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Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby

Re: Caliber opinion's for daughters first Weatherby
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2018, 09:52:27 AM »
there's something to be said for best cartridge vs. best/most popular cartridge. Especially for the non-hand-loaders.

plus the latest and greatest bullets etc... and loads will always be available first in the most popular cartridges.

Thanks again gents for the added comments.  I just found out that I was steered a little wrong in the caliber restrictions department.  In NM 24 is the smallest caliber legally allowed for elk so her 243 would be legal.  That being said I will continue with our quest for a new rifle and a larger caliber .  She will always have her 243 but I will go ahead and get her a Weatherby .  As stated I do own 240 through 340 in the WBY calibers so I will let her try them out and see what she thinks of the recoil.  I don't suspect her to be recoil sensitive but you never know. Maybe we can get out this weekend and give it a go.  I also own several other calibers in everything from 220 swift thru 300 Win mag but No left handed models in the bunch.  Being a WBY fanatic I will exclude all of those calibers and only take out my WBY's to try. Once she decides on a WBY caliber if she wants something else down the road she can get that one herself😂!  I lost my son to the dark side sometime ago 😔! He opted for a custom 30-06 I had . He always like the stock and the way it fit him. He also liked the fact he could walk into any Town and country feed store, mom and pop shop or Walmart and pick up a box of shells for 20 bucks. ( He always was smarter than me).  I hope to keep his sister on track. Thanks again gents I will keep you posted and see where we land !