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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: 6.5 Creed
« on: May 07, 2021, 06:26:33 PM »
RL17 is about as good as it gets and my goto powder in the 6.5 Creedmoor with bullets from 129 gr to 143 gr even a 130 gr Barnes TSX Hp shoots light out when  using them to hunt AZ Kaibab & Strip area (Condor territory).    I can push a Hdy 129 interlock in excess of 3000 fps with no signs of over pressure,  Hdy 143 eldx 2850 + fps ,  a little warm but safe, all in a Wby Vanguard S2, accuracy 3 shots  1/2" @ 100 yds after testing and a very clean barrel.   H-4350 and IMR- 4350 are both good powders and wouldn't have a problem using either one.   I have since backed off the loads to  2950 & around the high 2700's  just to be on the safe side accuracy held.   Superformace will work I'm not the biggest fan of ball powders  in some rifles (they are ok) I just don't seem to get the best accuracy overall in some rifles whereas stick powders seem to me to be a little more forgiving accuracy wise.   There are some ball powder/caliber/bullet combo's that are my goto loads it just depends.  I was looking for absolute highest velocities with decent accuracy.   There are a bunch of powders out there that will probably work just fine, one thing I do with most Weatherby's ,   Vanguards included is glass bedd and free float the barrel, and it's not a knock on Weatherby I'm just anal about nothing touching  the barrel from about 3" fore ward of the action. 

My area in AZ you see open carry in Walmart and other stores never really a problem although I do keep an eye on them.  State residents that are 21 an over and can legally own a fire arm can carry concealed in my State no training required.   We do have CCW's also if you want to carry out of State when allowed this also serves currently as out background check for buying firearms.   Personally I don't see a big deal in any of this I would rather have some one out there with a gun that half ass knows how to use it when some maniac decides to cut loose. 

If I read this right she already has a semi auto pistol currently and wants to up grade ?  The Sig p-365 did have a few issues when they  first came out pre date code on the box Feb 2018 and older.  It had that funky recoil spring, some firing pin issues, and something else,  all that has been corrected and for anyone with the first issue guns can have them upgraded from Sig.   I have the upgraded version and absolutely love it.  The Shield is a great gun as are a few others including the Springfield Armory.  Kahr is not a bad gun either I don't care for the trigger but for  belly guns it's not meant to be a target shooter.  Any of these so called micro compacts  in 9mm can have a little bite to them especially loaded with high performance 147 grainers.  You are not going to find a  super lite straight pull back 1911 match grade trigger on any of these new little guns, so we are not comparing them to anything else except similar type pistols.  I'm way more into handguns than rifles.  Just depends on how she is going to carry the gun in a purse, concealed  on her person ,  all day every day carry,  etc.  This is going to dictate to a large part how large and heavy of a gun she may likely be comfortable with and that includes a dozen different types of holsters to SAFELY carry, and how she wants to carry the weapon i.e.  cocked locked ready to rock, thumb safety, no safety striker fired, DAO, or ?.  These little  micro pistols are about as small as feasible for every day concealed carry ,  now you can buy smaller pistols in 380 even 32 cal that are just a step smaller & lighter.  I'm a grip freak if it don't fit my hand and I'm not comfortable with it I won't use it and it will just sit there collecting dust.   I don't care for these ultra abrasive grip texturing for long shooting periods (like sand paper) and makes me not want to shoot it very much and that's not a good thing.  I love the feel of the short barreled Beretta Storm I just don't like the little wings but those are replaceable with narrow ones a little wide in the grip, points great for me.  I would suggest that you and her go down to a good gun range and have her try all sorts of pistols that they have and shoot them.  Can't make up her mind try another place and fire some different models in different calibers.  Be honest how is she going to carry this gun 90 percent of the time and use this as a baseline of what might work for her.  If you can't or won't shoot and be profecient with any concealed weapon it's all but worthless.  Most guns in this class are very short range propositions a matter of feet and have to be brought into action fast without thought.  Personally I
 think and this goes for men also if you are not willing to train, shoot and stay proficient with this gun forget the semi-autos and buy a little Smith & Wesson Air weight revolver in 38 special get a good set of grips because it will get your attention with hot loads ,  start lite loads and work up,  and all you got to do is point and pull, no jams, ultra reliable and most anyone can shoot one at close ranges.  My other half has an old school Beretta model 71 Jaguar in 22 LR ,  hit mans gun so they use to say, one of the best little guns Beretta ever made,   bone reliable, single action semi auto even the little 22 LR will get your attention real quick with the right ammo,   which brings up a point of reliable ammo get a bunch and make sure they feed correctly  go bang every time , and doesn't jam,  maybe CCI mini mag HP's has worked for me.

