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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Here We Go Again
« on: March 29, 2022, 04:08:30 PM »
One other thing about taking dogs with you while out shed hunting to be specific is you can also train the dog to look for antlers.  I know of a couple guys who train their bird dogs to also bring back sheds.  I think I'm going to start training our Cataloula to shed hunt.    She"s is always out in front of us  and doesn't wander too far except when she wants to chase a rabbit or large birds and even then she stays fairly close,  that shock collar set on beep gets her attention and comes right back.  About the only thing I would be worried about with her is Rattle Snakes she hasn't seen one yet. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Here We Go Again
« on: March 28, 2022, 08:41:11 PM »
I hate probabilities I just looked up Yellowstones annual visitors for 2021  and it's 4.8 million + ,    and there are a whole bunch of stupid people that visit these Parks and get out of their vehicles and get close to wild animals while taking pictures or whatever is in their pea brains.  It's like going to the Grand Canyon and some person decides to get too close to the edge and  they  slip and go over the side.    Locally in years past I know of a couple people killed by lightning sitting on horses killed the horses also in  a Monsooned soaked meadow where the lightning strike was a qtr mile away,  another guy more recently in a rain storm got off his motorcycle and lightning struck very close killed him.  We get a lot of lightning strikes where I live.  Hell our old house got struck blew out 18 inches  square of concrete  lightning went to ground on the  re-bar,  took out the side corner of the garage separated a few inches all the way to roof line,   knocked out the computer, TV, and a bunch of electronics.  When it lightnings out we go inside something.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Here We Go Again
« on: March 28, 2022, 07:13:18 PM »
This is just my perspective we Ocean fish a lot in Mexican waters on the pacific side from San Diego down to the Ridge.   During July thru Late November @ Guadauple island about 260 miles south of San Diego great place for 100 lb Yellowfin Tuna  but it's also a place where they cage dive for Great White shark ,  why in the world would you want  to get dressed up in a black wet suit and look like sea lion and go swim with a Great White knowing they are for sure present, not my idea of fun but people do it,  my point being is you are in the wild and there are animals out there  that can and do eat you  and in their territory so it would be wise to learn everything about these predators,  and be armed & prepared for that often very fast and violent attack, If that means going with 2 or more people your survival just increased by a bunch.  Be aware of your surroundings, have a weapon ready in more vegetated areas and close in cover where you don't have a lot of time to react.   Bears are a little more noisy but extremely fast,  Mtn Lion on the other hand are very sneaky / silent and probably won't hear one coming until it's too late if the cat wanted you. We have a younger friend out archery Elk hunting and he fell asleep up against a tree and we woke up just in time when the Mrn Lion was within feet and ready to pounce on him when he drew his bow from a sitting position and shot the Mtn Lion on the top of it's head and the cat ran off  and started bleeding quite a bit 50 yds or so away from him. Next day he got friends &  dogs out and tracked all day followed the blood trail and lost the blood on dry ground.  Another lady was killed here by a Black Bear some years back while with her little dog and her were  out very late at night near her house.   it's a known bear area that raid peoples garbage cans.  Out hunting we have been tracked by Bears and Mtn Lions we walk back the same way we went in and find steaming piles of Bear crap and both species tracks over ours.  You know they are watching.   One of the best things you can take out just hiking around other than a gun is a dog on a shock collar they are going to smell or see that animal long before you do.  It's like some of our old long gone dogs our new Catahoula is super protective and probably brave beyond her capabilities, she is the most alert dog I have ever had not a lot get's by her.

We have Family property in Clancy Montana  been in the family over a hundred years , beautiful 40 treed acres, elk and other critters roam thru the area.   I guess neighbors archery hunt it,   we haven't been up there for years,  most likely built up with houses nearby. 

