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Rifles / Re: Idea for Bipod Mount - Will This Work?
« Last post by TN Grouser on Today at 04:32:50 PM »
Ummmm,  as I recall from removing the synthetic stock, there is a second reinforced place in the stock ready to drill (down) for a second swivel.  This might make things easy for a try. 
Nice work getting them sorted out. I settled on 2850 fps with the 250 grain TSX out of my .340 Wby. I could of run it a bit faster but it was nowhere near as accurate and no animal will notice another 50-100 fps velocity increase. But the brass and barrel will do.
I won’t call myself a Nikon Guy. I have several of their scopes, all with the BDC reticle. I like their SpotOn ballistics program and that reticle. I also have never had a problem with any Nikon scope. For me, they have been as good as Redfield and Leupold scopes, so put a budget limit on your scope and my bet is you’ll be satisfied with what you find. Vortex’s Diamondback is also a model with considering.
We have Weatherby’s for speed and accuracy, and you’ve got ‘em for sure. Good job.
Good shooting Mark.I bet as you go up the ladder you will find the speed to go with the accuracy.Probably right at the top.
Good shooting and good reloading.
That is some great info, thanks HDH.  A video would be great, I am a visual kind of guy.  :o

Larry Potterfield does a short video that shows him using a crowing tool. I could never find one so I used the brass screw instead. Later I found a video that showed a guy using the same method as me. I have no idea where that video is located now but here's a link to the Potterfield video:
I finaly got to the range to shoot the rounds I loaded months ago. I was testing the 180 gr Trophy bonded tip as well as RL25
For once I started at the bottom with a new powder. And it showed with slow velocites. But pretty good accuracy. My favorite load for my 300 wby. Is 84.9 grs. If MRP. It shoots right at 1" and @ 3302 vel. Its the one to beat. But the TBT shot well every bit as good as the accubond. So I will do some side by side testing.
I seen A load for the 340 wby. on FB Weatherby site. Of 87.5 grs
 RL25. And 250 gr. Sierra game kings. His group was half what mine was but I was still very happy with the 1.030" group. Just A little on the slow side. All in All a good day of testing.
Seems most of his replies are missing from other posts also?

Something's funky
Rifles / Re: Idea for Bipod Mount - Will This Work?
« Last post by PARA45 on Today at 01:21:18 PM »
I think one factor to consider is how much pressure you may place on the stock, and if this will affect the harmonics of the barrel, and maybe shift point of impact.  Those Vanguard stocks are not too stiff, and the stock may flex.   I think bedding the barrel channel  to stiffen the stock would be a great idea.
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