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Newby 300 ammo choice

Re: Newby 300 ammo choice
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2018, 06:04:00 PM »
Good shooting. Congrats.Thanks for the story and pictures.
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Re: Newby 300 ammo choice
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I was in 41.  They were moving around alot, saw them all day, 12 in 2.5 days, but with so much standing crop, it was hard to get at them

Yea, they are moving around here a lot also, it's nothing to see 5-6 a day here. With less than 20% of the crop harvested here, the last 2 weeks for the elk hunters and the these next 2 weeks for the moose hunters, the hunter's I've talked to are finding it tough to get to the animals.

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synthetic-240 Wby
synthetic-257 Wby
ultralite-270 Wby
fibermark-270 Wby
accumark-270 Wby
accumark-7mm Wby
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accumark-30378 Wby
fibermark-340 Wby
accumark-338378 Wby
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DGR-378 Wby
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custom DGR-460 Wby

Re: Newby 300 ammo choice
« Reply #17 on: January 13, 2019, 06:06:40 AM »
Hey! Late to the game but as a fellow flatlander I thought I would say congrats!  I used a 300 Wby as well on my moose.  I used a 200 gr ELDX Hornady Precision load. My shot was a through and through at about 130 yards.  Very little meat loss. 

Yep .... I have hualed a few animals up and out of the prairies!  Not always as flat as the brochure would have you believe!   ;)

Re: Newby 300 ammo choice
« Reply #18 on: January 21, 2019, 07:11:05 PM »
Hey folks new member here. Recently acquired a Winchester Model 70 XTR sporter in 300 wby and was drawn for moose here on the Canadian prairies. I have the original Bushnell Scopechief VI 3x9x38 dialled in pretty decent at 200 yds, the guns doing its part Iím sure. I bought 150 gr spire points, 150gr Nosler Partitions(what I sighted it in with), and 180gr TTSX. I wonít take a shot longer than 350yds, and likely in the 200 yd range(comfort zone). I figured the 150 noslers were an ideal choice for moose but The more I read, the more I think I should opt for the 180 TTSX and head back to the range. Am I overthinking this? Opinions appreciated
I load 180gr in .300Wby Mk V  for everything, either Partitions or CoreLokt.  If only shooting 300yds maybe a 200gr would work good to slow it down a little.