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Red dot sights are not for all situations, but

Red dot sights are not for all situations, but
« on: October 06, 2018, 07:15:56 PM »
I think that they have some merits for some situations.  I was always a rather good rifle and pistol shooter, but I could not hit ANYTHING that was flying, with a shotgun.  I finally put one of those old Trijicon "point sights," with the tritium dot, on a Mossberg 500.  I went with that, because the battery powered dot sights at that time, twenty or more years ago, would ALWAYS have a dead battery at the worst time.  And many of them used batteries that you could not easily find, at that time.  With that setup, I finally got "the grasp" of "leading" the bird, and I started to hit well with it.  I then moved up to a Citori that fit me well, and with that, I was finally able to hit doves somewhat consistently (for dove hunting that is), without a dot.  The article below talks about red dots on hunting rifles for shots under two hundred yards.  It would be ridiculous to put a dot on a Weatherby, but I can see it's utility on a big bore lever gun for say hunting hogs.  The tritium dot in my Trijicon died years ago, and I am sure they do not offer replacements, but from what I have read on the newer battery powered sights, they have increased battery life a hundredfold.  Some even say, you can leave the sight on for over a year.  The reason I have read up on them, is my Son, just acquired a nice Colt AR, and is wondering what to put on it.  I have suggested a compact 2x7, quality glass, and a red dot on a 45 degree mount.  I have watched the videos, where the competition shooters use that set-up, and cant their rifles for the under seventy-five yard shots, and use the dot.  Of course, it takes practice to get your cant consistent.  Anyway, I can see utility in the new, way long battery life, dot sights, top mounted as the primary sight, on certain close range rifle set-ups.  The link of course, is a PAID advertisement, but he puts forth some good points.  MM


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Re: Red dot sights are not for all situations, but
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2018, 05:37:50 AM »
MM, I agree with the article somewhat, and like the set up you want your son to have.  I have ret dots on my ARs, and I have a couple with magnified optics.  The ones with magnified optics I have used for hunting to take shots to XYZ distances, and I have also used the ones with a red dot when the distances are short, or the shots will be fast.  I have also read about dangerous game double rifles equipped with the tiny red dots, which are useful in the event of a close range charge from a pissed off dangerous game. 

Out of all the red dots I have I have a preference towards the EoTech, because of the wide screen.  However, the EoTechs are battery eaters.  The Aimpoint Pro Patrol I have are great, but for some strange reason I feel like I get the tube effect out of them.  The batteries seem to last an etternity with them, which is great. I also the Vortex Strikefire II, and even though these are the cheapest, they are great for what they were design.  I do also get the tube effect out of them, but for the $$ I paid, I can overlook that.  Battery seems to last quite a bit, but not as long as the Aimpoint.