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Sorry to hear that mate. I too know the heart breaking feeling when one to put their best mate down. A sorrow that never leaves...
Dogs never fail to be happy to see you. I had a wonderful mixed breed for 15 years that actually was a great bird dog. Her name was Penny (she was a real worker and always "on the money", any quail or pheasant in the area was getting flushed).
I think Jameson is correct about no other countries allowing it (unless you are very well connected and wealthy). Even here in the US, many of the "wild west" towns in the 1870's - 1890's required people coming into town to turn in their firearms until they headed back out of town, not that everybody complied.
Thank goodness Weatherby still makes great quality rifles. For years now, I've heard and read how Remington and Marlin ("Remlin") quality went down the toilet. I recently posted a thread about how I'd like to get a lever rifle this year (just for fun, not really to hunt with) - and getting y'all's opinions. Anyway, yesterday I was in the new Dick's store close by and had a look at a couple of rifles. The entry level Henry .22's (upon inspection) indeed do have painted receivers as I had heard (deal breaker); a Big Boy I think is the way to go in a Henry. So next, I ask to see the Marlin 1894 in .45 Colt sitting next to the Henry's. Wow, was it horrible. The receiver looked somebody machined it with a bench grinder. No finishing at all - none, and... it had rust on it, a brand new rifle. I couldn't work the action, as it was strapped shut with a tie, maybe just as well. Didn't bother at that point to ask for the trigger lock to come off to feel the trigger. The wood was cheap as cheap can be; wood to metal fit was not horrible, but not too good either. I was amazed and saddened to see the Marlin name on such garbage (the whole gun just screamed "crap" from butt-plate to muzzle), as my first .22 rifle as a boy was a Marlin and I still have it. So, sadly it's true and a shame.
If only more humans would be as wonderful as good dogs.  Check the link when you have time.  MM
It's amazing how many wildcats there are. It seems pretty much every brass out there has had at least one wildcat made from it. You don't hear of anyone working with the BMG cartridge except the 416 Barrett. One of my friends pondered the 50 BMG case with a 338 bullet in it, the barrel maker told him to forget about it unless he wanted to break barrel in then replace it that was the end of his idea.
Rifles / Re: New guy
« Last post by blacklabChuck on Today at 09:09:44 AM »
I've got a trigger on it's way, so I've got that covered.
I have a thing for short barrels on rifles where barrel length isn't an asset.
I'm thinking cutting it to 22 inches threaded for the brake, (I'll never use) but the option will be there.
I carried a 21 inch barrelled 338 as a control rifle for several years and never found it lacking in any way It sure was quick and handy.
Rifles / Re: New guy
« Last post by terminator on Today at 08:29:22 AM »
+ 2 on not shortening the barrel.Good info from Weatherbyman22 on the trigger also.
Rifles / Re: New guy
« Last post by Jameson on Today at 08:08:52 AM »
Welcome to the Nation.
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