I buy 3"x 3"  cotton shotgun cleaning patches and trim. Got it down where I need to cut for tight patches. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Bear attack
« on: May 06, 2021, 09:38:48 AM »
 Mtn Lion can eat roughly one Deer per week a little more or a little less ,  Nursing Females can kill a Deer every 4 days.   Yes they are secretive  but they ain"t that secretive, we have seen quite a few in different situations mostly we catch them with our eyes while they not looking,  spotting them at distance,  watching them follow Deer herds,  called them in with an old wooden Lohman hand call, spooked one into an old cowboy line shack one year elk scouting,  found them sunning them selves in the middle of an old 2-track road,  found yearling cats playing chasing each other  below us while Coues hunting,  had a young friend almost pounced on while sitting next to a tree archery elk hunting he shot the cat at about 10  ft or so and sliced the scalp hair on it's  head open didn't kill it got dogs out lost the blood trail on hot dry ground the next day.  every now and then you will see one sitting on a rock on the other side of a canyon just watching or napping.  One friend shot a little Female that came to his electronic call killed the cat killed the electronic call and found a dead buck deer a few yds away covered in pine needles she killed earlier, only took a couple minutes for the cat to come in.  Couple other friends lost their Deer to Mtn Lions packing out the head and cape on the first trip out and returned for the rest of the deer meat and my Lion was munching on it.   When we were kids  back in the 60's on the Res we sometimes would go out with the Gov'n trapper/hunter seen  dead cats.  That's just how it was done back then.   I do agree with the video, BUT if you are in Mtn Lion country enough you are most likely going to see  one at some time in your life time.  If you know what to look for little tell tale signs  and travel areas it's not impossible  to get an idea of how they are traveling,  they repeat themselves and go to the same places , go take a crap in the same spots and move pine needles around,  they cover stuff up,  etc.  They will eat most mammals if they have to,  they like fresh meat,  dead rotting carcasses are for Bears not so much for  Mtn Lions.  They don't like aggressive larger dogs not  your little barking lap dog they may have him for a snack.   Had one  few miles away going after a ladies dog and trying to make a nest under her mobile home  ripping open the mobile homes skirting, no one ever did find that one even  dogs lost the scent. There are dry ground dogs and there are dogs that hunt where it's wet or snow (holds the scent longer)  Hot dry ground dogs can do it all until the scent drys out   Just be aware Deer = Mtn Lions out West.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Going to be busy.
« on: May 05, 2021, 08:18:20 PM »
Glad to see things starting to open up a little bit,  some ammo filtering into my area very little though,   some 9mm bullet components also , but prices are way too high in my local stores.   thanks for the info

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: A new one
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:58:24 PM »
 ;D   ought to require some of those  poly-ticians  buy and drive it to work. 

Other sources are www.gscustomusa.com/products.html  or you might try https://frontierbullets.co.za  both of these bullets  tend to have deeper hollowpoints than simliar Barnes bullets.  I know Nico and Susan personally they own Frontier in South Africa  and make very very  good bullets with extensive use on African game where they live of course.  You might have to go thru international distributer in the States Black Hills shooters supply if you can buy thru them or they even carry the Spartan line of rifle bullets.  I much prefer a deeper Hollow point cavity such as the Frontier Spartans.

