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What's wrong with a good 'ole lead solid out of a 22?

Place I hunt has pigs wondering around as well so I usually have my 22-250 right beside me. Shot 2 turkeys with it last year.  :)

Speaking of which, do any of you guys use a shotgun scope while turkey hunting?
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Best of the "Value" Rifles?
« Last post by badsection on Yesterday at 12:24:20 PM »
My thought on buying both T/C Compasses was purely to have rifles I don't mind getting beat up in the typical jungle I hunt in. Since they are fairly lightweight rifles, I would advise recoil sensitive people to pick less kicking rounds. The 300 win mag has a stout recoil.   ;D
I'd have a hard time buying any of them and passing on some sort of Weatherby, was just curious on everyone's thoughts? Had a Winchester XPR in my hand the other day in 300 Win Mag with a 26" Barrel and it was on sale for just a shade over $400 and it just seemed like about the nicest "Value" rifle I'd had in my hands, nice short bolt lift, trigger was great, had the ability to run the Bolt with safety on and the stock seemed a lot more refined then some of the others in its class.
Around the Campfire (General Discussion) / Re: Bored
« Last post by badsection on Yesterday at 10:15:26 AM »
Loading 158gr. JHP +P 38 special today, mostly for my 1949 S&W Outdoorsman. That is my single most accurate handgun. They will work in my.357 S&W 360PD, too   :)
What's wrong with a good 'ole lead solid out of a 22?
Ammo / Re: 6.5-300
« Last post by mcmurder77 on Yesterday at 09:29:11 AM »
Well I will for sure start off with the 127grís then. It sounds like those and the 130ís seem to be the favorites, at least from the research I have been able to do.
I also hunt turkey with a 20 gauge (Weatherby PA-08).

I started out using 3" Hornady Heavy Mag (Turkey) #5's. Used those because they have the flight control wad so can be shot with any choke.

I started using a Jelly Head choke a couple years back and switched to 3" Winchester Double X #5 copper plated.

But I could get away with any 2 3/4" number 5 or 6. The Turk's come in super close so a 30 yard shot is "long".

Everytime I shoot that 20 my shoulder thanks me for not pulling the trigger on a 3 1/2" super mag 12 gauge :)
I actually use a 20 ga 3" Winchester Super X copper plated # 6 Super Pheasant ammo.  1  1/4 oz 1250 fps.   I use a short barrel Mossberg 500 Super Bantam youth turkey model 22" barrel /w/ electronic red dot sight pattern @ 30 yds,  extra full choke ,  light weight  5  1/4 pounds.    We have two of them one mine and one my daughters.   I can put that red dot on a turkeys head @ 30 to 40 yds and it just knocks the dog snot out of them,  past 40 yds I normally will not shoot.  The reason I went to a short light weight gun is the terrain where we hunt is awfully rugged and steep  in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico for Merriams turkeys,  although one of these day's hopefully I will get drawn for Goulds turkeys on the southern Arizona border.   Very large bird in that case the terrain isn't as rough and getting drawn for Goulds is very hard so I would most likely use one of our 12 gauges with number 6's in a 3 " mag,  I do re-load for 12 gauge turkey loads, but rarely use them anymore.
I load my own using 2 3/4" casings loaded with 1 1/2" of #4 with buffering media loaded to a book velocity of 1400fps shot out of a modified barreled Rem 1100 3" mag. The forcing cone has been lengthened and jug choked. It will cut a coke can in half at 40yds. Good enough for any turkey. (:>)
+1 on No 6 XX. No 4 carries energy out to longer ranges, but rarely patterns well. Look at Winchester Longbeard XR also and see how that patterns out of your barrel.
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