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Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles

Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles
« on: January 06, 2017, 02:51:30 PM »
Most of these collectibles are from the 70s and are not necessarily rare, but I thought I would give them some recognition.

Throughout the years, Weatherby has been known to offer neat promotional items, but the one that has always fascinated me the most is the elephant head belt buckle.  My buckle was given to me by my father in 1976 - the year the buckle was first introduced.  I was 14 years old.  I remember receiving a flyer in the mail stating that the buckle (a special bronze alloy edition) was available for preorder.  After placing our order, it seemed like we had to wait 10-12 weeks for delivery. Today, I still wear my buckle all the time and am still impressed with its quality and the heavy, crisp, deep relief casting.  Made by Wyler Foundry & Harness Works and designed by Frank E. Benko 31/75.  These numbers were always a mystery until I posted this little tutorial on another Weatherby forum about 6 years ago.  After my post, Link Wyler's wife, Joanie, was kind enough to register on the forum and solve the mystery.  How she discovered the thread is the new mystery!  "31" was the age of the artist at the time the buckle was designed in "75".

The Weatherby Elephant Head Belt Buckle with Kilimanjaro in the background...

Deep relief casting...

Detail of the back with maker's hallmark, designer's signature, and the original 9 Weatherby calibers...

The buckle first appeared in the 1976 catalog and was priced at $14.95...

One last interesting note, when I took the group photo, after all these years, I noticed that the elephant head on the buckle was taken from Phil Prentice's artwork on the cover of the Weatherby Guide, 17th Edition, 1973...

Sadly, this beautiful buckle faded into Weatherby history probably giving way to more politically correct times. The "elephant" still raises its head on eBay and prices range greatly. To me, the buckle isn't just another Weatherby collectible. It is a piece of my childhood that I will treasure the rest of my life. Thanks Dad!

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Re: Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles
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Love the wood on the rifle!!!
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Re: Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles
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Great story and great photos. Thanks!
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Re: Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles
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Glad you both enjoyed it.  Thanks!
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Re: Weatherby Belt Buckle and Collectibles
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very cool... I have a buckle, I cant remember how I got it....