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Picking the right scope mount for my new Leupold VX6 2x12 30mm scope.

I have been shopping for two years for a good scope for my new [to me/previously owned] .300 Wby Mark V Deluxe.  I one two Wby's -- the .270- came with a Leupold VX3L 50mm which I really like.  I needed to find a great scope at a reasonable price for my budget.  Today a new  Leupold VX6 2x12 42mm objective -- 30mm tube was listed on eBay at a better than normal price so I snapped it up.

I picked up this .300 MarkV from Cabella's two years ago.  While the rifle was "used" it doesn't appear to ever have had sights or a scope mounted to it.  [no indication of scope mounts either]

Now I need to select just the right mounts for it.  I have read a few posts here indicating that many owners like the Talley mounts.  As I only hope to do this once and can't afford to make a mistake does anyone have any advice?

If you were me which specific mount brand and mount type would each of you select? 

Am I correct that a 42 mm objectives will almost always use MEDIUM rings in a given style?

As always I appreciate any advice.  The advice I have received in the past on this site has been spot on in selecting ammunition, a super sling from Montana Slings and, most of all, my purchasing choice of the two Wby's.  I couldn't have made such wise decisions without my friends on this site!