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What should I get and what would I need


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What should I get and what would I need
« on: June 05, 2017, 09:11:14 AM »
First of all I own one centre fire rifle I use for hunting. Its a tika .270 wsm with a busnell elite 3 X 9. May 26th I shot a 280 lb black bear at 225 Yards with a 140 grain accubond ...it was a broadside heart shot  and the bear went 10 yards and dropped with the classic death moan. All my one shot kills have been 128 yards to 370 yards. The 2 moose and 1 elk  I killed were well over 300 yard shots. All the big game seem to be 300 to 500 yards and some are more.

Chuck hawks says the .270 wsm calibre rifle is a 350 yard maximum rifle. And I have it set-up that way shooting 3 inches high at 100 yards gives me a 300 yard zero and -3.5 inches low at 350 yards. I seriously thought to increase my shooting and killing distance from my furthest shot at 370 yard elk kill out to 500 yards. So I looked at the 7mm weatherby magnum and have ordered one. I am hoping to shoot a 160 grain nosler partiation with 3200 MV accurately out to 500 yards.

We have a hunter here in Canada named Jim Shockey. He said on national TV his firearm equipment will shoot 500 yards
but he can not shoot that distance. On one of his TV shows he did perform a shot on a ram at that distance (500 yards) and missed and he reiterated his capabilities of distance.
So first of all I need the equipment to shoot further. Starting with the rifle calibre I wanted the Nosler 28, but the ammuntion in its early marketing stages is not readily available. I looked at the 7 mm RUM and like the velocity on that one but ammunition was limited, so I looked at the 7 STW and the 7 weatherby. I have learned the 7mm weatherby can shoot and kill out to 600 yards. So I have on order a 7mm weatherby Mark V UL in a left hand bolt. I asked for range certified so I hope the rifle comes out to be accurate. This will be my first weatherby rifle.

Could I get a scope reccomendation for 100 to 500 yards, I don`t know how to use the adjustable turret for elevation. There are to many choices. I would like one that is user friendly. I was going to call leopold to see if they could help me. I hope I am not making a big mistake on equipment and my quest to hunt this distance. I really think I can learn to shoot 500 yards under the right conditions. Well I am sure going to try at the range once I have the right equipment. sure I would like to shoot 150 yards but that is not a reality up here.       


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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 05:01:22 PM »
Well capt_canuck I think you have made a wise decision in choosing the 7mm WBY in the ULW. A 160grn pill out of it will certainly give you that extra bit of help to shoot out to 500 with practice.
Personally I too am not a 500 yard shooter. I would max out at 400. Yes I have hit steel targets at 500 but would I try and shoot a critter at that distance? The answer is no. I would much rather risk the chance of spooking the animal by getting closer than risk wounding it with a bad shot from distance. But thats not to say if one is a competent long range shooter then by all means take the shot.
As for optics on your new Weatherby, I again am like you and don't like adjusting the turrets up for distant shooting. I much prefer a simple reticle or one with a ballistic reticle that doesn't clutter up the field of view. You may have hit the nail on the head by saying you will contact Leupold. If that rifle were mine I'd opt for a VX3i 3-10x40 scope and then have the Leupold Custom Shop make me a matching ballistic reticle for my chosen ammo.
I have done this on two of my rifles so far, a .257 WBY and a .340 WBY. You give them your load specifics and sight in distance and they build a matching reticle with holdover dots out to 500-600 yards. My two are spot on!   
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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2017, 06:12:41 PM »
A scope for what you have mentioned I would go with a Zeiss Conquest, 3X9X40, with a rapid 600 reticle. I have one on my 338 win mag and it works great!! This model also has great eye relief



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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2017, 06:22:11 PM »
As a Canadian retailer of everything firearms and hunting the first thing I would ask is if you plan on loading your own ammo?

If not I can tell you that it can be super challenging to get "any" 7mm Weatherby ammo (in any flavour) - in fact I just checked the importer we use and they have exactly "zero" 7mm ammo in stock - and when it is the cost is significant ($80 box for 140 TSX and $108/box for 140 Partition as examples - Canuck bucks I'm talking here). So this really is a "roll your own" caliber in Canada and you would recover the cost of a basic press/dies in fairly short order.

