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Very Nice US 30 M1 Carbine for Sale or Trade

Very Nice US 30 M1 Carbine for Sale or Trade
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:45:37 PM »
This M1 Carbine is no longer available.

If you are in the market for a very nice, NON Blue Sky,  "Saginaw SG" real GI issue M1 Carbine, I have one for sale or trade maybe... It does have a few minor scratches and dings but not as many as you would expect on weapon 74 years old.  I have owned it for at least 25 years. This is a Saginaw Gear Division Carbine of first year, 1943,  production bearing Serial Number 3,XXX,XXX. It has a "Saginaw SG" marked receiver, high wood stock with cartouches marked "SG" on the right side and "RSG" in the sling cut out of the left side. It has some normal arsenal upgrades although there are no arsenal rework cartouches. The barrel is correct for the year of "Saginaw SG" production and is marked "Underwood 12-43" with correct front sight, It has a Type 3 Inland Div. Barrel Band, Inland M2 Trigger Housing, Round Bolt, Type 2 Milled Rear Sight, Type 7 (M2) Slide. Although it bears no markings as is normal for "Saginaw SG", I believe the Butt Plate is also Saginaw SG. 

There are not many of these oldies but real GI goodies that are not Re-Imports running around out there any more..

I am asking a firm $900 Cash but will consider trades as partial payments.. Please understand,  no pistols, revolvers or Plastic, Aluminum or Sheet Metal rifles will be considered for trade.. I already have more of those than I care to admit.

If you are very seriously interested please email me at medlin2440@twc.com, on this site as Bigorange44, or by cellphone at 270/792-6851.  Pictures will be made available to serious buyers.
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