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,257 Weatherby Fiberguard Stainless

,257 Weatherby Fiberguard Stainless
« on: September 07, 2018, 05:14:35 AM »
 Weatherbys are amazing!!!  Hi Guys, I have a Wby .257 Fiberguard Stainless in Australia and trying to find out when they were last sold in the US and the approximate price. The reason being I just blew my Weatherby up. It held together and I was not injured and my gunsmith told me that if it was not a Wby I may have lost my sight or even worse.
I was out shooting some loads on a windy day with a .308 and my .257 when I accidently loaded a 308 into the .257 chamber. The shot went off and blew smoke and schrapnel into my face but the gun held together. Weatherbys are amazing. If you guys can help here it would be great..
Thanks Bob


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Re: ,257 Weatherby Fiberguard Stainless
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 08:27:44 AM »
Welcome to the Nation. So glad you were not seriously injured. Weatherby's do indeed live up to their claim as being the toughest rifle action made, and your surviving what could have been a life threatening ordeal is tangible proof. Can you post pictures of the aftermath of the explosion. (can you post pictures of the damaged rifle?) We have discussed on our forum at length that real possibility of chambering the wrong ammunition into a rifle that has similar chamber dimensions, but this really brings home the point.  Once again Welcome and Thank God and Weatherby.