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nitrite salt bathe bathe treatment

nitrite salt bathe bathe treatment
« on: January 28, 2014, 10:01:22 PM »
Hello nation. I have a question or 2.
I've been reading a lot about nitrite salt bathe treatment of rifle barrels. Has anybody herd of this, or familiar with this proses? From what I've read this can greatly improve the accuracy of the gun reduce fowling to almost nil make it absolutely completely rust free and
increase the barrel life by thousand of rounds . This proses (from what I understand of it)penetrates the metal increasing the tampering ten fold, sealing the pours and imperfections making the barrel smooth as glass as if a master gunsmith has hand lapped it.I own a vanguard s2 stainless 30-06 and it shoots as advertised, I'm very happy with it. But if this treatment will make my gun really come into its own I would like to have the treatment  done to my gun. I first herd about this treatment on Steve's outdoors hunting show when he announced that CVA was using a Bergara nitrite barrel on there hi end mussel loader.He also showcase his custom Bergara 300win mag (Nitrite treated) and it really put the hook in me.If anybody out their in the nation knows anything about this new proses ,the pros and cons,cost, were to send my rifle to have the treatment done.(I live in N. Van B.C. Can)I would appreciate any info I can get. :-\ THANX .
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