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Any advice or warnings for using hypersonic shot shells with factory chokes?x

Any advice or warnings for using hypersonic shot shells with factory chokes?


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Assuming here you are referring to Remington's "Hypersonic-Steel" shotgun shells.

If so, it's 99% marketing ploy. They are no better, worse or different than (so called) premium offerings from Federal, Winchester etc.

They are perfectly safe and require no special precautions etc if shot from a modern shotgun with steel rated choke tubes (so no Damascus barrels, old featherweight barrels etc and no "lead only" full/extra full chokes).

I order/sell ammunition as well as shoot a pile of it. These come (often) at a 50% premium cost to average steel shot shells,  and they kick like a mule to get you an extra 300-400 feet per second at a target normally somewhat less than 100 feet away (so do you want to get there in 1/13th of a second or 1/17th of second ?? - and they are 10 bucks more a box than Rem's "high speed" steel which is only 150 fps slower)

But to each their own - they are safe to shoot in factory steel rated chokes, but maybe get a "extra" shoulder pad if you plan on trying a box all within a short period of time  ;D
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The chokes on your shotgun  should be safe to shoot steel through them, however, some extra full or turkey chokes are not designed to shoot steel.  If unsure of what you have, call the factory and ask them the question.  What shotgun are you using?
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I use Remington fast steel and it does not require any special barrel
It is a great fowl round that gives you a closer point of aim!

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