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Sorry, I don't know how to do pictures.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Publix
« Last post by Weatherby-SL on Today at 06:24:58 AM »
What next? Heartened by a successful bullying tactic, will vegans hold a "die-in" for beef and have Publix stop selling meat, chicken, pork and fish?

PC is SO nuts!
Right.  I won't.  But, ah, what constitutes a hot barrel?

Where I am allowed to shoot, it was 85 degrees yesterday.  I took a meat thermometer with me.  I figure the barrel heats up from the inside out, and cools from the outside in.  After three shots, the meter read about 105 degrees.  Wait, wait, wait,......  After about 25 minutes, the meter read 95 degrees.  The barrel was cool to the touch.  On a 95 degree day, it would not do much better regardless of interim, so I went again.  Reasonable??

What constitutes a hot barrel??



Great question.

Thinner hunting rifle barrels heat up more quickly, but cool down faster as well. After your 25 minute 'cool down', 95 is not bad. The reason it felt cool was that your hand was warmer, presuming an average 98.6 degree body temp.

I was used to shooting heavy-barrel benchrest rifles, in Texas heat, 5-shot groups at a time. After a consistent number of strings, my cool-down was facilitated by cleaning the barrel. Bronze brush soaked in Butch's Bore Shine and bore patches till clean, cooled the barrel considerably.

Were you reasonable? I sure think so!  8)
For me once I get a good load and the rifle zeroed the most important shot to me is the "cold barrel shot" (the first shot) because when hunting that's how the barrel is going to be.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Publix
« Last post by badsection on Today at 03:24:12 AM »
The Parkland anti gunners had a "die in" protest at a Publix store because The company was donating money to a NRA endorsed candidate for Florida Governor.  Publix stopped their political contributions in response to the protestors. I suppose that it isn't national news is a good thing. The fact they caved in to these bullies is what irritates me as much as anything.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Cougar attack kills man
« Last post by zonie on Today at 12:13:15 AM »
Grizzly340,   The way the world is today I'm very rarely without a gun in my pocket and that's even at our house, one reason it's rural and the other reason,  I have a favorite tree  at about midnight that needs watering after I've been on the computer or working in the garage.  I have a great horned owl that nearly gave me a heart attack one night I walked out of the garage side door and he had a kill somewhere near and he let out the loudest blood  curlding scream at me, he was very up set at me.  Anyway I caught him a few nights later sitting on my son's house next door and he swept down at me almost silent.  Haven't seen him for awhile,  cool bird one big mean sucker.  probably killing all the cotton tails we have around the house.  A few  years ago this gal a few miles away had a mtn lion break  into the skirting underneath her mobile home. We tried calling it,  guy's brought out dogs but couldn't catch it.  Dry ground dogs are a lot of work to keep in training and be good at it,  in the snow  or wet ground the scent stays much longer on the ground and the dogs can track way easier.  This particular cat I'm not quite sure what it was thinking.   One of my old neighbors in a different area on the New Mexico border ran lion & bear dogs ,  one day he got too close to a lion and the lion grabbed ahold of his leather jacket while he was getting the dogs off,   pretty much shredded the jacket.  Since lion guy's don't like to kill female cats they let it go.   He had to get rid of these dogs they got too viscous. 
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: "Don't shoot a hot barrel!"
« Last post by zonie on Yesterday at 11:07:11 PM »
I kind of have a different take on hot barrels, and I'd be one of those who would tell you not to do what I do,  and don't over heat them  to where you can't grab them.   Food for thought it depends on the type, barrel dia, cartridge, out side temp and half a dozen other barrel heating causes.   Some rifle's and calibers you can shoot out a barrel in a few hundred rounds if you are not careful.  Do what you think is best for you.    I won't abuse a rifle , BUT I won't baby it either.   I find zero confidence in 3 shot groups or letting the barrel sit for minutes between shots.  It's not my style and not the way I test loads and rifles.   I will shoot rapid fire shot right after shot 5 to 10 rounds sometimes with different loads to wring out any of a rifles bad habits.  I want to see what the groups are  doing while fouling the bore, how many rounds it takes for the rifle to settle down after complete copper removal (each rifle and load is different),  I want to see what the groups are after bore is fouled,  and I want to see if the shots are stringing.  One thing about shooting one right after the other is it keeps your outside influences to a minimum  in other words sitting ther for an hour things change in the weather, wind direction, temps, etc, whereas shooting groups in a rapid pace pretty much reduces these issues and you get imo a truer perspective of how the rifle shoots and brings out rifle problems that need corrected such as loads, bedding, and  any other non consistency, etc.  If the rifle is not consistent across the complete spectrum   of where I may be hunting  it's absolutely of no use to me as I will not have confidence in the rifle,  until it's fixed. Once it's dialed  in and I'm satisfied it's a good shooter then I will back off to where I only need to shoot to verify.  I have rifles I  probably haven't changed scope settings in 30 years, because I know what they will do,  sometimes I won't even clean them from year to year  because they have only been shot a few times, maybe dry brush them and clean out the cob webs,  dry climate and not worried about barrel rusting,   these are rifles with confidence.   I'm  for sure not recommending that anyone do what I do If I wear a barrel out that's why they make gunsmiths.   
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Tasco game cameras? $24.88-$28.88
« Last post by zonie on Yesterday at 10:34:31 PM »
We will have to keep and eye out for them ,  AZ I think is talking about banning game cams within 1/4 mile of water holes.  I guess we will have to stay tuned on that one.  In a way I'm not totally surprised.   
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Women and Money
« Last post by Cbloom20 on Yesterday at 09:42:48 PM »
I've been looking at Liberty Safes, American Securty and Sportsman Steel. Not sure exactly what I want yet.

As far as next rifle, I'd like either an AR-10 or an M1 Garand.
Looks like the prices on most of their trail cameras are reduced!!!
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