Para does it matter TSX, LRX , or TTSX   ?     I'll look around.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Bear attack
« on: May 02, 2021, 09:37:29 PM »
We are getting more and more bear sightings this last 2 years, there have been  attacks in the  past one was fatal.  Just this last year my son while shed hunting ran into 2 ma ma bears and cubs up close and personal,  2 large boars got with handgun range before they walked off.   One mtn lion snoozing on a log when my son spooked him and he didn't see it until the cat moved,  this is just the last 12 months.  Over the years my family and I have had  several close encounters with Bears including one that was tracking us before daylight while we were hiking into our Elk spot.  Just because you might not see them doesn't mean they are not there and watching. We always carry a handgun period end of story when in the field locally when not hunting and just out BS's around otherwise it's a long gun.   We see far more Bears than Lions mainly Bears just lumber along king of the woods ,  Mtn Lions on the other hand and we've seen our share are sneaky little  shits and you would never knew what hit you if they really wanted and you were on their menu for dinner. 

Why don't you guy's make small trick tanks ?  Some may call them Guzzlers.     AZ game & fish has them around  the state to self water game animals where other means of watering are not feasible.  It's not perfect but they do work.   Most use some type of corrugated tin that funnels the water down into a small usually concrete box, trough,   with a small ramp to allow the animals safely walk down to drink.  Some use basically stocks tanks of some type as a catchment,   some  use rain water as it's main source of water or some use black plastic covings to sweat the water from the plastic down onto the corrugated metal funnel into the small water catchment.  Sometimes G&F or volunteers will haul water,   cisterns is another possible way of capturing water.   My wife and I were hunting Sonita area in AZ for Coues Whitetail way back in this canyon we heard a loud racket of metal being torn up , anyway this rather large black bear decided to come into this trick tank and was jumping all over the corrugated metal having a good old time playing around just hearing himself , pretty good chunk of corrugated metal maybe 20 ft by 30 ft or so going down to the drinker.   I'm sure all the local animals knew it was there.  We watched him for awhile until he decided he had enough fun and wander off to where our Quads were parked down the trail, I figured he was going to go rob my snacks on the Quads and start tearing things up so we got up and  got to them before he did.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: groceries
« on: May 01, 2021, 10:08:06 PM »
Happy birthday Grouchy !   I can make a pretty mean cobbler in a Dutch oven over a bed of coals.  Never tried a cake mix but I bet it would probably come out pretty good  ;D

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: The Quigley shoot
« on: May 01, 2021, 10:03:01 PM »
Thanks for the info Big Muddy ,   looks like a fun way to shoot.   

Pretty nice !   I wish I had about a 25 ft tall hydraulic  stand that I could easily move with the truck  hunting big bull elk in the cedars on the flats later this year.  It's going to be a tuff hunt not being able to glass from higher points.   I have seen hydraulic lift stands in Texas in the past and never really give it any thought until this year. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Wild Turkey Recipes
« on: April 29, 2021, 06:14:00 PM »
What is cell phone coverage ?  ;D.   I have it at the house not where we hunt.  Those Turkey cutlets look really good.  My son is out right now trying to whack a bird about 2 hours drive from home on the Mtn.   Last Friday is sleeted, then snowed, then rained,  seen a few birds , Saturday seen more birds , a bobcat,  a lot of Muley deer, a few Coues white tail deer,  elk,  didn't see any Bears but they are there. a nice group of Bull elk starting to re-grow their antlers.   Sunday the same except one armored Tom.   the only gobbles we heard were 3 Toms strutting at the end of a road next to a canyon.  It's a long season I may go back out again.  I got to get them fairly close I switched over from the big 12's to a little lightweight  youth 20 ga pump  with 3" number 6's  and a red dot sight, out to 35 maybe 40 yds with that red dot on it's neck and head it's a dead bird,  hit them in the body I might not find it. 

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