IMO people in general don't especially like change,  and I don't either for the most part, but I can also see the hand writing on the wall we need to innovate,    just food for thought.   Anyone having problems getting bullets, primers, powders, brass, ammunition shortages today ?  Over the top component costs ?  If you could have a weapon for hunting or otherwise that would shoot faster,  less or one  ammo component , is more accurate,  more powerful ,  why would you not want one.    It's going to happen  and probably sooner than we think.  If  I want to use old technology I can use my recurve or long bow,   Muzzle loaders,  Handguns if I choose,  and we have hunting seasons for those and that's a good thing.  Same thing with electric cars in a few years we are all going to have them as much as I like my gas and Diesel fuel hogs they are going to be a thing of the past and taken out of the garage on special occasions.   

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Two months away
« on: March 25, 2022, 08:13:00 PM »
Para :  It's going to be a blast ,  shoot straight, be safe, and have a good time. 

There is other stuff in the pipeline, little baby steps in innovation before we get to true caseless / powderless / primerless ammo.   it's already happening  in a few years it will be to a point as a viable competition to what we  know as self contained ammunitions. Gun makers might be wise to get into the game.   Brass will be a thing of the past and it's about time more so for the military.  In 14 more years brass cases will be 200 year old technology.  We went to the moon in 66 years from the Wright brothers flight in Kitty Hawk. 

If we got caught in my State with that scope out hunting I'd still be paying the fine.    We can have night vision just don't take it hunting. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: weatherby spurs
« on: March 24, 2022, 11:43:01 PM »
That is pretty cool,   thanks for sharing,  these are things I would probably buy if  they were made available. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cougar Sighting
« on: March 24, 2022, 11:02:01 PM »
Pretty cool picture Ma Ma and sub adult /teenager these youngsters can run sometimes  80/90 lbs  and once they learn to kill deer they are good to go.  Good friend of mine  on the other side of town was out calling with an electronic call for predators and a young less experienced female  Mtn Lion came to the call within 3 minutes ,  in the excitement my hunting buddy shot the cat next to the call,  hit the cat and hit the call  and destroyed it.  It was about a 90 pound cat and a quick walk around he found a fresh killed Muley Buck that she had killed and covered with pine needles and vegetation and was waiting nearby for her next meal until my friend wandered in and set up his call.   She was up and on that call very fast, which we both thought was a little unusual unless she was new to the game.  You never know,  when we call in Lion country it's almost always 2 people sitting back to back in case one comes in.  Calling Mtn Lion for me is kind of weird in a way when you don't expect them they are there and when you think you got a good set-up nothing.  I was actually Deer hunting and I poked my head over  into a pretty shallow draw and I let loose with a wounded rabbit hand call mainly to spook any Deer that might be bedded down in there and Mr Lion stands up looks at me and walks off,  be surprised how many Deer won't hold tight when you blow on a good hand call.   Sometimes we will quietly walk the ridge top of a small canyon and every now and then chuck a few small rocks down and wait to see what pops up. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cougar Sighting
« on: March 24, 2022, 02:46:10 PM »
257 : I just ordered it ,   very heavy duty floor comes included,  I did add a rain fly and some extra stakes ,  weight is 70 lbs,   it's kind of a synthetic canvas suppose to be stronger and lighter than typical cotton tent canvas,  won't shrink , won't mildew unless left or stored  wet for a longer period of time,  suppose to be  water proof.   He actually recommended I didn't get a rain fly unless we are out in the rain for more than a couple weeks,  I figure even a little extra material with the fly should create an air gap and help keeping the heat in a little, something like the old Army GP small artic  version tents we used years ago.    I think any of these types of Tents are going to be fine as long as a person takes care of it.  A good friend lent his son and friend his larger canvas wall tent and they didn't let it dry properly and a year later my buddy opened it up and it was mildewed  no matter how much scrubbing with a very mild bleach/water  solution could get it off. He was so pissed.

My son seen 4 mtn lions last year all within 150 yds or so while shed hunting, could have taken any of them.   We were  hunting Sonita/Nogales area near where your friends were hunting birds this last year our friends that were with us watched 2 young adult Mtn Lions playing  below the ridge they were sitting on. My wife and  I the same  day were watching  a rather large black Bear up canyon from where the others guys were,  the Bear was jumping up and down on a G & F corrugated tin drinker he was having a ball , we were about 50 /60 yds away sitting behind some vegetation waiting for a Coues deer to come in  just watching him.  There is more Mtn Lion out there than people would think especially where there are a lot of deer.

