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Reloading / Re: .340 Bushing Neck Size Die
« Last post by .257 on Today at 02:35:37 PM »
I agree with AL. Have tried the bushing dies, but feel annealing get better results in the end. Some of coarse do it all. Neck turning, annealing and a bushing die. That's great if your a 100 - 600 yard match shooter
Reloading / Re: .340 Bushing Neck Size Die
« Last post by Marc on Today at 02:06:58 PM »
Thank you African Leadwood.  I had not thought about the thin part of the neck extending to the rest of the case.  Not sure it would matter as everything but the neck is just holding powder right?

I have avoided annealing as to do it right appears to be quite expensive.  How do you do it?

For now I am just going to keep using the RCBS neck size die as I have been.  The results have been good, so I am probably looking to spend $ for not much gain.

I really do appreciate your response and insights.

Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by mcb on Today at 12:56:18 PM »
It is and Thanks , Mike
Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by .257 on Today at 12:16:18 PM »
Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by mcb on Today at 12:11:50 PM »
Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by mcb on Today at 12:10:32 PM »
Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by mcb on Today at 11:59:30 AM »
If your close to Houston Tx. I have a very nice Japan built Lazermark in 7mm wby that I would consider selling . Itís a fine rifle that I sent to Weatherby for a new barrel , muzzle brake and new bottom metal. I have several other Mark V rifles including 2 more 7mm slits just not getting used.

I have had dealings with a few members here so I am legit .

Best Regards , Mike
You did the right thing Oscar. Take heart in knowing you did all you could and that final trip to the vet put an end to her suffering. Trying to prolong things beyond the right time would be for the owner, not the dog. It's nice you brought her home. I had a mixed breed named Penny for 15 years - she was a damn good quail and rabbit hunter and I quickly built a pine box and buried her in it under some trees when she passed where I was living at the time. She was a sweetheart that would let kids climb all over her - she just loved people, but at the same time a good protective watchdog. I hope you can focus on the high points of her life more than losing her. God Bless.
That is 300 miles south of me and they have to get past my place first. Not too concerned, nothing to loot here, no liquor store for 30 miles, no Target store for 150 miles, no people to impress or intimidate, no covid to spread and they likely fear the wolves, bears, deer and moose. Best of all it is 38 degrees with a high of 43 forecast, too cold for a thug gathering and riot. Living at the end of the free world has its benefits.
Rifles / Re: I Want a Weatherby
« Last post by danno50 on Today at 08:15:46 AM »
Welcome to the Nation Buzzsaw. At age 68, if you're still in good health, able to get around well, and still have the Big Game trophy itch, I would say any of the Weatherby or non Weatherby calibers from 270 to 300 would work. Any of these calibers would dispatch most of the game animals in North America.(not the big bears) If the 6.5 CM is really what you want then give the Custom shop a call and find out if they have any Beautifully figured wood stocks (which are rare due to cost) in their archives, or inventory somewhere that will fit your "exceptional wood" definition. If they have stocks that may fit your needs, then your in business and the Custom shop will put any other bells and whistles on your rifle you want.
If not, the Japan made rifles had the most elegant looking wood in that era. Looking on the auction sites, you may find something as beautiful as one of Herb Kleins rifles, like the ones you saw as a boy at the Museum of Natural History.
 My choice would be a Japan made 257 Weatherby in a Deluxe or a 5-panel laser carved Mark V Lazermark. Good Luck in you're search for Excellence!
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