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Thinking about getting a .240 Weatherby mag., but I'm not sure that I need one..

I have a .257 Weatherby Accuguard, so I'm not sure I even need a 240. Can someone try and convince me as to why I might need this caliber? What is inherent about the .240 that the .257 cannot do? I am curious to see your response's... thanks.

Lol. I have that same problem. Hard to beat the 257 Wby performance.I can't find a reason to get one other than I don't have one and want.I will eventually pull the trigger and get one.
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If you don't have something chambered in 6mm, you NEED one.

A 240 Wby would be the "perfect" deer rifle and it is nowhere near as loud as the 257.

So it would serve a dual purpose - deer rifle and would help preserve your hearing :)
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I didn't need a 240 wby but I picked one up in the Accuguard and its now my go to rifle. You wont be dissapointed if you get one.

There's really no need to get a 240, if you already have a 257, but I don't know a person yet, who has a 240, and don't like it.  8)

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Guns are like boots, yeah you can get by with one pair but always better to have another pair.  Beyond that they're an investment that won't loose it's value as long as you don't beat the crap out of them.
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There are lots of weatherby calibers why would you choose two so close together?
That said if you think you want one than get it!! I have been looking at a 6mm creedmore, which I do not need  ;D

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Everyone has to decide for themselves. How may rifles or cartridges do we "need"? I have three 257s and then bought two 240s. I don't need them but I wanted them. Each is a different rifle and each has a purpose. The 240 is fantastic, so is the 257, the 300, the 338/378. I have them all and then some. It's just plain fun.

Back to the point; the 240 is unique, gentle on the shoulder, very accurate and kills deer sized game like God's vengeance. What more is necessary?


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The 240 Weatherby is closest to the 257 Wby, which is close to the 6.5-300 Wby only in bullet diameter. I think the 257 is closer to a "do-it-all" rifle than the 240, but once you're bitten, you know what the rifle can do and how to do it.

I can easily see a battery of rifles with a 240, 257, 300 and 375 or 416 Wby to hunt the world.
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I added a 257 to my collection last year and love it. Next on the list is the 240.
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And I definitely don't need another rifle.
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When I first saw this post I thought maybe I posted it and forgot.  Iíve been asking myself the same exact questions.  Iím close to pulling the trigger on a Weatherby Wilderness in 240.  Part of my justification is not only will it be a lighter caliber but also a lighter rifle.   Love my 257 Accuguard but it has been a little too heavy for my style of predator hunting.  Figure I will use the 240 Wilderness for predator calling and deer hunting when I anticipate more walking.  The 257 will be for deer/ bear hunting from a stand or blind. 


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I say go for it. You won't regret it! My .240 is in a MKV Lightweight and wears a Swarovski  4-12x42. It is a great do it all for deer, feral goats, pigs and varmints. It's nice and light that comes to the shoulder quickly and comfortably.
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Fella's thank you all for your input, I think I'm gonna go ahead and buy the .240 and use it as my varmit gun. Now to figure out what scope to get....decisions, decisions.

Need has nothing to do with it. If you want one , get one.  I own a 240 and 257 Magnum.  Both are USA first year production Stainless Mark V's.  The 240 is the Lightweight ( 6 lug action).  I enjoy both rifles but the 240 is much lighter and if I have to move around or do much walking I prefer to carry it over the 9 lug Mark V's. I have killed deer with both rifles but must admit I have downed more with the 240 than the 257.  Either one work very well on deer. No reason why you can't have both calibers. Variety is the spice of life!
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