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cougar Sighting
« on: March 23, 2022, 10:56:33 PM »
Sometimes Bobcats in our neck of the woods get Rabies and they lose their fear of man.  Back in the day we use to go out when we were kids with an old Gov'n Hunter / trapper on the reservation  when he checked his trap line,  sometimes there were Mtn Lion and sometimes there were Bear in the trap usually dead killed by the other species i.e.  Bear was killed by a Mtn Lion and Mtn Lion was killed by a Bear.   Remember this was years and years ago and the way things were back then plus you are on the Reservation and they do things a little differently since it's their nation.   These Reservations are larger than a few States back east.   We had Mexican Wolves and Jaguars on the Res along with Cattle, wild horses, Burro's and a little bit of other things.  One thing I learned from our Old hunter / Trapper was not to mess with any  Bobcats especially a big one,  they will defend their food / kill even Mtn Lions don't mess with them too much.   These big Cats don't want to get hurt so they leave them alone unless they are stupid.   No if's and or but's a Mtn Lion or Bear can kill a Bobcat but they are going to get in a fight they don't want to be in.   I grabbed a  big Muskrat by the tail one day like a dumb ass  I couldn't get rid of him fast enough.   If you have ever seen the claws on any adult Mtn Lion the're  big  & hooked and can shred you faster than you can believe.  Cats are made to kill  plain and simple. 

257:   I finally decided on a tent & stove,  I got the stove in a couple days ago a camp chef Alpine wood stove 5 " stove pipe  pretty big stove nothing super fancy.   I'm ordering an Elk Mtn 16 ft  Yukon  Bell tent tomorrow the reason I went with a bell tent rather than a wall tent the bell tent will be easier me and my wife to put up,  plus we are seeing a lot more Bell type tents along with Spring bar/Kodiak tents  in Elk camps,  I needed a little more room and a wood stove for 4 season hunting.  I took the 4 burner stove /oven out of our wrecked hunting trailer last year and made a wooden storage stand and foldable wind break  for the stove to either use inside or outside  to make Thanksgiving  turkey and fixin's for Elk hunting in Nov.  It should go just fine in the new Tent.    My son got drawn for Bull Elk again good AZ unit a couple hrs from the house him and the guys have killed a few nice 6 by in there in the past, last year my son's buddies young son took a nice 6 by at 1050 yds his first elk with his dad's custom built 7mm rem ultra mag.   I got drawn for muzzle loader cow elk a little later in the year and we will be hunting from our house on my late season hunt,  it's a meat hunt, mostly in the cedars be using an older Ruger 77/50 inline with Lyman great plains 385 grain they are dropping right at 400 grain which I cast, about the same velocities as the old 45-70, it will be like lobbing a base ball maybe 150 yds at most will be my max comfortable range. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cougar Sighting
« on: March 23, 2022, 11:32:09 AM »
The thing with Mtn lions they're sneaky and quiet, typical cat.    Out west I'll bet  you are out hiking in the wild and more than likely a Mtn Lion has been watching you.  Just because you don't see one or  it's tracks/sign doesn't mean they aren't there.  We have them around our house they have a pretty large territory to roam around in.  Figure  nursing Mama cat will kill  1 or 2 deer per week, other animals will come in and steal her kill especially Bear.  They will take Elk, cattle, your family dog, and most everything else if given a chance bearing in mind the health condition of the cat and if it's a young adult ma ma has tossed out of the nest and has to fend for themself.  I agree they do look for water and that's depends on where you live even in our drought we still have water sources that most likely no one goes to so the cat get enough water, down in the desert there is still water  and they know where it is.  Our area look in canyons, rock out cropping's where they can sit and watch,  seen them sunning them self on logs and even in the middle of an old dirt two track rd.  Caught one in an old abandoned cowboy line shack no door on it cat decided to go in.  Not un-common  in my area to hold 200 + pound Tom's got a few pictures of one a guy killed eating his sheep,  huge cat, I wish I could post picture's on this site and you could see.  Size sometimes doesn't matter these cat's can do a lot of damage if they want to.  Found quite a few dead deer that had been covered with vegetation by these cat's.  they don't like old meat if they can help it.  Just got to know what to look for.    Just finishing up an old Marlin 336A rifle 24 " barrel length 30-30,  I wish the barrel was about 18 " or so be a little handier,  new rear stock, new Williams F/P peep sight specifically for shed hunting, kind of a simple fast handling  beater rifle not worried if it get scratched up,   been seeing more and more Mtn Lions and Bear, up high still snow on the ground right now,  normally we don't hunt them , but that is changing. 

