner  looks pretty straight & sound.   I don't know how far he wants to go with the 440 engine ,  my guess would be he will run it for awhile  only doing minor repairs,  and see if it holds up.  If it does need any major drive train repairs he will most likely upgrade to better parts and  build the motor slightly.   He's not going to drag race we don't have anything like that around here,  it  would be more of a cruiser that can get up and go if he wants.  He's already told me  he plans on taking  engine, tranny, rear end out, interior parts out,   only after he gets it running the way he wants,  then get into the paint work. at least we know a good painter and my son is friends with the machine shop owner. 

Godscountry :  My son bought the 69 Roadrunner,  we loaded it on my car hauler on Tuesday and brought it home.    440 with  Weber carb,  727 Automatic  converted to floor shift,   body is pretty decent shape  ,  couple minor dents nothing major,    only trim missing is around the windshield,   it will be a work in progress,  it's not matching numbers originally was a 383 car.  Ivy green in color,   with a getto looking hood scoop which will go.  He's going to do a body off restoration and turn it into a resto - mod for cruising around town,  maybe a car show when it's done,  right now it's finding out and fixing all the mechanical  / electrical issues, do a little bodywork and primer the car to work out any bugs and add any new gucci  upgraded parts,   then pull the body and get it painted.  Probably a set of old school Cragar SS rims.  right now tires are junk N - 50 / 15's on the rear that barely clear the wheel wells,  fronts are too skinny,  pretty much an old school drag set-up.  definitely a drag pak or track pak rear suspension.  Dana 60 not sure gear ration yet,  will get into it more as time goes by.   

Not bad ,  I like the looks and weight,  would fit very nicely for what we are doing . 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Semi
« on: May 17, 2022, 10:14:25 AM »
The anti gun crowd have their agenda and we have ours it's called the Constitution.  Why do you think no one has invaded us since 1812 ?   We would make any invaders pay dearly, and they know it.  These anti's just seem to try and  chip away every time something happens.  They can't help them selves. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Song
« on: May 15, 2022, 09:18:39 PM »
Highwaymen  by The Highwaymen

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Texas Safari
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:57:00 PM »
Very nice animals looks like everyone had a great time

My son in law and daughter have a 68 Camero,  totally been re-done and highly modified,  nothing in the drive train and suspension is stock original.  beautiful car and way too fast.  One my school buddies had a 62 chevy II with a corvette 327 and 4 speed,  the tires back then were bias belted and just burned rubber thru 3 gears ,   carried a set of wrinkle wall slicks in the trunk for the drag strip,  back then it was kind of anything goes.  Another friend took an Austin Healey 3000 and had a 427 side oiler with a B&M  & 2 speed power glide  couldn't  fit the dual quad in the engine bay with out cutting the hood.  We use to race some of our lady friends  horses from telephone pole to telephone pole we learned real quick you are not going to beat a good qtr horse at that distance, but we tried. You are right those were good times. 

Good deal ,  looks like the Hi Tec poly coating may be the ticket.   

It might be an idea to look up the chemical properties of various suitable small arms guns powders. Generally  there are  two types  (single based) Nitrocellulose and, (double Based) a combination of Nitroglycerin and Nitrocellulose.  There are others no longer made,   Nitrocellulose can be wood based or cotton based.  I don't keep up with this stuff too much anymore there most likely are other such as the newer IMR enduron and Hodgdons Copper fouling eraser type powders that might be made differently I don't know.  Then mix in any of the Deterrent coatings either mixed in (built into the powder) or coated on,   these powders along with shape , size, holes in them , how they are cut, or round, and the chemical make-up of each powder.  Makes you wonder how they all come together.   I kind of have a weird feeling about powder coating bullets to begin with,  I know they are hard on bullet sizing dies if they re-strike.  It's not that thick of a coating as per copper plated bullets which are left in solution and timed to get the correct thickness of plating and the better plated  bullets are re-striked to correct size and roundness.  Just food for thought let's say .003 thousanths rifling and .001 thousanths of powder coat,  that rifling has to cut into or mush into the base metal somewhere . To what extent  that's dependent on size of the bullet in relation to bore ,  type of rifling, condition of the bore, etc.     Your old 100 year old military rifles have deep rifling sometimes .010 thousands ,  one of the reasons old corrosive  primed military ammo works as well as it does and given the depth of these old Military rifling still shoot pretty darn well with old and  new ammo even though the bore is pitted, rusted and looks like it's all shot out.  New barrels aren't built this way and maybe that's a good thing,  we sometimes make improvements as we progress.   Let's face it pistol bullets are not that big of a deal or should I say mot as accurate as high end rifle bullets.  I know IPSC shooters that wlll shoot 30,000 rounds  sometimes before they wash out the rifling in their 38 supers or other caliber pistols, so if the shoots fine and easier to clean and is accurate enough that's a good thing.   

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