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Rifles / Re: Got my 300 Weatherby Mag
« Last post by disdp1 on Today at 04:56:47 PM »
Well, i don't think we gleaned enough of info from Captin on the 30+ rounds. Glen gave a good perspective on shooting and then going to an external vendor brake.

I know that when i did shoot my 1972 W German .300, it kicked to the point i bruised my shoulder after 2 rounds. But wow, your talking tack driver. Bore site (sighting through barrel and aligning scope) was 1" low, 1" right @100 yrds. After correction, was centered w/in .25 @100yrds. What was i wearing, polyester shirt w/ it being 85 degress (dumb a**!).

Currently I'm working w/ the Weatherby Machine shop to have a brake installed. As stated in other posts, i've reloaded a 30-378 that has a recoil in the 25f# range with the AccuBrake. They make a HUGE difference. In my case, they didn't make brakes for the year/model i now own. LOVE the rifle/caliber i now own. Owned a Weatherby since 1980 and will NEVER own other rifles in Premium Magnums!

Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Weatherbys on Gunbroker
« Last post by DW5 on Today at 04:49:16 PM »
I just discovered this recently, figured I’d post here in case it might help anybody else out. Ever so often, and now is one of those times, a bunch of WBYs, multiple cals and makes and models, get listed under the “other .204” option.

 I am still on the lookout for a 270bee to accompany my lightweight Vortex Razor scope I got and discovered this while browsing around in there. Couldn’t figure out why there was such a lack a new 270s being listed for such a long time. Realized there were a lot being listed, just under that search tab.

Hope that helps somebody out!
Hey, you use both to shoot things I suppose...
"Quite often, it is hard to find a salesman there that knows the difference between a rifle and a hockey stick. "

Ain't that the truth ::)
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: .375 Ruger
« Last post by musicman on Today at 10:39:34 AM »
On peep-sight options for your rifle, check out Skinner Peep Sights and also XS.  I am thinking that one of them makes one that mounts to a standard Weaver scope base.  You will usually, but not always, have to also change out the front sight for something higher.  If you have some "Redneck Engineering" skills, a Dremel, perhaps some taps and screws, and JB Weld, you can mount many things to a Weaver scope base.  MM
A buddy just emailed me that he is on some gun board that always posts the big box store's, sales on guns.  He said that some but not all Walmarcados are putting many of their guns on clearance to make room for the new guns for hunting season.  Vanguards and the big bore Marlins at $299.  I have not watched prices in a long time, so I do not know what things are at now.  He said that some guys reported that you have to ASK the sales person to scan the price; not all stores are re tagging them.  And some stores are even unaware of the lowered prices.  Quite often, it is hard to find a salesman there that knows the difference between a rifle and a hockey stick.  I just thought I'd put the word out.  Maybe one of y'all will get lucky, and find a deal.  MM
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: .375 Ruger
« Last post by Chris on Today at 09:48:52 AM »
I wonder if anyone makes a rear peep sight for this rifle? Did some googling but I haven’t found one.
If you're house shopping, three important things to look for to be in good working order for Texas summers are: Air Conditioner, swimming pool & lawn sprinkler system! All will get a lot of use.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Hot barrel??
« Last post by texweatherby on Today at 07:36:48 AM »
By a rough barrel, I was referring to a barrel that was either not manufactured to high quality standards from the factory (not likely on a Weatherby) and does not have a smooth bore finish, which picks up copper like crazy - or a barrel that was neglected and has pitting/corrosion damage from long-term abuse/lack of cleaning. Try Boretech Eliminator to clean your barrel - it's one of the best.
Reloading / Re: 6.5-300 Load Help
« Last post by oregonmarkv on Today at 06:57:00 AM »
You are welcome, that load will work for any thing you need to hunt with a 6.5 caliber and now you are getting 6.5-300 WBY. velocities. I would not be surprised if it shot better at longer range, mine shot a 4 shot 1 1/4 in. at 350 yards and I did not try to duplicate that just took it and was happy.
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