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Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: youtube
« Last post by badsection on Today at 04:09:17 PM »
Thanks, 3x8!   :)
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: youtube
« Last post by 3X8 on Today at 04:01:21 PM »
For under $300, I don't care about fit, finish, stock or even the trigger. I expect that with considerably more expensive rifles. Accurate enough to be sub moa at that price point is incredible to me.  10 years ago, that meant a rifle costing closer to 3X as much.    ;D
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Oregon
« Last post by badsection on Today at 02:47:37 PM »
Looks like some preachers are proposing a semi auto  rifle ban for a  ballot proposal in Oregon. If I read this right, a semi auto rifle with a detachable "clip" will be illegal to buy, same with undescribed "large capacity "clips". If they get enough signatures, it will be on the ballot.  Even if it is 100% against the 2nd amendment, it takes years to get it to the Supreme Court with no guarantees as to it's make up then. Preachers and politicians know exactly what is right and wrong for us all!
I sell all of the brands mentioned here and I wouldn't put the XPR or the AB3 in the same (group) as the Axis, American, 783 or the Patriot (Mossberg) which wasn't included.

The fit/finish/quality on the XPR and AB3 is more on par with a Savage 11/111 then other entry level models.

I have shot all of them and do own an Axis (223 I use for coyote). My hunting partner shoots a 783 for deer.

They are all sub-moa accurate. It doesn't cost anything to make "accuracy" anymore. The cost is for the finish and materials.

The 783 looks like they used a beaver with tungsten teeth to do the millwork - it's just plain ugly. But they hold well and and you can take out quarters with it at 100 yards - the same can be said for the rest of them if you find the load they like. A company up in Canada, Mystic Precision, is building long range target rifles on the 783 action because they found them "that good" and at a cost that opens the sport to those with thinner wallets.

Out of all the entry level guns (excluding the Winchester and Browning) I personally find the Mossberg Patriot to be the overall best value for the money. A wood stocked model is the same price as the plastic competitors. The bolt is smoother and fluted and the barrel is fluted as well - ok, mostly cosmetic but you have to drop many more bucks on (better) models to find that in other brands. The fit/finish is also the best out of the bunch.

I dislike the synthetic American's. The molding on the stock is so poorly finished that we have actually gotten cuts on our hands because of the sharp edges on the barrel channel. Ok, it can be knocked down with a bit of emery paper but if they let it leave the factory like that I wonder what else they don't care about.

The XPR and AB3 is not in the same group as the others. The bolts are smoother, the fit and finish far superior and the metal work is considerably better finished. But that is reflected in the price. I sell a scoped Axis II for the same price as a bare XPR or AB3 - so even with cheap glass and mounts they are a "wrung up" on the pricepoint scale which keeps them from selling as an "entry level" rifle.

I had a bad personal experience with Winchester (Pre-FN days) so I won't own one. But I did do some shooting with an XPR Hunter (wood stocked 2017 Shot Show special) and it almost changed my mind about owning one. The fit/finish/feel in hand was excellent. It balanced well. It shot as well as anything else that I shoot. Just an excellent rifle, especially since it doesn't have that (irritating) safety on the bolt like the typical Winchester.

The XPR is basically just an AB3 with Winchester tags instead of Browning. Either of them could be considered an entry level gun that you wouldn't see a great need to replace down the road...
Haven't been in one myself since about 1990, when my daughter was a toddler. I won't set foot in a Whole Foods or AMC Theater either; I despise lefty companies like nobody's business. BTW, the Tide pod kids are about to stage some d-bag march to try to screw up the 2nd Amendment.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: youtube
« Last post by badsection on Today at 02:12:03 PM »
The sad part of this is it's all because of one chicken shit gutless cop! 
Haven't been in a toys r us since I was buying pampers for my 6 month old son.  He is now 47! 
We never did much shopping for the grandkids at Toys R Us cause they've never been competitive. The fact that they were anti-gun supporters was just extra fodder to keep us away. Good riddance.   
Ammo / Re: 6.5-300
« Last post by BB340 on Today at 01:34:40 PM »
I do not own a 6.5-300 Wby but have been reading everything about them and it is strange how the majority of the rifles don't shoot the 130grn Scirocco accurately. That projectile in renowned for it accuracy. I use it in my 6.5x65 RWS and it is extremely accurate. Often printing one hole groups.
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