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Broken stock on .460 wby!

Re: Broken stock on .460 wby!
« Reply #30 on: September 11, 2017, 01:59:55 PM »
Would be interesting to see a pix of the repaired stock.
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Re: Broken stock on .460 wby!
« Reply #31 on: September 11, 2017, 04:13:52 PM »
Sorry about your problem with the 460... I must ask however, what creatures roam the bush in Australia that need a pill from a 460???  Granted, it will cure anything down there from a Tit Mouse to a T-Rex in a big hurry....   ;D ;D

Thanks BigOrange44. Well the biggest critter we have is the Asiatic Water buffalo. These blokes are big! They are easily 1/3rd the size bigger than a cape buffalo. They don't have the real bad temperament of the cape buff, but you get on the wrong side of a water buffalo and you will have over a tonne of pissed off muscle to deal with. I have seen a water buffalo take 6 shots from a .375 H&H plus 4 form a .458 win mag while it was charging the shooters. Luckily they turned him but then the thing ran another 100 yards before he dropped. And it wasn't a very big buffalo either! But realistically they could be hunted with anything from a .308 on up. But most hunters wouldn't take on one with anything less than a .338.
Then there are scrub bulls, (feral ox or cleanskin cattle are other names for them) These blokes can soak up some punishment and be very aggressive to boot as well. The last scrub bull I shot took four 500grn TSX's from my .460 before he died. And they were all well placed shots. Again he wasn't a big bodied animal and was in poor condition plus very old. Yet he soaked up everyone of my shots...
 If you go into the "Other Big Game" spot on this site you can see the two bulls I took just a few weeks ago. We are hoping the bigger bull will make it as the new top 5 SCI record. Not that I shoot for the record books.
We also have Banteng here, in fact Australia is the only place to hunt free ranging Banteng. They are not that big of an animal but still can be very tough to put down. I took a lovely one a few years back with my .340 WBY and that worked a treat.
I urge any of you guys that want a great dangerous game hunt and a fraction of the price of a Cape Buffalo hunt to head Down Under and tackle a big old Water Buffalo. You will love it!
Aussie gun nut.