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« on: February 10, 2018, 12:03:51 AM »
i almost didnt post this at all, but on further thought, maybe theres more to this than i had at first thought. oh, and also a question.

this video is mostly very unimportant to this community, except for a very small fraction of a second... or maybe more at other times... havent caught any of that, though. there is more to it than showing a video of a foreign festival with music most people here probably hate or at best cant stand.(which is what almost stopped my from posting this until i gave it more thought)

if you pause about half way through 1:52(somewhere in the middle of that second. jumps from scene to scene fast.) youll see an american flag... part of one. i held it up at that certain point in that certain song. "i know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" was the quote used in the song that was actually playing as that footage was captured. in this video, you hear different music over videos captured at various random times during the event.' worth noting the lyrics were used by a dutch guy, probably just because he liked the way it fit his song, not because of anything to do with the usa. but at that time i held my flag up high... well, sort of. my arms are only so long.

sad the lack of pride people show in the country they live in, feasting on freedom of speech, trying to turn it into freedom from speech, only for themselves, of course. the fact is, people will say things you dont like... and things that you shouldnt like. but the world cares not, it spins away. there are times to move on from what people say. dividing so angrily over who voted for who... you cant stop people from saying things you dont like, right or wrong. maybe they should go move somewhere where the govt decides what is _considered_ right or wrong, and where you cant make corrections, question everything or anything at all, or speak up for what is right or against what is wrong. "youve got to stand for something, or youll fall for anything". what when you cant? the tables can always turn on a dime. oppressing those who are wrong can create a foundation for oppression to begin with, which when turned... these snowflakes are so unproud to live in a country which has until very recently made far more progress than regress, all because they dont like that somebody is allowed to say things they dont want to hear. so unproud of the progress that has been made, even in their favor. so unproud of the freedoms that enable their behavior. and coupled with the hostility of the (typically liberal) snowflakes against those with pride in their country... and the way donald trump has been portrayed to the world by the other LEADERS OF HIS OWN COUNTRY? seriously? this is not about politics, it is just the opposite. i do not care who thinks what of the president. he is the president, like it or not. you are free to not like it, something you are not everywhere. politics as a whole really have become the systematic division of the people of a country or the world. sad how unproud these other leaders are of their country and they portray their own people... all because "I DONT LIKE THIS MAN WAHH WAHH". it reflects poorly on all of us to the world. no surprise that some people hide their pride with the hostility they are shown, even in places like BOSTON. its insane, can hardly blame them, wanting to get out alive. anyway, back to the point (i know, that was a terrible, broken rant). i proudly wore my colors, in a gathering attracting participants from all around the world... probably mostly europe... and didnt give a shit what others said. occasional "frack donald trump!" upon seeing the flag. smile back, and keep walking. i dont care what others think of my country, nor what they think of a man who leads it. he is not everyone in his country, even if he represents them.

this festival is called "Defqon.1",  and takes place in late june every year, in biddinghuizen, the netherlands. last year was the 15th edition, and was my first time attending, mainly due to age. as far as i know, it is the largest general hard dance festival in the world. i will be attending this year again, and once again, with my flag and the same pride in my country.

i sort of want to rant about "pride" but... i think i have ranted enough for one single post... im sleep deprived... i rant worse when sleep deprived.

on to the question. part of displaying my flag involved my wearing it on my back, careful to avoid it touching the ground and keep it clean and all that. that said, is it acceptable to tie it? i really wasnt sure so at the time i went and did it. and i went and did it again in november when i went back to the netherlands for a much smaller rave. druggies can be weird... anyway... is tying the corners acceptable? if not, what should i do? bind the loops to each other with a double clip or something? i never really was sure of if i was doing the right thing, and i know that somebody here certainly will have an answer. i want to proudly display my flag... confidently. oh, and another relevant question. are polyester flags inherently VERY hard to fold? for the life of me, i cannot fold that thing into a nice triangle. it almost cannot be done,or maybe not the almost. i must admit, it still is wadded up inside a large plastic bag from november. i got too frustrated trying to properly fold it and gave up dissatisfied. i guess a sloppy job is better than none... but i cant change the past. only the future...

sorry for a once again excessively long post. thanks if anyone actually read this.
Cody Hanby