 My family from my grandparents to my kids are all hunters,  dad was state and federal law enforcement so guns were aways around for us to just go out and shoot whenever we wanted.  I got my first rifle when I was old enough to carry it and graduated to big game when I was 10 yrs old as did my kids.  When I was a kid I could walk a few hundred yds  down to the little local gas station and buy 22 LR and 30-30 ammo, mom would give me 25 cents to go buy a box of 22LR ammo  and then go behind the house and go hunt, on the Apache Reservation where my dad was in charge of the police at the time,  no one thought any thing wrong about it ,  it was normal at the time.   I was 10 yrs old then.   Gone are those days and that's too bad, those were better times.  I  still live where the Trophy Elk roam.  I took my hunter ed course in the old Cavalry barns on Fort Apache.  As far as  guns it was more for a specific use  at the time rather than now where I might pick up something just to have or an investment  for no other reason.  Honestly I would fat dumb and happy with a Ruger 10-22  22 LR,  12ga pump or semi-auto, 30 cal magnum of some type, and a couple handguns, a nice muzzle loading rifle is kind of cool. 

There's a definite difference between fine line checkering and coarse line checkering then you have lazer cut and pressed checkering UH !  same with engraving styles from masters vs lazer engraved maybe pressed engraving,   a blind man could tell the difference.   Being a doctor is fine same with a dozen other professions except politicians.  If you have a skill or 2 or 3 you can fend for yourself till the rest of your days.  Take a kid right out of cnc machine training and then put him on an old school Milling machine or Lathe and see what happens.  I need you to go fix or build this one off  part for an old  vehicle or whatever could be a combine , tractor, diesel truck, etc and then get a dumb ass look because he doesn't know how to weld,  can't set up a machine tool doesn't have the apprentenceship under his belt, doesn't have the working knowledge to know what type / strength of metals to use,  etc.   The people that can do these types of work and others are worth their weight in gold.   I always tell young people if they ask the question pick a job you like that will always be there for your life time, such as police , fire, medical, old school welders, machinists,  one off fabrication,  carpenters, construction,  pumbers, electricians,  tin benders, and the list goes on,   they cannot go wrong because these jobs are not going away anytime soon.  We live in a throw away world it breaks just toss it ,  until something breaks and you absolutely need that part and it ain't made anymore, now you are going to pay big bucks too get one made or fixed.   Case in point I was looking at a fine old Mauser 98 non-military hunting rifle that had claw mounts but the  rings  were missing.  $750 bucks to have them made and fitted I could have bought the rifle for less,  so I passed on it.  Not many people use these types of these old school German  mounts anymore other than African dangerous game guides and a few others or if you can afford them and something you like.   To be successful does not mean going to an ivy league school,  A good trade school and maybe learning 3 needed trades and you are set for life.  Farming and Ranching is not a bad way to go a lot of work. 

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Canted Optics Mounts
« on: March 05, 2022, 09:24:38 AM »
IMO,  AR's have an awkward stock design.   I do agree adjustable stocks or stocks built specific  to you are a good thing, case in point shotgun stocks are made for point shooting unfortunately most  fixed shotgun stocks and fixed rifle stocks in general are built for the average person ,  and when has anyone seen an average person.   Hunting rifles for instance while the scope/optics are set up for the person with whatever clothing they have on at the time the optics are set up,  so what happens in the dead of winter and you are all bundled up with bulky warm clothing that scope/optics is in a different place,  you get the picture, you would need to adjust your hold on the weapon. 

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