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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Mantracker in the Big Muddy
« Last post by .257 on Today at 05:40:03 PM »
You have a very nice place. I always liked the badlands in South Dakota, used to hunt mule deer there, some of your place looks a lot like that
Looking at a 5-7 day combo fishing trip in Alaska.Anyone interested in going?
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Movies
« Last post by Big Muddy rancher on Today at 04:14:33 PM »

Those names bring back some memories, :) I like the old westerns where you could tell who was the "Real" cowboy. Ben Johnson and Slim Pickens come to mind. I always watch for the stagecoach driver cause quite often it was Monte Montana, he live about 4 miles west of us when he was a little boy. Rumor has it he was born there but Wolf Point MT makes a better story.
Have you read the Englishman's Boy or seen the movie?
Monte Montana was my wife's neighbor and friend back when she was acting and showing cutting horses. We just saw him the other night in one of the best Westerns ever filmed, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." For those of you who don't know who he was or what he did, watch "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and look at the scene near the end at the political rally. Montana rides a drop-dead gorgeous paint into a building, up onto a stage, and proceeds to do some trick roping while standing on his horse on a small stage with a lot of actors clustered around him. It's proof Montana was one of the all-time great horse trainers. Not to mention pretty good with a rope.

We have a picture of my son and Monte in Plentywood MT. Lane was about 3 at the time.
He was also just around the hill from the yard at a cairn dedication for the old NWMP post here in the Big Muddy. The team carrying the dignitaries up to the unveiling refused to go any farther. Monte got off the carriage and took the whip to the teams hind legs. Quite a sight and it's what the team needed before but the owner of the team didn't know what to think of the deal.  :) :)
Yep, we ran North to South on my episode and South to North on my son's episode. He chased 2 Swat team police from Ontario and it was up on Youtube for just a short time then pulled. I always wondered if it had something to do with them working "Undercover".
Reloading / Re: Woodleigh Hydrostatic?
« Last post by Cbloom20 on Today at 03:19:01 PM »
I completely agree with ethics. Caliber, bullet construction and shot placement (aka the hunter's skill, practice and patience) will tell you what an ethical shot is. I've got a semi-guided ferral hog hunt in West Texas this weekend. I'm taking my 270 WIN loaded with 130 gr Nosler Partitions that chrono 2969 fps on average. I definitely don't feel undergunned. I plan on going to the range tomorrow to see how the bullets group out to 300m. I know my gun, and my skill, so that should be an easy shot, so long as the bullet flies like it should and the weather is favorable. But if all else fails, I'll move closer.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Movies
« Last post by badsection on Today at 02:10:34 PM »
I will have to re watch "the Man who shot Liberty Vallance"  Another of my favorites, "Big Jake"   ;D
My favorite slings are Montana rifle slings. Easiest to adjust to any shooting situation, Yes, one with a flying W onit would draw my attention.
I use a Boyt leather sling, it's tough, durable, even has a leather flap that protects the sling mount from rubbing up against the stock in transit. It's well padded, tough as nails, have had it for about 12 years now through most conditions and it's held up far better than expected, if Weatherby joined up with these folks that would be a sling I would buy
Ammo / Re: Recommend Ammo for .300 Weatherby Mag
« Last post by jmnyckt on Today at 01:29:05 PM »
Hornady has never been a bad one either, use Hornady on my standard calibers and my slugs
Reloading / Re: Woodleigh Hydrostatic?
« Last post by jmnyckt on Today at 01:25:23 PM »
Thanks for that article. I have hunted with folks that have taken hogs with .22lr, .17 HMR, even knives. When it comes to hogs I don't gamble, and I am a true believer of shot placement, but when shooting a tough animal, and one you shouldn't underestimate, I'd rather have what some may say is too much gun than not enough. Just because someone can, doesn't always mean they should. Is it ethical to use a small caliber and gamble? Or, use a bit more in order to make the ethical kill? I'd go with the ethical kill if it means that I take it down, one shot, every time. Last time I hog hunted one of the guides said that he spent one night tracking a wounded hog, the hog busted through thick swamp bottom for two miles, the shot was from a .223 in one lung, through the heart, and stopped, I don't find that very ethical. It needlessly suffered for what? Pushing the envelope for light ammunition on a hog? They are a game animal, just as any other, and they should be hunted with the same respect one gives to deer, elk, or any other game animal. Would you hunt elk with a .17 HMR because you can? Sure, it could be done, but should it?
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