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7mm Wby Mark V Europa or Vanguard Deluxe .257 Wby for Sale / Trade

Gents, Iíve got a couple of rifles Iím considering selling to find another Weatherby project.

First - Mark V Europa in 7MM Wby Mag - 1980 to 1981 - Laquer is cracking on stock but stock is not cracked. $775 to your FFL. 

Second - Vanguard S1 w/ Deluxe Stock in .257 Wby Mag - Approx. 2003 - Upgraded to S2 trigger.  $600 to your FFL.  Can put a basic synthetic Weatherby stock on it and ship it to your FFL for $400. 

Iíd consider trading toward a Mark V in .257 Wby or any other Wby Caliber. 

I can send more pics of each gun.  Feel feee to text 601.596.6710.