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Favorite Load (Hunting & Target) For Weatherby Vanguard II "Synthetic" in 308

I am about to start a few loads for my Vanguard 2 Synthetic in 308 with #2 profile 24" barrel 1:10 twist.

What are some of your favorite hunting and target loads. Hunting would be for deer and targets out to 600 yards. I have lots of experience loading 9, 45 and 223 so I know about working up from starting loads. I am just trying to get an idea of components and get in the ballpark. I have a bunch of Norma, PPU, HDY and PMC brass. I will be using Fed LR BR primers. Some ideas for bullets and powders would be great.

I have on hand: Varget, RL-15, Tac, CFE-223, H335, BL-C(2), AR-Comp, POWER PRO 2000-MR...

Lots of different bullets too...

I have the rifle currently shooting 1/2 MOA with ADI 168 SMK Factory Ammo.

You probably already know this but be aware the PPU brass seems to be thicker more like military brass and you might get pressure problems quicker than  the same loads in the Norma and Hornady brass. It works well but just be aware that could be a problem. Never used the PMC.
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I get excellent groups using benchmark.  That is the only powder I have experience with in 308.