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Shopping opportunity for more thrifty minded people

Shopping opportunity for more thrifty minded people
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:41:54 PM »
Not all towns, but mine does, have a second hand thrift store.  Ours is sponsored by six area Churches.  Only open on Fridays and Saturdays.  The Churches take turns running it each weekend.  They only take donated stuff, and they blow it out cheap.  I spend about thirty minutes there every week, make my round through the more "guy" oriented stuff.  You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that comes in.  I have bought several Coleman lanterns, usually five bucks each.  a brand new kerosene space heater, $15.  Unworn pair of L.L.Bean hunting boots, $10.  I have bought some fishing tackle for my sons.  I feel sorry, that some old outdoorsman probably died, and his family is dumping his old gear, but old Shakespeare and Penn reels for two or three bucks each.  I've picked up a bunch of premium American made hand tools.  My fiancee has bought two of those expensive walk in tubs, never installed, for $200 each, and an almost new golf cart with new batteries, for $200.  She bought that for her 92 year old Dad (Pacific War Vet) to get around on her place.  You never know what you will find.  Once I walked in and they know I always go through the knives; someone said, "did you see that Samurai sword."  I went over and looked at it.  It was a West Point Cadet sword with scabbard, from 1912, $35.  I CANNOT imagine a family dumping their Great Grandfather's West Point sword, but, I guess some people just do not care about old stuff.  Sometimes, I'll go for weeks without scoring anything, but at some point, I will score something.  Lately, I have been buying men's dress shirts for $1 each.  Nice shirts.  Any old more worn stuff that comes in, they do not even put out, it goes to another Church group in Austin, that sends it down to Mexico.  I ran into one bachelor there, that buys ALL of his shirts there.  He'll buy fifteen to twenty shirts, usually at one buck each, wears them till they stink, and donates them back, and buys new ones.  He never washes hardly any clothing.  And he says his friends at work think he must have hundreds of nice shirts in his closet.  MM

Re: Shopping opportunity for more thrifty minded people
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Our thrift shop is run by a group home for handicapped people. All run by volunteers, my MIL worked until the day she died. The wife finds all kinds of goodies for her self and grand kids. Not so much for old 6'3" me but the odd time I get a chore jacket or something. They have a Garage sale of donated items  and she comes home with some neat stuff. Once a pair of Aluminum awnings that fit the old ranch house perfect, Just what my Mom wanted 50 years ago. :)
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