With scopes there are hundreds of choices. Have you considered a scope with a Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) reticle? You sight the (main) crosshairs to 100 or 200 and then the hash marks (almost like magic) account for the bullet drop in (near) 100 yard increments - most companies have charts/software that will allow you to calculate the (almost) exact range for each of the hash marks. Some don't like a BDC reticle because it seems "cluttered" - it's a personal thing - I love them and have a BDC scope on all my rifles - even my 243 which almost never is shot further than 100 yards.

While I sell Leupold along with a number of other brands I don't often recommend them. Not because of quality, because they are mostly "top shelf" but because of their "value". Because they are a US made product and our buck is in the toilette you don't get the "same amount of scope" compared to other brands which are not made in the US.

So wouldn't try to talk you out of a Leupold but you can get more scope for the money or an equal scope for less money if you go with another brand.

If you do go with Leupold make absolutely sure that you buy one from an "authorized Canadian retailer" or you will never get warranty service should you need it. Leupold has a single Canadian importer and if they have never "touched" the scope they won't approve fixing it (and sending a scope across the border is a no-no due to US ITAR regulations), but should you need service they are excellent to deal with.

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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2017, 04:25:43 AM »
Well first of all thankyou for your replys...very much appreciated...as I do need some help on what I am set out to accomplish on getting my rifle properly equiped.
Yes BB340 I am aware of Leopold offering a custom made turret for specific rifle calibre and cartridge. I am defiantly going to look into that option thanks ..I am like you for recticle selection with less clutter has better field of view..absoulutely and thankyou for the positive response on your scopes accuracy out to 600 yards...good for you buddy..
and yes I like to stalk and close the distance to increase accuracy and I have accomplished that ...but then it seems most of my encounters seem to justify taking an accurate shot there and then too...oh and some of the guides and outfitters here expect you to shoot 500 yards...i hear it all the time...honestly this is part of the reason why i am set out to increase my shooting distance...and if i cant do it responsibly...well then its 350 to 370 yds max and I can live with that...

Hey .257 there was a tactical shooter at the range one day last fall and he had a very nice high end Zeiss scope as I asked him what he reccomended for a long range scope. It was a Zeiss with a 50 mm objective. I forget the power...I will consider looking at them...I am sure we have a Zeiss dealer up here in Ontario...but then most likely western Canada where most of the specialty gun shops are located.

Hey Graham thanks for the considerations...absoulutely there are to many scope optic choices...lol..

 first of all I ordered my weatherby from a weatherby dealer here in London Ontario called Gobles firearms. they told me they could order me a list of different weatherby ammo and other brands of 7 mm Wmag ammo as well. I do not intend to reload. So I hope to purchase either the .160 grain nosler partiation or accubond or the popular .154 grain (expanding point?)...yes a box of 20 comes to over a $100 dollars..yep thats 5+ bucks a shot...my .270 wsm ammo is over 3 bucks a shot..so it is a alot more for weatherby...I look at it this way once i zero in my rifle I only shoot several rounds every season...for example since last octobers elk and nov.s caribou and my recent Mays black bear, I have taken 9 shots...5 practice confirm shots...so i think my new $3500 rifle plus the scope & rings purchase can afford a box of premium factory cartridges a season...

I hope i don't have to ship the weatherby ammo from western Canada...ellwood epps near Orillia Ontario is also a weatherby dealer, they should have weatherby ammo too?

to sum it up ...I want to recieve my rifle in my hands then I will be placing a scope order and or purchasing my scope off the shelf..I am going to put a budget cap on my purchase say up to $1500  .. maybe i can get one on sale or a manufacturers rebate too?...anyway..weatherby has been building my rifle and they told me to call them back mid june for a delivery date...

Thanks Again for your help!!!   
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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2017, 01:50:54 PM »
I'm not sure why you would go with the UL, but I wish you the best!  I am a huge Weatherby fan and have been for 25 years!  UL and long range usually don't mix well.  Also, you might want to change the twist of the barrel.  I would suggest 1 in 8, 8.5, or 9 for this set up.  Do you reload?  I shoot 180 gr out of my 7mm Weatherby & STW.  This is in a 1 in 8.5 barrel.  175 gr to 195 gr is what you should look at for long distance, IMO!  Next you will need the most expensive FF1 scope that you can afford, such as Nightforce NXS.  Good luck and happy hunting!!

Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2017, 05:49:42 PM »
If you're not comfortable dialing up for distance, you can get a scope with a ballistic drop compensation reticle. I used one with my 25-06 and shot to 500 yds no problem. They're not exact, and you'll have to figure out the exact yardage of each line if you're looking to target shoot, but it's close enough for big game in most cases.
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Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2018, 07:16:23 PM »
Orrrrr you could get closer to your target before shooting. Long range on paper targets doesnít hurt a thing if you blow a shot. On an animal itís a different story and they deserve better. Iím sure Iíll get flamed for this but I donít believe we should be concentrating on taking long shots but rather concentrating on getting closer.

Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2018, 10:36:06 PM »
if you want a worry free longer range hunting scope,take a look at the Burris Eliminator. does all the calculations for you.


Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #9 on: November 03, 2018, 09:32:44 AM »
The 7mm WM is a great long distance round. I agree that I probably would not have gone with the UL but if your shoulder is still young you'll be ok. For Optics, I love the Swarovski Z5 even though the turret is a little tall. It's a first focal plane scope that I really like better for long distance shooting. My reticle is sort of like a Boone and Crocket on steroids.. I have both hold over and hold under ticks and windage. The Z5 was designed for long distance shooting from the ground up and I think they nailed it.

I have a Burris Elminator III on my 300 WSM and it's O.K. but if you change up your ammo you need to reprogram it and it's really only good out to about 400 yards. It works as advertised but I wouldn't buy it again.

The Vortex PST models are pretty nice, i just bought one for my .257 WM. The price is good and they are first focal plane which as I said before, I'm getting to like a lot.

I have several Leupold scopes. The older ones are good and I trust them. The newer ones, not so much. Just my opinion, I think they are loosing the mid range scope market to Vortex.

If you decide to go with Vortex, one of the things you'll notice when you mount it is that your rings are going to fit really tight. I have 4 of them and no matter what rings I use, they are all really tight fitting so I now lap them. If you don't lap them then make sure you don't exceed 17 inch lbs of torque when you tighten them, (i use 15 in lbs). I think the issue is that the tube is exactly the advertised dimension before they are finished and the coating is what makes them so tight. Rings almost always have a finish on the inisde too so between the two, they are tight.

Re: What should I get and what would I need
« Reply #10 on: December 07, 2018, 03:51:50 PM »
Orrrrr you could get closer to your target before shooting. Long range on paper targets doesnít hurt a thing if you blow a shot. On an animal itís a different story and they deserve better. Iím sure Iíll get flamed for this but I donít believe we should be concentrating on taking long shots but rather concentrating on getting closer.
+1. My thoughts exactly!

In 50 some years of hunting on 4 continents, and having taken well over 200 big game animals I can only think of one case where I have wanted to take a shot at over 400 yards (I didn't).

Something you should consider in a long range scope is it's power.  The higher the power, the easier it is to hold on your target.

I set my .300 Weatherby up with a Leopold 3X vi 4.5-14x40 CDS scope, and had them make a turret for it for my 180 grain Barnes TTSX handloads.  So far I have only used it on one animal (a  Dagestan Tur), but the procedure for the shot was very simple: My guide lazered the distance to the animal at 327 yards, I dialed 330 on my turret, squeezed off the shot, and when we got to the Tur after he quit rolling down the mountain I saw that the bullet had entered squarely in the center of his chest where I had held the crosshairs.

The range that I shoot at only has target berms out to 430 yards.  Along with my .300 Wby, I have another Leopold 3X vi 4.5-14x40 CDS scope on my .308 Vanguard and a Leupold Freedom 3-9x40 CDS scope on my .223 Vanguard.  I don't have custom turrets made for these scopes yet, but I have marked the top of their turrets with the 300 and 430 yard impact settings.

The gong targets are much easier to hit with the 14 power scope than with the 9 power scope.

There is one gun manufacturer that advertises that his rifles are good to "1000 yards out of the box".  He will chamber his rifles for a variety of cartridges, but a lot of the shooting that they do on TV is with the 7 mm Rem mag and with 25x Nightforce scopes.
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