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Sa 08 cycling problem

Sa 08 cycling problem
« on: October 24, 2018, 05:22:04 AM »
I have a Sa 08 that when fired, the fired shell ejects, the second shell loads into the chamber, but the third shell in the magazine load onto the carrier under the bolt.
The third shell is not being held in the magazine.
I can dupicate this with a couple of snap caps.
I load two caps in the magazine, cycle the gun, one cap loads into the chamber, the other is released onto the carrier.
The second cap is not held in the magazine.
Anyone else seen this problem, is there a fix?

Just a follow up to this, it appears the breach bolt latch is jamming on the bottom of the carrier.
I cleaned the gun, it seems to be keeping the shells in the magazine.
But if I fire one shell, the carrier is jammed so I can not reload a shell into the magazine.
The breach bolt latch is jamming the carrier, keeping it from moving.
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