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Need some opinions, just acquired a 6.5 300 Mark V and a 257 Weatherby magnum in

Gentleman,  need your opinions,  have a 257 WM in a Vanguard, just got a 6.5 300 in a Mark V, my question is , are these two calibers to similar in performance? Should I get a 300 Weatherby to replace the 257?  I'm starting to think the 257 and 6.5 300 is kinda like having a 30-06 and 308. Love to hear what y'all think!


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I have a 257 but not a 6.5-300.

Depending on what you need the rifles for I might be inclined to simply use the 6.5 as my "do all".

I hunt moose with a 7.08 (Eastern Moose). It is moose deadly shooting a 140 grain A-Frame or Partition at a measly 2700 fps. The 6.5-300 would push that same bullet (140 A-Frame in 6.5 of course) at 3400 fps.

While I would use the 257 for moose in a pinch I see it more as a long range, deer sized caliber, but for deer I shoot a 243. My 257 is one of those "I want that" rifles for me.

Unless you are hunting some African or Dangerous game, I personally don't see what a 300 Wby would do for you that the 6.5 wouldn't do for you.

But I have a couple lockers full of rifles so have no aversion to adding another rifle "just because" :)
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Get a 300 to replace the 6.5, or better yet get a 340 to replace the 6.5, but by all means keep the .257


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I have 2-257 Weatherby rifles (both Vanguards) and a Mark V 6.5-300 Bee, so I definitely see no problem. Galamb is right, use the 6.5-300 as your go too rifle for everything and the 257 for goats and deer. But then again I just picked up an Arroyo in 340 so why just jump up to a 300, you might as well really jump up if your planning to go after something dangerous.
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just sell them both and get a 270 Wby  ;D problem solved, and if you ever do need a rifle for something dangerous, jump right up to the 375 Wby.  ;D   ::)

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Thanks guys, yeah, don't plan on any dangerous game hunts, biggest critter would be Elk, and they kill them with 100 grain broadheads😊so think I'm good with the 2 calibers I have, just nice to hear other hunters agree with ya☺ thanks much😊

The 6.5 is on a different level vs the .257.  I own a .257, 6.5 and .300.  Here is some food for thought. 

300 wby.  210g berger at 2950fps.          energy at 800yds =1650@1880fps        energy at 1000yds=1287@1661fps

6.5-300    143g Eldx    at 3425fps           energy at 800yds =1650@2300fps         energy at 1000yds=1312@2032fps

.257         115g Berger at 3495               energy at 800yds=1030@2006fps          energy at 1000yds=741 @1704fps

Interesting how that smaller 6.5 300 has more energy at 1,000 yards!  Guess there is something to be said for high BC bullets🤔

Interesting how that smaller 6.5 300 has more energy at 1,000 yards!  Guess there is something to be said for high BC bullets🤔

Yup.....something a lot of people don't realize.  If your shooting a Weatherby use the horsepower and find a heavy high BC bullet to really make it shine.


If you can keep the velocity up, the energy will be there. But don't forget about proper bullet construction to transfer that energy. For a hunter, I'd say terminal ballistics are pretty dang close if not more important than external ballistics.
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Agreed.  That's why I like all the energy dumped into the animal and not into the hill side behind it. 


   Keep both the .257 weath., and the 6.5-300 weath., and just add the .300 weath. to your stable. All three have their own merits.  The 6.5-300 weath. will handle everything the .257 weath. can,except I would not hesitate to use the 6.5-300on caribou elk class game animals, where as I would hesitate to use the .257. The .300 weath. on the other hand will handle all north American game with the proper constructed bullets. In my opinion all the weatherby calibers are phenomenal for specific game they are intended for. ctw   


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I'll echo CTWs comments with the addition of heavy, bonded or all-copper bullets for the great bears is something you can do with the 300 Roy. Someone I know took an inland brown bear north of the Arctic Circle with a MkV Ultra Lightweight 300 Roy, and it was a massive bear.
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Wow! All good advice, thanks so much for the help!  Much appreciated😊